Revenge of the Konglomerate's Son-in-law

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Revenge of the Konglomerate's Son-in-law

By: Arran Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Xavier was a wealthy man who owned several companies everywhere. He pretended to be poor but reverted to his true identity after his wife felt superior and asked for a divorce because her business was more successful than Xavier's. She had no idea that behind his successful, Xavier had been secretly helping her. Xavier gladly accept the divorce letter, but of course, he wouldn't stay quite. He destroyed his ex-wife's life and her family, who often insulted him.

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198 chapters
Part 1
The sounds indicating the worms that have been screaming for food come from the stomach of a man who is currently focused on the monitor screen in front of him. Both of the man's retinas seem to be continuously fixed on the intriguing laptop monitor. "Sigh... why do I have to be hungry at the wrong time?" the man grumbles with frustration. He glances at the watch on his hand, seemingly unsure of its time, then looks at the clock on the wall. 12:36 PM Xavier, the man, sighs deeply. At this hour, there's no hope of satisfying his hunger. No, it's not because Xavier lacks a lover or partner, but his wife, deeply involved in the outside world, has made him accustomed to her absence whenever he's busy working like this. Currently, Xavier deliberately didn't go to the office. He decided to work from home because not only is he lazy to prepare early, but he also wants to focus more in his empty house. Xavier leans back in his work chair, his gaze wandering around the living room. He s
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Part 2
Xavier focused on the work displayed on his laptop screen. For him, the job on his laptop was far more important than his wife, who he felt had no effect or impact on his life whatsoever."I am confident in my decision."Elnora's voice echoed in Xavier's ears. There was no hint of fear or concern about the words that had just come out of her mouth. Xavier's heart had become like a rock, unaffected by anything thrown at it, much like rocks in the ocean.From the corner of Xavier's eye, he could see Elnora's annoyed expression because she hadn't received any response from him since earlier. It wasn't that he wanted to prolong the conversation to hear more from his wife; it was simply because Xavier was now focused on saving and not losing the files he was working on.Xavier had made it clear that his work was far more important than anything, including his wife. Elnora hesitated; her face showed a high level of confidence, thinking that Xavier must be restraining himself to prevent her
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Part 3
Xavier clenched his fists.A sigh, a sign that he was trying to release all the burdens and anger from the humiliation spoken by his ex-wife, fueled a fierce resentment within Xavier. Truly, he never felt regret after being divorced by that woman. However, Xavier would never accept the fact that she dared to insult him.As if realizing that his anger would only waste his time, Xavier let go of it, shifting his focus to something more important. He reached into his pocket and took out his phone without a case.His hands were skillful, dancing across the screen as he played with it. Once he found what he was looking for, Xavier pressed his phone to his left ear, attempting to contact someone whose name was written in characters only he could understand.After a short while, the call connected. A person with a soft voice, a sign of respect towards Xavier, spoke from the other end."Get ready at the location. I'm back."A few concise words from Xavier carried significant meaning.The voic
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Part 4
Welcome back, Young Master," greeted a man leading a line of muscular and imposing men. They looked impeccably organized, displaying dedication and pre-programmed teachings.Xavier offered a warm smile. It had been a long time since he had seen his subordinates.The man nodded slowly, acknowledging the greetings from his subordinates, represented by their leader, Zeyn."Zeyn, is everything in order?" Xavier inquired, looking at the man who was gradually straightening his posture.Zeyn, the leader of the group, nodded firmly, confirming the inquiry from his superior. "Everyone is present, Young Master. I've made sure everyone is here, and not a single person is missing."Xavier smiled again before turning around.He reached into his shirt pocket, pulling out a card, which he then tapped on the detector at the door. Automatically, after processing the ID card, the grand door swung wide open.Xavier stepped inside his long-abandoned, majestic house. Even though unoccupied, he hired peopl
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Part 5
A long exhale escaped Xavier's mouth.It wasn't an easy task for Xavier to directly handle what had been his responsibility for so long.Stepping out of his comfort zone, pretending to be a simple man, and now having to leave it all behind – it was truly not an easy feat.Xavier had to let go of many things, including his precious time."Have the people in the office and the employees already known who the owner of Baxier Company is?" Xavier asked after relieving his stress.Xavier just wanted to ensure further details about his long-unattended company."The director, Victor, known by the employees, is acknowledged as the rightful owner of Baxier Company. I believe Director Victor is just carrying out his duties. The fact that people recognize him as the owner has no impact on him.""How sure are you, Zeyn? Are you absolutely sure Victor is as you know him?"Zeyn lowered his gaze slightly, facing a smirking superior.Being Xavier's most trusted subordinate, Zeyn understood the meaning
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Part 6
Xavier now wakes up earlier. Sleeping in a much more comfortable place makes Xavier feel far fresher and more energetic than usual.To maintain his ideal physique, Xavier decides to go for a morning run through the picturesque countryside. The thin mist covering the countryside doesn't dampen Xavier's spirit in the slightest."Good morning, Young Master!"His two subordinates guarding the main door greet Xavier with respect. Xavier nods slightly while holding a small towel around his neck.Xavier gazes at the thin mist before finally leaving his luxurious home. At the gate, he is greeted by the salutations of two security guards, as well as his trusted right-hand man who immediately wants to follow him."I'll accompany you, Sir."Xavier looks at Zeyn intently, and a moment later, his head shakes, indicating his disapproval of Zeyn's desire."But, Sir...""I've written instructions for you on a note in my room. Carry out my orders.""Understood, Young Master."Zeyn can't resist. All he
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Part 7
Please, Young Master. Your clothes are ready."Zeyn stood right next to his superior's bed, and on the bed lay a suit, shirt, and trousers neatly arranged.Xavier, fresh out of the bathroom, casually drying his hair with a towel, glanced briefly at his assistant."Thank you. You can leave now."Zeyn nodded, ready to exit. However, before the man could leave the room, Xavier's voice stopped him in his tracks."Oh, Zeyn. I need a favor. Make sure none of our employees attend Gio's party. Ensure they won't be present at the event."Without needing further explanation, Zeyn understood Xavier's request. Xavier didn't want his ownership of Baxier Company to be revealed to his employees prematurely.Xavier aimed for a spectacle, a show that would captivate, not just a mundane announcement without providing an entertaining display."Alright, Young Master. I'll ensure everything is under control."Having said that, Zeyn exited the room, leaving Xavier to prepare with the clothes already laid o
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Part 8
"Has something happened, Young Master?"The questioning tone from his assistant snapped Xavier out of his reverie.Xavier's gaze shifted to his loyal subordinate.He shook his head subtly, indicating that there wasn't a significant issue."Apologies, Young Master. Perhaps my previous question sounded too forward. Please forgive me; it was purely my mistake."Zeyn lowered his head, acknowledging a significant error."How many minutes until the event starts?" Xavier asked, looking at his right-hand man.Zeyn seemed puzzled by Xavier's sudden question, but without much comment, he promptly activated his tablet."About 10 minutes, Young Master."Although the man clearly wore a watch on his wrist, it seemed to serve no purpose for Xavier."Please, check the guest list invited by Gio. Send it all to my personal email.""Very well, Young Master. I'll do it promptly."After stating what he needed to, Xavier stepped into the five-star hotel hosting the business success party he had invested in
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Part 9
The next night,"Do you like it, Mr. Xavier?"The DJ's music echoed throughout the hotel hall. After the event and the announcement that Xavier was the owner of Baxier Corporation, the party ended with DJ music pounding like a night club.Xavier placed the juice glass back on one of the tables, staring ahead where people enjoyed the music."Satisfactory enough," Xavier replied, his face showing little expression."Come. Join us. I've prepared the best and most expensive wine to welcome you."Xavier glanced at his watch. "I have to go back. You celebrate with them."Gio sighed, regretting his partner's words. "Can't you stay a little longer? Just a bit. Can't you spare a little more time for the celebration?""There's still much to take care of. Maybe, next time we can do this.""Alright. I won't force you anymore. Take care on your way. Thank you for coming tonight."Xavier nodded. Zeyn bowed respectfully and walked behind him to ensure his safety.Meanwhile, a woman who couldn't enjo
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Part 10
Xavier furrows his brow. The sudden bright light hitting his face forces him to open his eyes."Daddy?"He rises from his bed, staring blankly at his father."Good morning, son!"Zavier extends his arms, small strides bringing him closer to his child, embracing him tightly.Xavier, feeling uncomfortable, tries to free himself from the tight hug."Why are you here?" Xavier asks bluntly.Zavier smiles, accustomed to his son's cold remarks. "Your home is my home too. I just miss my dear son."Xavier rolls his eyes, clearly unimpressed by his father's talk."Is he threatening you? Do you want Daddy to help you?" Xavier turns and stares at him intensely."Do you think I'm a helpless child clinging to his parents? I can handle everything on my own."Zavier grins; this is his son. He's pleased to see his grown-up child."Why don't you want Daddy to announce as CEO in your own company? Has something happened?" Zavier questions his son."That's my decision."Zavier knows his son is hiding some
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