Part 2 - Chapter 34: Visiting Mr. Dries
Saturday turned out to be a beautiful, cloudless day. The Gala was set for six pm that evening at the Chamber of Commerce banquet hall, and Kerrigan had sent word that she would not be available until five. Conor agreed with Parker that they would pick the girls up and planned to be there a few minutes early but that still left most of the day free for Conor to stress.

This event would be one the most defining moments of his new business and truly represented Vokrizin’s first step into the limelight.

Parker finally came to get him after lunch and drive him to visit the barber. Conor had been maintaining his hair regularly, but tonight was of utmost importance.

“Ah, Mr. Brantley! I was hoping you would stop in to see me!” came the excited shout of the proprietor of the solan, Anthony Gavin.

“Indeed, Anthony. Tonight is my Gala for Celia’s Blessing.”

“My invitation arrived last week! I have been waiting with great anticipation for you to grace my shop ever since! Tonight, the world
Drew Archeron

wow, are we really already at the Gala? If you have enjoyed "Part 2" which added 36 chapters and 50k words to the tale, be sure to leave a review on the book details page, and comment on your favorite chapters. I do try to read all the comments I can find and use them to direct where I go next. Tomorrow is the release of the Gala chapters.

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