Secretly A Rich Heir

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Secretly A Rich Heir

By: Weird ink Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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George Melmers is a despised son in law who was casted out of his family at a very young age because of how much his father hated him. He gets opportune to be adopted by his wife's family who doesn't treat him any better. His brother in law and his girlfriend Sally is on his neck and hates him so much, his step cousin and his step grandmother is on his neck and equally hates him, father and step brother wasn't an exception too. George Melmers' only crime was existing in a world where he wasn't loved and wanted but amidst all the hate, he chose to break-through and make sure that all that had cursed at him will get to sing praises of him and kiss his feet. With his grandfather who was the only one different from others' help, he gets to establish his own empire and now he is finally the KING.


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Chapter 1.
"You are worthless and wretched. A dead dog is better than you."This sentence could not leave his head as it pierced into his heart like a sharp sword. Like a wounded lion, he moved around with a big hole in his heart. His tattered clothes and worn out shoes made him stand out from the rest of them in the city's large market. Most people that passed him covered their nose in pretense that there was a peculiar odor emanating from him.George Melmer dragged his feet on the floor, his eyes roaming about the market looking for some necessities to buy. Deep down, his heart was shattered as the prices of the goods there were too high."Damn! Why are things so expensive?" he slapped his head, dropping a tin of milk into the basket."How will you come into the market when you don't have enough money to pay? You must be a joke," a random stranger mocked as she brushed past him."I think he should be watched. People like him are broad day thieves," another concurred, sticking out her tongue.
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Chapter 2.
"Austin!" Everyone screamed at the intensity of the slap. George staggered, biting his lips. His eyes turned red but he held his calm. No one was expecting that to happen. Especially not from Austin.Anna released her hand slowly from George's clothes. "Son of a wretch. Bringing this family name to the floor. In my family we don't have poor people. My sister is suffering because of you," he poured out all his angry words on George. He had been keeping all these inside of him and now it had reached its elastic limit."That was wrong, Austin," madam Patricia intervened, hitting the table with her hand. A beautiful glass cup fell off the table and shattered into pieces.Ignoring it, she got up from her seat and moved to where George was standing still in shock."To hell with that, Grandmother. I can't believe you are comfortable being under the same roof with a church rat. Someone who can barely eat," he lamented pacing around the corner. It was as if he was looking for sharp objects t
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Chapter 3.
Chapter 3.He could not let anyone around him get deceived by the games of Austin. Austin didn't want to agree with him on this and he was ready to go to the root of this matter."How can you tell it's fake? You know nothing!" Austin blabbed. His sister was taking his side too as she continued hammering that her brother can't get the fake of anything."I know my gift is nothing compared to others," George started and everyone laughed out loud. He did not get the joke and he wondered what was funny in what he said."You brought thrash here, calling it a gift. I'm sure the maids have done a great job in taking it to the wastebin," Austin mocked him the more.He was not feeling sorry for himself. This made George Melmer's heart harden even more. He expected Austin to drag him to a corner and beg for forgiveness.At least, the secret would be between both. Austin was a proud man and George wanted to kick that pride out of his body. "Have you forgotten what to say, Mr. Man?" Someone asked
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Chapter 4.
Chapter 4.Austin's heart couldn't stop beating fast since the moment George Melmer mentioned that the vase was fake. His tongue became tied and he tried talking but he could not.He thought his end had come soon and he was slowly preparing for his doom. His grandmother who left the room for some seconds was hearing people shouting and quarreling and she knew something was up."How dare you say that? What do you know?" Austin fired at George who swallowed a huge lump of saliva down his throat.It was clear that Austin was trying to cover up his mischievous deeds but nobody was wise enough to see this. Austin was frozen in fear deep down. His grandmother had taken a glance at the vase before and didn't notice that it was fake. That would have been his saving grace but now, this son of a pig commented on it."We both know the truth will be out soon. I can't believe someone like you will stoop so low and get a fake case for your grandmother," George responded to his firing. Austin shot
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Chapter 5.
Chapter 5.George couldn't believe that an apology came out of his mouth. That was the only thing he had to do because he didn't want this matter on the ground to blow up more than usual. He actually regretted doing it and the look on his wife's face was not welcoming at all. He was convinced that after this party saga, his wife will slash out her angry venom on him.He has many charges against him. Being poor was one of them. That was the greatest offense he had ever committed as a man."Is that an apology? Do you expect me to take that as an apology?" Austin blew up. George couldn't comprehend what just came out of Austin's mouth but he still kept his cool.He knew that if not for the fact that he was avoiding certain things. George wouldn't have apologized. No matter what wanted to happen."I don't understand what you mean, Austin. If I'm right, I clearly said I was sorry for accusing you wrong," George said after thinking about the best reply to give Austin.Austin raised up his
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Chapter 6.
Chapter 6.When the family members dispersed, Austin knew it was time to meet his grandmother. He was very excited about what happened and sure to do everything that will make ma'am Patricia happy.He never thought that she would help him, thereby covering his shame from the family members.Walking slowly, he got to ma'am Patricia's room and he met her reading a book. No one needed to tell his grandmother that Austin was around because she had been expecting him all these while. "Grandmother," he called out in a low but rather exciting voice. The air conditioner in the room made her room really cold and he wondered if she was really okay with it."Austin," she answered and lifted her eyes from the books. "You are here," she added and Austin nodded.He took a seat and sat down directly opposite his grandmother whose attention had been diverted from the book to him.He didn't know where to start from but he wanted to give her a hug to help him cover his shame. What would have become
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Chapter 7.
Chapter 7."Who is there?" a stern voice asked and Austin froze. He didn't believe that someone was watching him all these while. But, everywhere was quiet or was he dreaming?He refused to say a word since he thought it may be a prank. "No way, my mind may be playing games with me," he finally concluded and bent down to pick up the book."If you ignore this voice one more time then I will have no choice but to…"The voice stopped. Everywhere was silent. The clock hands were ticking every second and Austin wanted to dash out of the room if he was given the slightest opportunity. The key was in his pocket, the door was locked and he was stuck in here.He quickly picked up the book from the floor and arranged it on the shelf. He wished he could pass through the door without having to unlock it.His search for the book quickly came to an end as he heard footsteps coming closer to him. He turned swiftly but he couldn't find anyone."Was he hallucinating?" he asked himself. He pinched him
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Chapter 8
Austin deemed that it was time to follow Sally's advice and teach George a lesson because he would stop at nothing to see him leave the family.He paced around his room, waiting for the right moment to sneak into his father's room and do what he had in mind. While pacing around and thinking, an idea stuck in his mind which was the only way he would not end up being blamed afterward.He decided to act like he was going to visit a friend and wasn't home. He boldly made it known to most of the family members, especially Anna, that he was going out to visit a friend.She had insisted that he stay back and have dinner with them but he refused and walked out in a hurry, claiming that it was important. When he had walked out of everyone's sight, he turned around and went back to the mansion through the back door and straight to his room.He would be able to feign that he was out and was also innocent when they suspect that he framed George because of how much he hated him.Austin smiled at h
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Chapter 9.
George and his wife had settled in for the night. They were done with having dinner and secondly, they always tried their best to avoid other family members as much as they could because of how insulting and disrespectful they were towards George.Everyone in the family thinks they are above him in status because he was poor and useless. They always seize any opportunity to ridicule him just as Austin always does. They were no better than him.George lay on the bed facing the ceiling. He was deep in thought as he thought of the next step to take. He didn't know if it was okay to reveal his identity to everyone yet just to stop the humiliation he was getting from them and earn some respect.He looked at his beautiful wife who was busy dressing up, she had just finished taking her bath. He cannot also touch her because of how much she resents and hates him. Since they got married, they had been living like strangers in the bedroom other than husband and wife.He sighed as he felt very b
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Chapter 10.
Austin raised the suitcase and shook it, all the money poured on the ground to the surprise of everyone present. Anna went mad with fury as she looked at it before looking at George who was stunned and had an unbelievable look on his face."I can explain that I'm not doing this, it's clear that I have been set up," George pleaded immediately but Austin laughed in return."Who do you think would set you up? Are you worth it?" He asked him."Please listen to me sir," he said looking at sir Matt, he didn't even care about Austin because he knew that he would never care to listen and deep down he suspected he was the one behind it."Why do you think I would listen to you, son of a bitch," his father-in-law barked with rage and fury in his eyes. In as much as he didn't like George especially after his father made an arranged marriage between him and his daughter who he was looking forward to marrying off to a wealthy family, he had never seen George as a thief and because he had never been
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