The Revenge of the Abused Son-in-law

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The Revenge of the Abused Son-in-law

By: Alora Quinn Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Lucius Steele is an orphan who marries into a rich influential family, the Wilde's. He is abused, maltreated and disgraced on a daily basis by his wife an her family. After he catches his wife cheating on their three years marriage anniversary, he gets fed up and calls off the marriage opting for a divorce. Angry with his decision, his wife Valerie Wilde puts out an interview saying he cheated and wanted her only for her money. The press takes up the video turning him into a horrible person. He loses his job and his name is dragged through the mud by everyone. He thinks all is lost but he gets a visit from a stranger claiming that he is the heir to a multi trillion dollar empire. Lucius is skeptical at first but accepts and follows the man. He is introduced into a whole new world as he becomes a multi trillionaire in his own right. It doesn't take long for his now perfect world to be turned upside down as he starts to get cryptic messages from an untraceable source warning him to be careful around the people in his inner circle. Lucius takes the messages at face value until his father's life as well as his own is put in danger. His situation gets out of hand and friends from the most unlikeliest of places help him out but there is someone in the shadows waiting to strike. The past comes back to haunt him and obstacles are placed before him. A betrayal that Lucius didn't expect. He overcomes them all and puts the culprit in jail, never to be heard from again but when the villain escapes a prison transfer, all hell breaks loose.

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  • Alora Quinn


    Please read and enjoy. I'm sure you'll love it. Oh, and do leave a comment or rating if you have something to say about the book. I would really love to interact with everyone and I would really appreciate the feedback. Thank you so much. Have a great read. ...️...

    2023-10-11 18:36:19
  • Sage Athalar


    wow. I love the beginning already

    2023-09-16 06:08:25
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260 chapters
Chapter 0001
The sky was bare and the night cold but the streets of New York bustled with a lot of people going about their evening. Noise filled the streets from either idle chatter from passers-by or the music played by the shops in order to sell some products. It was suffocating.Either way Lucius Wilde would
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Chapter 0002
The sudden rainfall caught up with Lucius on his way back home. It seemed the weather wasn’t actually mocking him but maybe weeping for him because of the humiliation he just endured. Whichever way, he loathed getting soaked, but at the same time, he was glad for the rain because it seemed to be cal
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Chapter 0003
Lucius laid awake in bed in his low rent apartment on the bad side of town. It was the only place he could afford on his low salary. It had been three days already and even though he couldn’t eat three square meals a day he was relieved. These past days had been good. No degrading words, no unneces
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Chapter 0004
Morning finally came and he was happy about that. Lucius got up from bed and had a shower. He didn’t waste any time as he wanted to confront his wife before signing the divorce papers.He left his shabby apartment and got a ride to Valerie's workplace. WILDE CORPORATIONS.The company dealt with anyt
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Chapter 0005
After contemplating for a few minutes, Lucius decided to go with the man. Even if it turned out that the man was mistaken and he wasn’t truly the heir, what was the worst that could happen. Deep down, he wished it would be true that this trillionaire was his father, but at the same time, he didn’t w
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Chapter 0006
His father sighed. “When you were still a child, almost two years old, you were taken from us. I had just started making good money back then, my company was flourishing and I got arrogant. I was warned by my father, your grandfather, not to take a particular deal that an older rival company was vy
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Chapter 0007
“We usually only eat here if we have guests over, there’s a smaller dining room attached to this one for family meals. We can eat there, unless you prefer to eat here. That one is smaller than this one and the furniture is different as well.” His father said.“We can eat in that one, this one is too
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Chapter 0008
"All you've done for them? I don't follow.""We found you earlier but I had never been able to get in touch with you because I was on a business trip that lasted for some months and I couldn't back down from it. Since I couldn't meet you earlier, I decided to make sure that the family you married wa
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Chapter 0009
Lucius ruffled the sheets on the bed in his new bedroom. He sat up straight and looked around the room. No matter how long he looked at it, he would always be in awe of the place. His room alone was three times the size of his former room in the Wilde mansion and contained art and electronics that c
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Chapter 0010
“I wanted her to know that she was the centre of my universe, just like she is the centrepiece of my art.”“It’s beautiful. She's beautiful.” Lucius said.“Her garden is close by. I know I said I would take you there today, but if you aren’t ready to see her final resting place, I understand.” His f
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