Secrets of the Past

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Secrets of the Past

By: Starlight OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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How far are you willing to save yourself Anna? Do you also want to end up dead like your parents?” he said as he handed the gun to her. Anna’s eyes remained fixated on the object as her trembling hands reached out to take it. Various questions popped into her head and it seemed like her thoughts were having a battle. At the end of it all, Anna was sure of one thing. She was walking out of the room alive. Anna, orphaned and adopted by her father’s friend begins to get letters suggesting that her adopted father murdered her parents and her boyfriend raped her. Scared that the facts may actually be true she kills her boyfriend and runs off to California to find the murderers but all there’s much more to what meets the eye. She reunites with her childhood friend Alvin, who was cut-off by his parents and the major suspect of a kidnapping case Determined to find her parents murderers at all costs, Anna teams up with James, an upcoming businessman who seemed to like Anna and with his help, Anna begins to uncover secrets. But, while Anna feels like she had finally caught the murderer, something sinister happens in the shadows and Anna’s life is about to turn a lot worse than she had ever imagined. Are the people who sacrificed their entire lives for her out to get her? Is she making the right decision? Are her parents’ murderers looking for her? One question reigned in Anna’s head. How far would you save yourself?

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Chapter 1
The lights lit across the horizon brightening everything beneath. The starry burst and sparkling trails took on new magic as they reflected beautifully on the water. As more fireworks were sent to the sky, the mirage of colours made the lake come alive. Anna's eyes were supposed to be gawking with amazement but instead, it was filled with instant fear. Is he planning to kill me? Jason smiled sheepishly as he lit more fireworks and sent them into the sky but his smile was larger and brighter than all the fireworks combined. He gestured for Anna to come towards the bridge as he placed the remnant of the unlit crackers on the floorboard. Anna responded with a faint smile and moved sluggishly watching her surroundings for anything she could use to defend herself. As she moved closer to him she noticed a big tree branch by the side and moved towards it just in case of an emergency. Jason reached into his pockets ready to bring out the ring he bought two years ago
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Chapter 2
The traffic on the road was intensifying at every minute. Anna got to know there was an accident by the roadside. An excuse to tell a policeman if they ever stopped her. She turned and looked at Jason again.She had to get to a hospital and drop the body before anyone could suspect anything. What if they called the police the moment she got there? Anna drove looking hopelessly and thinking of different excuses to come up with. It would be best to go to a hospital she knows because there will be less suspicion so she took a diversion and headed to her uncle’s hospital.When she got to the hospital, she turned off the ignition, put the keys in her pocket and went to open the back seat.As she dragged the body from the car screaming and crying a group of nurses quickly came with a stretcher and carried Jason to the OR.“Will he be alright?” Anna asked the doctor“Yes he will Anna but for now I just want you to run a quick checkup to know if you were hurt anywhere” The doctor said, conce
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Chapter 3
6 months ago Dark clouds hovered the store as fat heavy drops of water fall from the pregnant sky. Anna looked out the window. “Oh shit” she mumbled to herself. She walked around the store and noticed a weird looking guy wearing black denim trousers, lemon shirt and a black cap fumbling with some items. As she tried to come closer to take a look at his face she felt a buzz in her pocket.Anna reached into her pockets and saw the caller i.e. A smile crossed her face as she answered the call“Larryyyyyyy. I was just about calling you” She beamed touching a shelf of drinks“You’re always about calling me” Larry dryly said“Oh c’mon, give me a break. I’m coming down to Arizona next week with Jason” she spilled“You’re coming?” Larry asked surprised“Yeah…Jason and I” Anna said looking outside to see if the rain has subsided a bit. “I think I’m just gonna buy an umbrella and head home.”“It’s dark and the clouds are still heavy. Call Jason and have him pick you instead” Larry su
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Chapter 4
Present Day: The hospital“Vegetative state?” Larry asked taking another look at the comatose body.“Yes. I suspect he’s in one. It’s difficult to determine because it’s only been two days. I conducted some tests and an MRI” the doctor said handing a tab that showed the tests results to Larry.“Hmmm… you’d have to keep watching for a while. I don’t want any mistakes” Larry looked through the tests moving from page to page constantly.“I did notice some brain activity during the CT scan that’s why I came to this conclusion. Earlier I saw movements” she explained stating some theories“What if he’s just in a minimal conscious state?” Larry suggested watching Jason closely. “Run more tests and send them over” He handed the documents back to her“Ok sir… will do. Would you be treating him yourself” she asked as she collected the tab and moved close to Jason’s bed to adjust the bed.“For now, see to it that you get the right prognosis and move his bed to an executive room. I’ll call you if
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Chapter 5
Anna sat in the bus ruminating on everything that had happened. From the rape to the emails. Jason’s plans to kill her and finally she ending Jason. She opened her phone and read the email again.Dear Anna I am a private investigator who was one of your dad’s friends from college. I’ve been watching you, your boyfriend Mr. James Woods and finally Mr. Lawrence Widomski and I think your life is in danger. I’m not some random person who’s just here to state facts, Aren’t you wondering how your parents died mysteriously and how the murderer wasn’t caught. How did Mr. Lawrence inherit the company and why did he flee the state immediately? Why I was keeping an eye on you I got notified on the rape incident. I also have a video tape of it but part of the footage is gone.Why did your boyfriend rape you? He was wearing the exact clothes the rapist wore. Why did he burn your clothes? The key evidence. How did he know where to find you?All these may be mere speculations to y
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Chapter 6
The ride was surprisingly peaceful. The road flat and effortless. There was no loud honking or unnecessary stops and everyone inside the bus seemed to understand that they all wanted to be left alone. So did Anna.She sat at the very aft of the gigantic bus, her ears mantled with her headset as a soft soothing music played into her drums. Anna stared at the sky aimlessly, watching clouds whisk past her as the bus sped away. The book in her hand stared up at her, wondering when she would actually look down to read its content. But she didn't. She remained in her thoughts — where she had been for the past hour, her mind unable to cultivate any other memory or idea to ponder on. Everything she was able to think of made her submerse with regret.Anna always found herself wondering if she often made decisions so hastily that if left her making the wrong ones.Hitting Jason with the tree branch. Abandoning him at the hospital. Running away to California and so many more. They were all decis
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 It was odd, to say the least. The envelope was fresh, and the ink used to write her name was still glossy. Whoever had kept the envelope here wasn't far off and it hadn't been a while ago since it was dropped. Anna decided that was true as she pondered about it. The wind would have blown it away long ago if the envelope had been there for more than an hour. Her eyes narrowed as she studied the piece of paper and the handwriting on it, hoping to recognize it. She was unsuccessful. So why was she still staring at it? Anna gulped, wondering why she couldn't bring herself to open the envelope. She was just begging for answers a few minutes ago on the bus, the paper in her hand most likely had all the answers she needed. So why was she hesitating? A loud thud made her spin around impulsively. The sad look on the face of her rolling duffel bag made her feel guilty as she realized she had abandoned it by the wayside. She bit her lip as she hurried after it. “I'm going to need
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Chapter 8
6 Months AgoThe label “Pennciterry Asylum” declared itself over the dark unwelcoming building. The air was cold and even the sun had resolved not to bless that part of the city with the yellowness of its rays. It was engulfed in darkness. There was a loud buzz sound from inside of the building as the front door slowly opened. A white light blaring from the interior of the asylum illuminated the outside where two men stood in thick black suits. Out of the ugly asylum, an eerie figure walked out. The shadow of the night couldn't reveal the individual but they favored their right leg as they hobbled out of their building, looking around with fearful curiosity.The two men in suits made themselves visible, folding their arms emotionlessly and glaring at the person.“Well well. . .” The voice was sneering and sharp. “It took you long enough.”“You know why you're here?” one of the men asked.“Well don't be foolish. Who's it this time? And how messy do you want it?”The other man in suit
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Chapter 9
It was two o'clock in the afternoon. Anna sat in the kitchen table, gobbling down a noodles she had hurriedly made to defeat her hunger. It was all new to her — staying alone — and she knew she had to get used to it as soon as possible. What was she even thinking coming all the way to Los Angeles? The only friend she had here was Alvin and he was even more in need than she was. Oh God. She had to start getting her life back together. Start getting things straight, Anna. Beginning from that second. She jumped up from her seat. Why did she come here in the first place. What was her intention?To find her parents' killer. Yes. Anna paced around the kitchen as her mind wandered. Her thoughts racing through her brain like speed cars on race tracks. How did she intended to find the killer? The email. Also, yes. Whoever had been emailing her. They said they knew. But how could she get in contact with the person? Whoever they were. How could she. . . The envelope. Anna hurried to
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