52: Targu Province, Prima Zadok Sudeas

Prima Zadok Sudeas sat in a large room with ornate carvings of golden dragons spiraling up onyx columns. The Prima, high priest of the whole Dragon Order, still didn’t feel that the throne chair he had commissioned was comfortable. “Why cann’t those damn craftsmen not make a single chair that feels right?” he grumbled, twisting and turning on the cushion.

             “If the Dovari we questioned are to be believed, they say the spirit of Abrasax will prevent any but the chosen Kendov can sit upon the dragon throne.”

            “But this is not even the dragon throne! This is my throne, the throne of the Prima! It has no ties to those dead dragons or their legions.”

            The monk shrugged, “To the gods, would they really care which chair mortals chose to sit upon? I think the belief i

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