Secretive Son-in-law
Secretive Son-in-law
Author: Finn


A shrieking yell of an old man echoed throughout the mansion. His loud steps echoed and broke the silence in the mansion.


“Father, what’s the matter!?”

Two men in their thirties chased the old man from behind as they tried to stop him.

The three of them were walking down the hallway at great speed despite the old man that was already reaching his sixties.

The door that leads to the dining room bursts right open after the old man kicks the door.

He sits on his chair, a very comfortable single chair with a soft cushion dyed in red.

He sits there while menacingly as he takes his breath.


The first man tried to approach the old man but the other guy stopped him.

Not so long after, all the family in the mansion appears in the dining room one after another. It’s mostly because they heard the yell of the old man and were curious about what it was.

Once everyone has entered the dining room, the old man takes a very deep breath before screaming at the very top of his lungs.




Andrew Fullen, a guy in a casual white t-shirt is sitting on the balcony of his room.

He sighed as he continued to stare into nothing but the passing cloud.

It’s the third time this month that he got told to lock himself in his room.

“Even though I’m doing it for the family…what did I do wrong?”

Andrew wonders as he leans on the side of the wall.

Andrew is reaching his 21 and just finished his scholarship. Despite getting an average score, he insisted on becoming a NEET and stay at the mansion of his family.

He got his first detention right after he stepped foot in the mansion. The maid accidentally bumps into him causing him to fall and bump onto a vase that valued more than a million dollars. His second uncle, the person that bought the vase, blamed everything on him and his grandfather scolded Andrew without a second thought.

He then realized after a long time of not being around his family.

Andrew realizes that his presence isn't wanted in the house. It’s most likely because of his father, the fourth son of the Fullen family that married an ordinary woman and they gave birth to him. 

Even though it all started from Alfred, Andrew’s father, Andrew never even once despised him for giving life to him into the family. 

After 13 years of living without a mother, Alfred finally told Andrew that her mother actually died giving birth to him. This shocked him a bit but he wasn’t as shaken as his father thought he would. Andrew accepted the fact with an opened heart and still stood firmly on his feet.

As the fourth son, Alfred only had a very small company that his father passed down to him while the majority of the family wealth was divided among the first three sons. 

Alfred's company was just a small business company that managed simple transactions between smaller companies.

Andrew’s father also opened another branch that he gave to Andrew on which caused him to get his second detention.

He changed the company from a transaction company to a big business industry in a span of 2 years. He managed this by doing some work on the background of the company and fixing everything from the root of the problem.

All his efforts were proved useless when his cousin, Timothy Fullen reported to his grandfather that Andrew used the family money to raise the company. 

After hearing the news, his grandfather ripped off the ownership of the company from Andrew and passed it to Timothy. 

Andrew accused wrongly but no one took his side. His father could only avert his eyes as he was unable to do anything for his son.

Since then, Andrew never trusted any of his family anymore. It’s very obvious that they tried to get rid of him. 

It's also because of this event that he realizes who is foe and who is his real family. There's only 2 people he trusts in the family and that is his father and his uncle, Vincent Fullen.

Vincent is Andrew's third uncle and a person that is always on Alfred's side. He's also the one who helped Alfred marry Andrew's mother. 

He could never repay what his uncle had done for both him and his father.

While still lost in the cloud, a loud knock was made at his door causing him to almost fall from the balcony.

"Y-young master!! The Master were so mad right now and he requested for you presence!!'' A woman can be heard from the other side of the door. 

She was one of the maids that was assigned to take care of Andrew so Andrew recognized her voice right away.

"? What now?" Andrew questions before following the maid from behind.

While walking, he looked down and thought of everything that would make his grandfather to call him. 

‘Could it be that my detention time is over?’ He thought as he continued walking.

The maid in front of him stopped for a moment and looked at him with her scared face but her eyes were filled with disgust. 

She glared at him before walking again.


A few minutes of walking inside the big mansion, Andrew reaches the dining hall after being guided by his maid.

The maid bowed down to Andrew before standing by the side of the door.

Andrew then opened the door to the dining room just for a cup filled with hot tea to come flying towards his face.

The cup hit his head and shattered before it fell to the floor.


One of the people sitting on the table stood from his seat.

He was about to run towards Andrew but the person on his side stopped him.

“Andrew!! How dare you use my money again!?!”

The old man yelled.

Andrew frowns as he listens to what his grandfather has to say.

“...what?” He was shocked. 

He holds his bleeding head as he stares at everyone that glaring at him.

He was locked in his room for the past few days and even his phone was taken by his uncle.

"You!! Just confess already!!" 

The old man just kept getting angrier. His face wrinkles as he looks at Andrew with disgust.

The man that was standing shook off the hand of the other person before finally sprinting towards Andrew.

“Father! There must be a misunderstanding” 

The man quickly kneels in front of Andrew and covers him as he speaks. He take out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipe the tea and blood from Andrew's face 

"You alright, son?"

He is Alfred Fullen, Andrew’s father.

"Why are you siding with this ungrateful son of yours!! He is a good for nothing that lives here rent free without doing anything!!" The old man yelled again.

“But father–!”Alfred tried to reply but someone cut him off.

“Don’t play dumb! Look at this!”

Theo Fullen, Andrew’s second uncle, throws something at Andrew’s face after yelling at him.

The small book hit his face and fell to the floor. The cover of the book shows the Hineus Bank logo.

Andrew opened the book and flipped to the latest page.

He then saw the number at the bottom of the page and it left his mouth a gap.

His father who saw his expression peek his head to see what shocked him.

On the bottom of the page was written the amount of money that their family used for a certain day.

The amount of money their family used yesterday is–


Both Andrew and his father scream in shock. 

Such an amount of money is unimaginable for Andrew to get hold of.

He looked at his grandfather and tried to explain,“Grand–“, but he was cut off.

“Don’t call me grandpa, you ungrateful sh*t!”His grandfather cursed him.

The moment Andrew heard the curse, he knew that there was nothing he could do. There is no way of changing his grandfather’s thoughts the moment he starts cursing.

Andrew kept his mouth shut and continued kneeling in front of his family by his father's side.

His father could only grit his teeth as he turned away from the sight of his beloved son.

Andrew knows the outcome of this predicament since it always turns out the same. 

He prepared himself for another period of confinement.


"Haaah, as I thought… having him in the family is no good"

"I know right?"

His first uncle and his wife purposely speak louder for everyone to hear.

Andrew ignores them. Minding their words won’t change the outcome. He will always be yelled at and locked in his room as long as he lives in the mansion.

Still, the next word from his grandfather left him a bit off the trail.

"You have caused this family so much trouble!! That's why, we can't let you stay here anymore!!"


He was shocked.

‘Can’t live here? What do you mean?’

Andrew asked himself.

"From here on, I, the head of the Fullen Family hereby declare that the person named Andrew is no longer my grandson!!"

The word of his grandfather caused the mansion to become quiet.


The world stops moving. There is no sound as Andrew tries to process what his grandfather just said.

Once he realized what he meant, his scream filled the entire mansion.


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