Rise To Power In The Apocalypse
Rise To Power In The Apocalypse
Author: SonIzy
Chapter One: Rebirth

Standing at the very top of a building was a man who was clothed in rags, with hair and beard looking unkempt. As the wind blew against him dusty particles blew along with it.

He stood high up, gazing down at the street down. Body parts, corpses, debris from buildings, and mindless zombies were all littered around.

His eyes dimmed as he watched the zombies move around aimlessly, making various noises.

His eyes caught a friend of his that was turned into a zombie and immediately, tears rolled down his cheek.

"How did it all come down to this?"

"How did I, Ash Heartfield, manage to become the sole survivor of humanity? The last man standing, in this accursed world," he wailed.

"My parents, my little brother, even my friends... I had to watch all of them die one after the other,"

"Even those foster parents of mine that later turned out to be the murderers of my parents, they died too,"

"Although they deserved their deaths for the way they treated me, I had to watch them all die in front of me,"

"How cruel was this world?" He shouted out into the open sky, drawing the attention of the zombies.

As he closed his eyes, he took several steps forward and leaned on the edge of the roof of an abandoned building. 

Directly beneath him were debris and iron rods, all from destroyed buildings.

He had given up hope and wanted to end his life out of loneliness and frustration. He took a glance at the sky one more time before leaping off into his death.

"I don't think I've ever seen the sky shine with so much hope before," he said as a smile craved its way onto his face while he fell freely.

"Well, it's all the same anyway," he closed his eyes seconds before his body made contact with the ground.


The eyes of a boy flew open in shock as if he was waking up from a nightmare.

The black pupil and teal-colored iris moved about the range of his eye socket before he closed them and took several deep breaths.

He soon got up from where he was laying and gripped the left side of his face as he let out a grunt.

"Arrrgghhh... Mehn, that hurts," 

He brought his palm to the front of his face after several seconds and stared at it cluelessly.

The slight pain he felt in his head seconds ago started wearing off. 

He blinked his eyes with a confused expression hoping to feel the pain again and at the same time not feel it.

At this point, he couldn't understand what was going on. As he shook off the thought from his head, he felt himself being weighed down by something.

The weight of his body sunk deep into the mattress he lay on before he realized it.

"Wait... How," he stared at the grey-colored bed he lay on.

"I- re--- member whose bed this is," He stuttered in his words. "This was my bed, but why am I here?" He asked out as if anyone was listening.

The ray of the sun fell on him through the partly opened window by his left as he was lost in thoughts. 

His fair skin reflected a bit of it and the color of his eyes could be seen more clearly.

He squinted his eyes a bit as he got out of his bed. The slightly lit room started to brighten up from the sun's rays. 

"W- who is this?" He questioned as he saw someone staring at him.

Turns out it was his reflection in the mirror that stood not far from the bed.

The face that stared back at him looked no younger than a boy in his early twenties.

He had jet-black shoulder-length hair and looked a bit lanky. With a height of 6'2 at most.

His eyes then dropped from his facial beauty to the clothing he was wearing.

"Urrgghh... What is th-" before he could complete his statement, he felt a strain on his brain powerful enough to bring him down to his knees and his hands gripping onto his head.

The agonizing pain that rushed through his brain didn't spare him a second to think. He then let out a loud cry that echoed in the almost empty room he was in.


His eyes opened wide as if they were about to burst, then the teal color iris turned light blue and a small clock appeared in his left eye.

The clock began counting backward from 12 and soon stopped at 10. 


The door of the room flung open with a female figure standing at the entrance.

"Is everything ok, Ash?" A woman called out to him.

She had long dark brown hair that fell below her back.

Her red blouse with a white flowering design matched the mustard color skirt she was wearing.

The young hourglass body she carried along was one many ladies would kill for.

"Ash," she called out again to the boy on the floor.

He slowly moved his head towards her as his expression went from 'in pain' to 'shock'

‘You?’ he thought within himself as he stared her dead in the eye with shock written all over his face.

"I won't ask again, are you ok?" She demanded.

With a puzzled look on his face, he couldn't help but ask.

"Uhhh... I'm sorry what?"

"Seems like you're ok," she scoffed. "We're headed for a meeting outside the country, we won't be back for a week," she said as she walked away.

"Eh?" He asked but there was no one to reply.

He soon realized that the severe pain in his head had disappeared.

He had tons of questions buzzing through his head at the moment but the one he held on to, was how he ended up here.

"If I'm not mistaken, that was Mary Greyhart, right?"

"The foster parent who claimed to be friends with my parents and adopted me immediately after they died," 

Looking so dumbfounded, Ash tried to make sense of the situation he found himself in but couldn't. 

He then rushed to the calendar by the side of his room. After flipping through the calendar several times, he then realized he had gone back in time.

"How could this be?"

"How did I end up 10 years back in the past? And a month before the apocalypse to be precise,"  

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