The Orphan who became the billionaire's boss

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The Orphan who became the billionaire's boss

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How would you feel when you find out that–the company you couldn't even dream of getting employed as a cleaner, is actually yours ? Bryan had thought his only girlfriend would be his wife but as fate may have it, she got married to his rich brother because of the multi-billion company he deals with. but she got clouded in shock and shame when she discovered Bryan was actually the boss... Bryan also sworn to make those who humiliated him beg at his feet

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    2023-11-09 02:52:28
  • ilakamike21


    I hate stories like this why does he have to be "cleaner" when he could come up with another plan. like don't show up and everything in secret

    2023-09-03 19:31:30
  • Skies Art Studio


    Nice story

    2023-07-10 23:43:19
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111 chapters
Preparation CHAPTER 1
THE ORPHAN WHO BECAME A BILLIONAIRES BOSS 1His eyes opened to the painful Slap he felt on his cheek so early. " what is it again ?" he grumbles out of the bed— holding his cheek." What are you still doing on bed you lazy thing ? Tomorrow is your master's birthday, so you better hurry up you clown," Mrs pheona said and walked out of the room, shaking her seductive curve. She was in her early 50s but still beautiful. Bryan followed immediately to avoid further troubles. He wasn't ready for any.Despite the ill treatment he receives from the people he called family, he still got something that brightens his mood and makes his days count.— Sasha. She is the only reason he found life a bit meaningful. He has got a ring earlier and planned on proposing to her on his brother's birthday but he kept this as a secret. He wanted to surprise her in front of everyone and made her know how he really loves her. Bryan hurried out to the garden and quickly took the scissors to began trimming the flo
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The day everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. The whole city was busy and full of merriments as hopper—who is the first son of late iconic Mr Jing, celebrates his 25th birthday. the Jing family is among the top 5 in the city's social heirachy and that's because of their partnership with the Austelin company which was a founded by Mr Austin but now in the care of Mr Warren — his Manager who took over since his assassination. As the town prepares to celebrate hopper, they also got ready to see the girl who he was to marry, as the custom demands someone of his age gets married and responsible enough to take over the families business. Bryan on the other hand was in his dressing room, preparing for his own proposal too which he had kept a secret from everyone except aunty Sally.*********" okay...I think this should do. So tell me, how do I look ?" Bryan asked the blonde skin woman standing next to him in alluring beauty as he stares at the mirror, getting prepared for the part
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His legs trembles in panic, as Mr greg stared at him with a red eyes and Mrs pheona enteres the room and shut the door angrily. They had brought him into a private room away from the public, where they could possibly do anything to him and no one would be there to help." Bryan...Bryan ... Bryan... So you have finally grown the wings to hit my son in public, right ? " Beautiful Mrs pheona glared at him as she breathes in rage and her fingers clenched tightly." No mom, it wasn't my intention. Your son took my girlfriend....."'Slaps !***" Shut up you fool..... Who are you calling mom ?" Since Mr jing died, she had warned him severally, not to call her mom as it only gets her infuriated. ' your mom is dead because she brought an abomination like you to the world and I can't be her.' she would say to him." You have crossed the line again and you must definitely pay for it. You know how much I love to see wounds all over you," she said to his face angrily and then gave a Sweet smile t
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Bryan sat in between his friends on the sitting room's - couch while they try to console him from leaving the family but he didn't seem to be really bothered about it. ' what's the essence of living in royalty when you aren't treated like one ?' he always says to them. However, he was just so bothered about sasha who had given him the biggest shock of his life." It's gonna be okay bro, I promise. Am just so glad they didn't kill you before you realize it was time for you to leave that house.". Mark said as he examines the scars that bryan had gotten from the numerous beaten he had received in the house " True bro, his life is much more important to us. I know it's been hard for you but don't worry, we are college buddies and you can stay with us as long as you want, okay ?" James added while Bryan was still staring at the television without saying a single word. He was still confused on how the beaten he received was Sasha's idea. He just couldn't believe it." So what's with the ca
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She pushes the door and sneaked into her dark room, wearing a smile on her face—thinking she had finally gotten passed her dad but heard a husky voice in the room. " How was the party, wuyan ?" wuyan trembled in shock and turn on the lights just to see her old man sitting on the bed—wearing a grimy smile on his face " Dad......but...". " But what.... you are surprise to see me ? " " No, but I thought..... " Wuyan couldn't complete her words. She had asked the guards who came to get her if her dad was aware of her sneaking out but they told her no. Does it mean they lied to her and betrayed her trust in them ? Just as she wondered, Mr Warren called get attention back " I know you must be thinking the guards betrayed you but it's not their fault. I told them to do so." he said and stood up from the bed with his body trembling lightly. Mr Warren was still very sick but wouldn't play with his daughter " Dad am so sorry. I wanted freedom and that was why I left. I'm tired of being se
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" no I still don't believe you, this must have to be a joke or something," Bryan said, looking so puzzled about the whole issue. He couldn't believe Mr. Warren, who everyone feared so much was literally kneeling in front of him with his huge guards who were on black suit and shades, claiming to have known him well. ' or is this a set-up, is he trying to lure me to go with him so he could kill me for seeing his daughter's face ?' bryan thought, as he stood cluelessly, staring at them." I know this is definitely gonna be hard for you to believe but I will advise you come with me so I can give you evidence of you being the true son of Mr. Austin." Mr Warren said as he and his men stood up to their feet." How am I sure you aren't trying to kill me for driving your daughter home ? Besides, you never wanted anyone to see her face but I did" Bryan spoke out; looking confident but deep down, he was scared of what Mr Warren's reaction will be untill he broke into laughter." Hahaha, you are s
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A black Bentley halted in front of the well known Austelin company, guarded by a convoy; and the person in the car was no other than bryan. As soon as he prepares to get down from the car, he sighted a familiar range rover revolt, driving in and parked almost next to him— and a familiar couple came out of the car. It was hopper and sasha.Bryan seeing his brother and Sasha together, decided to wait in the car till they were out of his sight, before he proceeded, being escorted by two body guards, into the company. He didn't want them to see him in the car and know how life has changed really fast for him. At least, not now.Bryan got into the elevator quickly when he was sure that hopper and Sasha were out of view and then stopped at the chairmans office." Wait for me here, please" he said to his guards before knocking, and voice from inside ordered him into the office where he beheld an angel in human form." Good afternoon, sir and welcome to the Austelin company," Bryan was greet
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After a long night Bryan had with his friends due to so many questions, he slept so late, but was woken up the next morning by his blaring alarm to prepare for work. He quickly rushed into the bathroom to brush and scrub his body. It was gonna be his first day at work and he needed to be early enough; so he could clean the company with the other workers. Though he cannot be sacked in his own company, but for his plans to be well executed, he has got to act it well .He got dressed and quickly walked to the kitchen to prepare something for breakfast" You are up early ?" James said to him as he was mixing the raw eggs" Yep I am. I secured a job as a cleaner in the Austelin company,"" What, and you didn't tell us ? That's huge bro.whats with the surprises lately...."" Nothing bro, we got so busy with different issues yesterday that I forgot to say anything to you guys about it." He quickly turned off the gas and dished the egg in a plate. " Come join me" he said walking to the dinning
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CHAPTER 8A minute after henry talked to bryan about who miss Hailey is, he knew the reason why she got so much guts around. Immediately, he drops his broom and tries to trace where miss Val, the chief maid's office was. He was gonna ask why she would be so biased and not treat the workers equally. When he arrived at her office, he quickly knocked three times on the door but he got no reply so he impatiently pushed the door open and stormed into the office, only for him to see her and rude Hailey making out." What is wrong with you ," miss Val, screamed angrily and adjusted quickly" Can't you knock before entering ?" Hailey blurted" I did just that but got no reply, so I thought it would be better for me to just come in " he said with a smile on his face which made the chief maid angry and immediately, she stood up from her seat and walked up to him" Get out of my office, you're fired ! " She said but bryan just shook his head with a mischievous smile as he deep his hand into his p
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Bryan immediately rushed out of Mr Warren's mansion and headed to the scene of the murder with his guard's ( Dickson and Carlo). He arrived and saw people gathered around a lifeless body; laying on the ground but the moment he stepped down from the car with his guard's, they all left the scene and ran away. Carlo and Dickson were both still clueless on what's happening but bryan wasnt surprised anymore. The old woman had already told him the secret but what he wasn't still sure about is why she was shot some minutes after he left the her. Was he been followed or monitored or had the woman said something that he wasn't suppose to know. As he stared at the crime scene properly, his answers came forth in no time." Boss, I think you need to see this " Benson who had been looking around for an evidence saw a red envelope at the side of the shop. Bryan quickly rushed there and as soon as he tries to pick it, Carlo tries to stop him." Sir, let me do it. It might be dangerous "" No, what co
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