Rise To Power In The Apocalypse

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Rise To Power In The Apocalypse

By: SonIzy OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Shortly after the death of his parents, Ash Heartfield got adopted by another family, which led to him being maltreated even during the great apocalypse. The inheritance his late parents left for him slowly got snatched away by them, leaving him to settle for peanuts. Ash later became the last survivor with the skills he gained and was able to survive while everyone he knew, died. After living out his remaining days in solitude, he ended up taking his life but miraculously got reincarnated a month before the apocalypse. Will he be able to protect everyone dear to him with this second chance? Feel free to join my discord server if you want to reach out... https://discord.gg/jFYfRBpk


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41 chapters
Chapter One: Rebirth
Standing at the very top of a building was a man who was clothed in rags, with hair and beard looking unkempt. As the wind blew against him dusty particles blew along with it.He stood high up, gazing down at the street down. Body parts, corpses, debris from buildings, and mindless zombies were all littered around.His eyes dimmed as he watched the zombies move around aimlessly, making various noises.His eyes caught a friend of his that was turned into a zombie and immediately, tears rolled down his cheek."How did it all come down to this?""How did I, Ash Heartfield, manage to become the sole survivor of humanity? The last man standing, in this accursed world," he wailed."My parents, my little brother, even my friends... I had to watch all of them die one after the other,""Even those foster parents of mine that later turned out to be the murderers of my parents, they died too,""Although they deserved their deaths for the way they treated me, I had to watch them all die in front
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Chapter Two: Preparations (part one)
"Hey, kid!!" The inaudible voice of a man resounded at the back of Ash's mind as he fell to his knees gazing into the burning vehicles in front of him.The sound of fire burning both plastic and iron-like materials was heard from the cars that looked like one collided with the other.Civilians quickly gathered around, in the streets of Wisdom lane as they stared at the tragic accident.Some watched it happen while others didn't, and so the ambulance was called.The blazing flames that engulfed the cars seemed to be growing bigger with each minute and Ash was down on his knees close to it, not minding the heat that emanated from it.He had his full attention on one of the cars as he continued gazing."Kid!!!" The man who was a few meters away from him ran in his direction and was screaming at him to back away from the cars.However, his voice didn't seem to reach Ash."R- run," Those words jolted him back to reality as the hissing sound of air was heard from the car's engine and soon
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Chapter Three: Preparation (part two)
Ash walked out of the warehouse with his cell phone in his hand.He had taken a couple of steps before he dialed a number on it.The phone rang several times but there was no answer, Ash tried it again but still nothing. He got furious and nearly smashed his phone on the ground but gained composure quickly."I told him to keep me informed at all times, but now he's not answering his phone. I can't be wasting my time here if he's not answering."Arggh, I hate incompetence," he grunted out with an annoyed look on his face.Ash closed his eyes slowly as he gave off a long sigh into the air.‘I should find a way to contact my younger brother. Keeping him close before and after the apocalypse, would be helpful.’‘But my foster parents said I had nothing to do with him.’ he gazed off into the sky while still thinking.‘I don't know why they are preventing me from meeting him. Could they be up to something?’Just as he was lost in thought, several trucks arrived at the warehouse. "Greetings
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Chapter Four: The Girl In The Alley
"Hey!!" "Stop right there!!" Several men chased after a young girl through the alley and soon entered the open street."Huh?" Hearing the sounds of footsteps and heavy breathing, Ash turned around to know what was happening when a girl ran past and pushed him off the road."Hey, what the hell?" Ash shouted out to her."Sorry," she replied as she continued running.Ash looked back at the small figure running away from the harm he couldn't quite see. For a second the way she ran looked familiar and her voice too. As he turned to follow her, some men pushed past him, running after the girl, which infuriated him.The girl ran, dodged, and jumped over several people and obstacles alike as she tried to escape the men.After creating a distance between them, she rushed into an alley to hide from them and catch her breath.After several minutes, she thought she had escaped them and decided to check. The minute she looked out of the street, one of the men grabbed her by the neck and lifted
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Chapter Five: Combat Lessons
“When facing an opponent up front, you have to be on high alert,”“They could be weak or strong, but you don't want to take that chance,” a slim but well-built man wearing a faded lemon top with ash trousers stood in front of Ash.He looked like he was giving him a combat lesson, seeing as they both stood in a boxing ring.“Oh, so um... Ramsey?” Feeling lost, Ash tried to ask a question but was cut short.“You have to immediately assume your best defensive stance,” the man continued.“You never know what might happen next, so you have to be prepared,”Ash immediately thought of a scene from his past as he saw Gram standing before him.He brought both of his fists towards his chin as slightly moved back.Immediately, Gram thrust his knife toward Ash, aiming for his chest.“When a person comes at you with, let's say a punch, or maybe even a knife or sword, you must be sharp enough to see it coming and immediately evade it,”“When I say evade, I don't mean fully dodge the attack, it's im
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Chapter Six: Meet The Crew
"I will at least kill one of you before going down!!" The man yelled out as he got closer to them.His grip on the knife tightened as he thrust it through the air, aiming at the girl.'No matter how fast he is, he can not counter me. So the least, he will try to jump in front of the knife in other to protect her,' the man thought within.Just as he predicted, Ash got in front of the knife while trying to protect the girl but..."Ahhh," the man grunted hard as he got slammed to the ground by several police officers."What the" the man questioned."Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you that I already called the cops before getting to this alley," Ash explained."It's not right for several men to chase after a young girl, so I called the cops as I trailed you guys here," "Thank you, we will handle it from here," one of the officers bowed as he gave the order to round up the criminals.Soon, Ash and the girl walked out of the alley unscratched.****Three weeks had passed since the inciden
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Chapter Seven: Early Apocalypse 
'Is this real? Is the person I'm seeing before my eyes, really?'Ash kept questioning his thoughts as he sat in the next seat close to his younger brother at the dinner table.The young boy laughed, smiled, and spoke softly in front of John and Mary Greyhart. Unlike Ash, his hair was short and well-combed to his side. He was a bit lanky as well but in terms of facial beauty, Ash won the competition.Both his iris and pupil were both black but a bit different in terms of darkness.They all sat together at the dinner table as they had their dinner. 'Why did they bring him over to this place? We are not supposed to meet until later after the apocalypse.'"Umm..." Ash interrupted their discussion."What made you change your mind?" He asked."Well, we figured since you won't talk to us, or you're probably angry we refused you to see your brother, that it would be nice to surprise you with a visit from him," John answered after sipping off his glass of wine."Shouldn't you be happy he's h
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Chapter Eight: Chaotic Evening 
Ash couldn't believe his eyes, as he fell into the hole, his head went blank as he saw himself go down.'Am I- going to die like this?" A single thought raced across his mind."I got you," a man quickly grabbed onto his hands before he fell deeper into the hole.Feeling shocked and relieved at the same time, he managed to pull himself out together with help from several other people including the man."Thank you, for saving me," Ash breathed out as both of them kept breathing heavily."Don't sweat it, kid," the man replied."Just glad you didn't get squashed with those cars and all," another person added.Ash looked back at the hole he just came out of, he watched the mixture of cars and debris get swallowed up into the hole as if it was a black hole.Soon he stood up and thanked everyone, and then continued on his way.Finally, he had gotten to the corner of the street leading to his house. His face became bright as he kept running.When he got t the supposed location of his house, w
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Chapter Nine: The Ambush 
"Come this way ma'am," a soldier ordered Mary Greyhart, who had been checked by security to step into the elevator, along with her husband, John.They were inside the company building Ash's father owned.The building had a few cracks on the wall and debris on the ground, all from the previous quakes that had happened."Please be careful with her, we just got separated from our boys, so she's having it rough," John explained as he pleased with the security man to go easy on her."I understand sir, more assistance will arrive in the day to get look for them," the soldier assured and then walked away.As soon as she got into the elevator, it closed, and immediately started taking them to the top floor."Let's just hope Kover can locate his brother and stay close to him," John breathed out after seeing his wife lean on the wall of the elevator."I'm not worried about them," she whispered loud enough for him to hear."Look at the city, look how destroyed it is," she pointed out through the
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Chapter Ten: Regrouping 
Ash and Kover finally got to their destination, a place that Ash would call a safe house.Be it luck or coincidence, the safe house had a strong structure and was well-layered.It was a two-story building with a lot more underground.Ash quickly opened the door for Kover and followed shortly after.He turned on the torchlight on his cell phone instead of using the one in the house, his intention was not to draw attention to the place until he was sure no one was following them.He quickly dashed through the long hallway together with his brother and soon... He got to the large room ahead.As soon as he got there, he met several figures already in the place but before he could direct the light towards them, one of the figures picked him up by the shirt and slammed him into the wall."You have a lot of explaining to do, you know that?" The figure that held him to the wall yelled in his face."Ash!!" Kover shouted as the cell phone fell from his brother's hand and lightening up the entir
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