The man quickly stood from the seat causing the chair to fall behind him.

“Come on Cecilia!! Your grandpa is dying!”The man said, leaving his daughter behind.


The girl didn’t take any delay and quickly followed her father with eyes filled with tears.

“ Ehh!? Uhm?” Andrew was left speechless on the table with the agent. The agent looks at them before saying something to Andrew.

“Well, it seems like the interview ends here. Judging from that reaction, it seems like they rejected you.”

The agent stands from his seat and bow down to Andrew before leaving.

Andrew was left speechless once again.

It doesn’t take long for Andrew to realize the situation.

“Wait for me!!”

He quickly chased after them but the moment he stepped out from the restaurant, the man was already inside a blue car as the car moved slowly, disappearing from sight.

Andrew clicked his tongue and lifted his hand in order to stop a passing taxi.

Lucky for him, a taxi stopped a minute after they moved.

“Yes sir?”

Andrew quickly gets into the car and points at the car far in front of them.

“Follow that blue car!”

The taxi driver frowned.

He looks back and stares at Andrew.

“sir?Are you a stalke–“

“Three times the cost!!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Andrew cut him off with 300 UCD in his hand.

The man took the money, “ALRIGHT!!! TIGHTEN YOUR SEATBELT PAL, I’M CHASING THEM AT FULL SPEED!!” and quickly hit the gas.


It didn’t take long for Andrew to arrive where they had stopped.

The moment that the blue car entered a hospital parking lot, Andrew quickly stepped out from the vehicle and chased them from behind.

Just when he’s about to catch up, the elevator that both of them were in is already closed.


Andrew ran to the front desk and asked,“ Is there anyone hospitalized here with the name of Edward Wilson?”

The nurses were startled but then quickly regained composure.

“Wait a bit sir…hmm.. ah, yes there is. He’s at room number 12 at the fourth floor”


He quickly entered the elevator and pressed the fourth floor button.

It took a few minutes but he did reach that level eventually.

He made a slow jog as he observed the number on top of the room entrance.


He was stopped at his track when he heard that voice. It’s the voice of the woman she met at the restaurant.

He looked at the door and saw the number 12 implanted on the board.

He peek through the door.

‘So that … is Edward Wilson,huh?’

Lying on the bed is an elderly man with his mouth connected to the oxygen ventilator.

The old man held Cecilia’s hand tightly.

“Forgive me, Cecily…I only wants the best for my precious grandchildren”

Andrew quietly turned his eyes away from the sight. Peeking into such circumstances as an outsider is not a proper thing to do.

He leaned on the wall beside the door and opened his phone.

He clicked on the email that his father sent just before the interview.

[Edward Wilson, the man who manages to stand alongside variety of famous people despite being a poor man. ]

The email contains news of Edward from his prime.

Andrew did hear of him from time to time but he never actually realized that they were blood related. 

No one in the family ever mentioned him after all. Though, it seems like only Alfred knows about it. 

Andrew is confused how his father managed to get such information. 

After a period of time scrolling through his phone, the woman speaks again.

“Father…the marriage… let’s do it”

Her words attracted Andrew away from the screen. He frowned from the thought that she might be forcing herself.

“Are you sure?”

His father asked, there was nothing but worry in his voice. Andrew understood his worries and sighed.

“Yes…we need grandpa to see who I’m ended up with to ensure him” 

“Understood…let me call the agent. Maybe he’s still there”

Andrew scratches the back of his head as he makes an appearance.

“There’s no need for that. I’m already here” He said, pushing the door to the side.

Everyone in the room turned to him. There were a total of 4 people in the room including Andrew. 

There was no one else other than a security camera that was installed on top of the door.

‘Everyone in this room is being monitored’

Andrew thought.

He knew that it wasn’t normal. What kind of hospital has a security camera in a private room either way?

“What are you doing here?”Cecilia asked. There was clearly annoyance in her voice.

“Well… I got left behind during my marriage interview so I got curious and ended up following you”Andrew sighed after replying.

The woman scowled at him.

“You, urgh, whatever…come here”

Cecilia walks with a heavy step towards Andrew, takes his hand and brings him to the side of Edward’s bed.

“Grandpa… this is…”

“My name is Andrew…Andrew Robinson”

Andrew introduces himself with a light bow.

Edward looked at him. A smile appears underneath the ventilator.

“I see… Cecil, Cal, can you leave the room for a second? I need to talk with this future grandson”

Cecilia tries to reject but her father stops her with a light touch on her shoulder.

She nodded and followed her father as he exited the room.

There is only Andrew and Edward in the room now. Andrew covered the sight of the camera with his body and looked at Edward. Andrew blocked the view to prevent anyone from reading their mouth. No one knows who’s behind that camera after all.

“Robinson huh? I still remember seeing your father marry that Robinson”He said as if reminiscing over the past.

Andrew was baffled. 

“You know mom?” His eyes lighten up as he speaks.

The man shakes his head.

“Not directly but yes… She’s a great woman" he said.

Andrew wants to ask about his mother but before he could, Edward starts to speak again.

“Andrew…listen here… my time in this world is not long. I will continue to look after my children but I need someone to actually take care of them personally…can I ask you for that?” He said, knowing his time has come.

Andrew frowns. This might be the reason why he chooses Andrew.

“That’s...a very big responsibility…” he replied with an awkward smile.

“hahaha…Come on, you from that family” The old man said jokingly.

Andrew shakes his head.

“That’s not true. responsibility doesn’t matter to them. They only want money. I’m more into my mother side than my father I think”

The man was clearly shocked by his words. The man laughed. Andrew is confused but he still mustered a smile at him.

“Kahahahaha, I see I see….haaaah. talking with you like this calm myself a bit. I want to see the ceremony…nah, let me do it!…call them in!”

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