The Decillionaire Heir

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The Decillionaire Heir

By: Dragonslav Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Synopis In a world where money and power goes hand in hand, Drew Lucas struggles to make ends meet in a world ridden by super powered beings called the Elites. One day, his girlfriend fiancee breaks up with him after she awakens as an Elite, claiming the disparity in their destinies was huge. Just when Lucas was at his lowest point in life, a twist of incidences causes him to obtain the Super Decillion System, pushing him all the way to the top of the food chain. . I retain copyright to the book cover


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  • Erica Lemon


    So far this is very interesting and exciting one please update more chapters asap....

    2023-09-08 11:37:05
  • Rockie Pen


    Amazing book

    2023-09-01 02:59:56
  • Dragonslav


    First to leave a review.. So far, this is my first attempt at writing urban system. Hope the readers like it..

    2023-08-20 07:14:10
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40 chapters
Chapter 1 - New Super Power?
"Milk delivery!" Drew's bicyckle bell jingled as he parked at a dilapidated house. His expression scrunched up. How could such an apartment exist in this present world? It was made of brown worn out bricks. Apart from the wooden door, the walls were cleaved apart. "Come in!" an old voice replied. "Uh, okay" Drew checked the GPS on his watch. He was sure this was the place where the customer who ordered milk stayed. Hoisting up a packet of milk from the basket on tied to the bicycle, he walked briskly towards the apartment. Bang! He gave the door a gentle push. But accidently, it flew out of the door pane. "Sheesh!" Drew bit his tongue. "It's okay. It's been a long time since we had visitors" the apartment occupant laughed. He was an old man dressed in tank tops, bermuda shorts and a fisher man hat. He was seated on a stool, steering tea in the cup he held. "I brought your milk" Drew flashed the milk. A gentle but invisible force hoisted up the milk, bringing it towards t
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Chapter 2 - Lab rat?
"You are an A.I? who created you?" Drew asked. He finally realized that he didn't awaken a super power. Instead, a symbiotic machine bonded with him.-[I Am sorry, but you are not eligible to acess such information] Rolie replied. "When will i be eligible?" Drew asked.-[When the time comes you will know] At that moment, new words appeared on the panel screen.-[HOST INFO]-Name: Drew-Alias: ???-Race: Node-Nationality: Human-Planet: Earth-System: Sol-Galaxy: Milky way-[ATTRIBUTES]-Level: Level 0-Strength: 2 (pathetic)-Agility: 1 (pathetic)-Speed: 1 (pathetic)-Physique: 2 (pathetic)-Energy: 20-DF: 1 (pathetic)-COMBAT POWER: 4 (pathetic)-System Note: What a weak host!-[SKILL TREE]-Analysis: Can observe anything below level 2. 3 metre radius. [2/10]-[ITEMS]-None-[POINTS]-10 deci points-Cash balance:Ten decillion dollars Drew sucked in a deep breath. Ten decillion dollars? that was money right?-[A thousand billion makes a trillion. A thousand trillion makes a q
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Chapter 3 - Shopping Spree
When Drew exited the hospital, he flagged down a taxi. "Where to?" the taxi man asked respectfully. "The nearest boutique. The faster you get me there, the more tips you will recieve" Drew said as he got in. The taxi man's eyes lit up. Another generous customer. He instantly stepped on the pedal and brought the vehicle to life. While the taxi man did his best to drive at his maximum, Drew sat comfortably at the back seat. He opened the system panel and tried increasing his strength stat.-[To increase strength stat by +1 costs 2 deci points] Drew went ahed, successfully increasing his strength stat. He only felt a slight ache in his biceps before the feeling vanished. Drew used up another six deci points, successfully increasing it to seven. He squandered the remaining ten deci points on his physique, bringing it on par with his strength stat. Due to this, his base damage increased. "This is not enough! i have to spend more money and get more deci points" he thought inwardl
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Chapter 4 - Hugo's Problems
Drew exited the boutique. Behind him were two security guards who held the things he just bough. Perhaps it was due to his lavish spending, but he noticed that the boutique management became more respectful to him. Just as he wanted to flag down a cab, he suddenly heard a voice. "Sir!" Turning over, he saw somebody sprinting towards him. It was the taxi man from before. The taxi man arrived before Drew and started panting, while leaning his arms against his knee. "Are you okay?" Drew asked, with genuine concern. Putong! To his shock, the taxi man dropped to his knees, tears dreaming down his cheeks. "What are you doing?!" Drew shrieked in shock. His first reaction was to raise the taxi man up, but the latter refused to budge. "Allow me sir to fully show my appreciation! i also want to apologize for misunderstanding you earlier" the taxi man wailed as he grabbed the helm of Drew's pants. At that moment, he remembered he did send some extra cash to this taxi man."Why are yo
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Chapter 5 - Evil Shade virus
Hugo and his wife were shocked when Drew quickly retracted his hands. Not just them, even Drew was confused. [That boy has a deadly illness. It can spread through skin contact, though it is only limited to Deviants] Drew breathed a sigh in relief. At that moment, Hugo spoke worriedly. "Is anything the matter Mr. Drew?" "It's nothing serious. I just noticed something peculiar about your child's illness. Let me inspect him a bit" Drew lied, while feigning to be deep in thoughts. "What kind of illness is it?" He asked Rollie. [Scan him with the analysis skill] Drew did as he was told. Soon, the results were out.-[TARGET INFO]-Name: Rick Martins-Age: 7-Zodiac: Aries-Specie: Homo-sapiens-Agility: 1-Speed: 1-Physique: 1-Strength: 1-Energy: 10-Combat power: 2! ! ! - Target has contacted the Evil shade virus. Host should keep his distance "What's an Evil shade virus?" Drew questioned. [Evil shade virus is a deadly ailment feared by Deviants][It is born when an homo sapie
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Chapter 6 - Contempt before Shock
Just as the two were about to grab Drew and throw him out, a voice halted their actions. "Stop!" A lady in blood red cocktail party dress hurriedly descended the stairs. Although she wore heels, she was pretty fast when she moved. "Miss. Diane!" the two bouncers gasped in shock when they saw this lady. Even those audiences waiting for a good show to play were gobsmacked. Why was she here?! "Tory and Bryan, how many times have i told you to respect the wants and needs of the customers huh?" Diane chastised the two bouncers. "But he clearly dosen't look like someon rich" Tory could only grumble this words in his stomach, whilst nodding like a male lizard. "Sir, i am sorry for the bad performance these two did. I hope you don't take it to heart" Diane probed Drew. "It was just a misunderstanding" Drew replied blankly. The previous charade made him lose his appetite. But he wasn't one to run away from what he started"But i am curious" his expression became one of amusement. "W
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Chapter 7 — Auction
Drew signed the necessary documents and recieved two cards. He handed one over to Hugo. "I.." Hugo wanted to reject. It was not like he was deaf or somethin. This card was worth a million grams. However, the gaze Drew shot at his way shut him up. Diane watched this display in surprise. She felt that this young man who could spend two million without batting an eyelid was anything but simple. Plus, he didn't like showing off and treated his subordinates well. Unlike the other young rich scions she met in the past, Drew was simply exceptional. Having good looks was a triple plus too. "Thank you miss Diane. You have done me a favour" Drew showed his appreciation. "What are you doing? you were the one who spent the money!" Diane laughed with amusement. However, she would never have expected the real reason Drew was thanking her was because of the two thousand deci points he profitted from their deal. "So, what are your plans?" she asked."Uhm.." "You didn't come here for sights
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Chapter 8 — Shocking Everyone
The auction went on and there were many cases of heavy biddings. So far the most bid went to an ancient sculpture which got auctioned off at a whooping price of hundred million dollars!Just at that moment, a new display box was dragged to the stage. Malik became solemn."Our auction has three main items. And allow me to introduce to you all ladies and gentlemen, the first item!"The whole auction hall became silent. Everyone stared straight at the display box, curious at what it held."The first item was found in a monastary. According to our analysis, it was destroyed single handedly by a powerful expert"The crowd gasped at the words Malik said. Such an existence who could flatten a monastary wouldn't be an unknown figure."We later figured out the culprit's identity. It turns out to be the Zlad family fifth lord"The crowd erupted into mumurs and heated discussion. The Zlad family was a powerful family made up of Vampires. And the Zlad family fifth lord was nicknamed Hell Bringer.
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Chapter 9 — Beauty
Jace's mouth was wide as saucers. He thought he was mishearing things. A commoner dared label the powerful Caspian family as trash?! "Hmph. Since you can't refute my words. That means i'm right" Drew sighed, like as if he was helpless over the situation. "Mr. Drew, i don't think this is a good idea" Diane secretly tugged at his arm. Her beautiful face was currently sweating profusely and her legs shaking underneath the flowery dress she wore. What was wrong with this guy? did he eat the gall of a tiger?! "Don't worry. It's fine" Drew smiled confidently. With the vast amount of deci points he had, he was pretty confident in himself. "Maybe i'll just swat whatever Caspian family patriach to death. That would make a pretty good headline, hehe' he thought proudly to himself. Jace finally found his bearings. He so much wanted to pummel this brat to death, however he was in a public place. If the media recorded him bullying a commoner, it would sully his family reputatio
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Chapter 10 — A Fat Thigh To Grab On To
"Bring the items forward!"Just after Amelia spoke, the door swung open. A burly man wearing a mask walked into the office, holding a huge box. Behind him were two additional well built men who took their stand behind Drew."Miss Amelia? what is the meaning of this?" Drew frowned."Ah, Mr. Drew, don't take offense. Many people have bid so much but when it reaches time for them to pay, we discover that they are just paupers with big mouths. This is just a preventive safety measure. Mr. Drew should please bear with it"Drew sneered inwardly when he heard these words."Is Miss. Amelia insinuating that i cannot pay up?""Time will tell" Amelia flashed him another lovely smile.Adding the five hundred million you bid on that unknown rock, plus your earlier bid on that medicinal herb the jade eyed ginseng, your total bid amounted to a whooping of eight hundred million. How do you wish to proceed with the payment?"After Amelia finished speaking, she studied Drew intently.If the latter show
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