Rise of The Son in Law

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Rise of The Son in Law

By: Betty Daniel Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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“I won’t rest till the Hastings are on their knees begging me for my forgiveness, for all the pain they caused me in the past. Till then, I’ll ensure their life is a living hell.”


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A tray of empty wine glasses was delicately balanced in Jason's hands as he glided smoothly among the partygoers while wearing a sharp black waiter's outfit.The visitors mixed and spoke while donning their best gear in the lavishly decorated space. Grandpa Hastings' one-year memorial celebration was marked with a sombre yet lavish gathering.Jason's demeanour radiated humility as he gathered the visitors' empty wine glasses. He was aware of his role in this gathering—serving the illustrious Hastings family, his inlaws. He quickly scanned the space to make sure he didn't overlook any glasses that needed to be cleared.He moved to the kitchen with practised precision, intending to put the glasses in the dishwasher. His mother-in-law, Mrs. Julia Hastings, rushed into the room with an air of extravagance, breaking up his peaceful moment.She was dressed in an exquisite gown with lavish embroidery that highlighted her position."What on earth do you think you're doing?" As Julia observed
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Jason's initial shock and confusion gave way to a burning need for answers. Determined to confront Alison, Julia, and William, he dropped his waiter's napkin and began to make his way through the jubilant, cheering crowd.However, his path was abruptly blocked by Eric, who stepped in front of him, an arrogant smirk playing on his lips. Frustration boiled within Jason as he demanded, "Eric, move out of the way! I need to speak to Alison. I need to know what this means."Eric, his mocking grin widening, retorted, "You? You don't get to talk to her. Go back to your work station, Jason. You're nothing here."Jason's patience, already worn thin, snapped. In a moment of fiery defiance, he pushed Eric aside, determined to reach his wife and get the answers he sought. Eric, fueled by his own arrogance and disdain, responded with a forceful shove of his own.The room seemed to hold its breath as tension escalated, and then, in an explosive burst of anger and frustration, Jason and Eric began t
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The next morning, Jason awoke in his bedroom, the once-familiar surroundings now feeling eerily empty and cold. The room had become a stark reflection of the fractured state of his marriage with Alison, as they had stopped sharing a room when her attitude had changed. With a tired yawn, Jason stretched and prepared to start his day. However, as he glanced around the room, he noticed that something was amiss. The room looked unusually barren. His senses went on high alert as he stood up and opened his wardrobe, only to find it completely empty. A sense of foreboding began to creep over him. In a state of growing confusion, Jason began to check the other drawers in his room, but they, too, were devoid of his personal belongings. Even his bathroom, once filled with his toiletries and personal items, now appeared as though he had never occupied the space. Panic welled up within him as he couldn't comprehend what was happening. He needed answers, and he needed them fast. Determined
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Jason questioned the enigmatic caller's message, his voice quivering with a mixture of wonder and scepticism. "What do ypu mean is rightfully mine?" I inquired."I've been sent by Mr. Montgomery, your father," the caller said while retaining an ambiguous tone.When his father was mentioned, the man who had left him because of his illegitimate origin, Jason couldn't help but be shocked. He couldn't help but wonder, "Why is my father sending for me now, after all these years?" as his thoughts raced with questions.The caller continued evasive while stating, "When you come, all your questions will be answered. I'll see you at the Di Maria Hotels."As he ended the call, Jason's thoughts were consumed by a whirlwind of emotions. Jason sat on the concrete, his mind racing with concerns and emotions. The call he had just received from an unknown person claiming to be from Mr. Montgomery, his father, had perplexed and intrigued him.He couldn't help but wonder why his father, who had long ag
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Jason was sitting in the lavish suite at Di Maria Hotels when his mind began to race with a flurry of ideas and feelings.The news that he had inherited his father's enormous riches and the job of CEO at Montgomery Enterprise stunned him. He had just learned of the passing of his father, a man he had never met.About his half-brother Steve, he couldn't help but wonder. What had caused him to leave the family company and nearly wreck it? Jason was troubled by the knowledge that Steve had left a gap that needed to be addressed."But Steve, what about him?" With anxiety in his voice, Jason enquired. "He's the legitimate son. Shouldn't he have a claim to the company and our father's wealth?" he continued.Otis, the elegant and enigmatic man who had delivered this life-altering news, leaned back in his chair, a knowing smile playing on his lips. "Steve left the company of his own accord," Otis explained."He abandoned his responsibilities and nearly drove Montgomery Enterprise to bankrupt
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William and Alison sat in the cozy corner of El Mayors restaurant, their plates adorned with delectable dishes. The ambiance was one of sophistication, with soft, ambient lighting casting a warm glow over their table. Alison's affection for William was evident as she covered his cheek with playful kisses, a mischievous glint in her eyes. William chuckled at Alison's display of affection. "You're in quite the cheerful mood today," he remarked, his eyes crinkling with amusement. Alison grinned mischievously, her lips still tingling from the numerous kisses she'd planted on his cheek. "Well, someone is finally taking me shopping," she replied, emphasizing the word "finally" with a playful pout. William laughed heartily, nodding in agreement. "Yes, yes, I've surrendered to your relentless shopping demands. But you do deserve it, my dear." Alison's eyes sparkled with delight as she leaned closer to William. "You're absolutely right. And besides, after three long years with Jason, I th
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Jason made one final adjustment to his suit jacket, admiring how well-prepared he looked in the mirror for an evening of business and retribution.As the CEO of Montgomery Enterprise, he was set to announce his newfound authority at the dinner he was holding at a posh event space and see how William and Alison would react.His maid entered the room just as he was ready to leave with a bewildered look on her face. Before speaking, she nervously cleared her throat. "There is a lady come to see you, sir."Jason arched his eyebrow in a curious manner.Anyone coming to see him was uncommon, especially considering how he had no family and friends.He made the decision to go down the Montgomery mansion's grand staircase to see who it was since he was interested by the unexpected guest.His eyes landed on the guest as he got downstairs and a wave of astonishment and outrage swept over him.The same woman who publicly humiliated him at the workplace and made fun of him for his appearance was t
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As Jason approached the entrance of the upscale restaurant, his heart pounded with a mix of anticipation and excitement. He knew that this evening was no ordinary dinner; it was a statement of his newfound power as the CEO of Montgomery Enterprise. The door to the restaurant was a starting point to his triumph, and he was determined to make a memorable entrance.Unknown to him, just a few feet away, William stood fidgeting near the restaurant entrance. He was anxious and couldn't wait to see who the new CEO was. William checked his breath nervously, muttering under his breath.The bell above the door chimed as the waiter pushed it open for Jason, and as he stepped into the restaurant, the soft, warm lighting cast an inviting glow on the diners and gleamed off the crystal chandeliers.The atmosphere was one of elegance and sophistication, worlds away from the mechanic's shop he had once called his workplace.Jason walked with measured confidence, his polished shoes gliding over the sp
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William and Alison sat at their table, their hushed whispers carrying a sense of disbelief and shock.The turn of events had left them flabbergasted. William was visibly agitated, clenching and unclenching his fists, his knuckles white from the tension of seeing Jason and still njot knowing who the CEO was. He leaned in close to Alison, his voice barely above a whisper."Alison, this can't be real. It's got to be some sort of a joke. Tell me why that lowlife is here with us?" William muttered, his eyes darting around the restaurant as if searching for hidden cameras."Jason's probably just working here as a waiter or something." He continued.Alison, equally astonished, glanced at her William with her brow furrowed. "But, William, he looked so confident. Did you see the way he was dressed? He's practically oozing success."William shook his head, his denial unwavering. "No, it can't be. I won't believe it until I hear it from him."Meanwhile, Jason maintained his composure, his demea
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William and Alison still sat at their table, whispering and casting glances around.William's face was flushed with anger and his fists clenched beneath the table. He couldn’t believe the twist of fate that has made Jason, a former mechanic, the new CEO of Montgomery Enterprise.The horror of this revelation washed over him like a tidal wave, and he struggled to regain his composure.Jason, however, maintained a calm and authoritative presence. He stood near their table with his posture erect, exuding the air of a man who has come into his own.Jason watched William's visible turmoil with a smug sense of satisfaction. He knew that the tables had turned in their relationship, and now, it's he who held all the power.The time had come for Jason to unveil the truth behind his sudden rise to power.He sat beside and leaned in closer to William with his voice low and measured, ensuring that only William can hear him over the ambient sounds of the restaurant."William," he began with his vo
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