S3 Chapter 22: Train rides
Monday morning broke with a cool spring breeze showing the last vestiges of winter before summer’s heat. Conor tossed his suitcase into the back of the SUV and hopped into the passenger seat.

Parker drove them to Kerrigan’s house, pausing briefly to acknowledge the gate guard. Conor recognized him as one of Colonel Eli’s men he had seen around Vokrizin.

“Jamison is a good man. He will make sure nothing happens to Miss Lokir’s house while you all are away,” Parker said.

Conor just nodded.

They pulled up to Kerrigan’s house and Parker honked twice.

Conor jumped out when he saw the four ladies exit with several bags each. He and Parker quickly moved to help and filled the back of the SUV with bags, nearly completely blocking any hope of looking out the back window.

“Guess you are moving out. No plans to return?” Conor asked.

Kerrigan replied smoothly, “I am sure I will be back. This isn’t a fraction of what is in that house.”

Parker closed the trunk and addressed everyone, “The Co
Drew Archeron

Here ends book 1 of Rejected Billionaire. Book 2 will be titled Abraxas's Revenge and can be expected in 2023. In the meantime, out now is the Mafia Systems Novel titled: Valkyrie Black. Valkyrie is my first EXCLUSIVE with Meganovel and I have 25 free chapters available! Thank you so much for being amazing readers and sticking with me through this journey! Please consider leaving a review on book one, and keep an eye out for book 2 later 2023 or early 2024!

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