Part 2- Chapter 33: Interviews

Conor looked into the room where two men were conducting interviews. Overall the process seemed quick, and they shuffled through papers between candidates. Conor glanced at Parker, “Any idea what they are looking for? Its just a janitor position right?”

“Yes and no. Mainly they are looking for security clearance. Since everything is under Vokrizin, Colonel Eli has insisted that even janitors be able to pass background and security checks. Also, these people clean up from some high level meetings and discression is paramount. If a new ad leaks or new book idea is shared, Aperture and Vokrizin could be on the hook for major liabilities.” Parker explained.

Conor nodded as he realized the magnitude of even the most mundane jobs here. When he saw the middle age gentleman enter, Conor opened the side door and sat next to the interviewers, sliding his badge over to them.

One was about to question him, but seeing the gold rim on the card and Parker standing at the door, he chose to close h
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