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By: littleblackhorse OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Bradley, one of the “Happy life” orphanages always treat badly by the owner of the orphanage. He hates his life and all of it. But, luckily he’s not alone. His best friend, Caden always helps him whenever he needs it. Suddenly, Caden is kidnapped by a mysterious monster when they explore the mirror house in the circus. He has taken to one place called “Mirland”. Bradley decides to travel to the unknown area, looking for Caden. However, Mirland is full of bloodthirsty creatures and it turns out has a connection to Bradley’s past. Will he manage to find his best friend and uncover his past?

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  • Prince Firelorn


    Interesting plot, and story development. Very few grammatical errors and a dramatic style type of story with certain twists and turns to enjoy.

    2023-01-21 16:39:30
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44 chapters
Chapter 1 : Last descendant
The full moon graced the dark sky, a terrible scream rang out in the middle of the dark forest. A husband and wife silhouette runs into the forest, trying to get away as far as possible from something. “Come on, we must hurry Christine!” He signed. “We were almost there.”“Jack, where was the creature?” Christine turned back her head. “I didn’t see it.”“We must get away from this place.” Jack looked around.They have been chased by a dark creature who kills all of their group. The only way for them to survive was to find the portal inside this dark forest. Jack knew the portal itself connected to another world, so they could save from the creature. Jack and Christine fasten their movement. Christine tried not to wake their 1-month infants as she could. However, there was a weird sound closer to their position, suddenly the creature was right behind them.“Oh my, the monster.” Christine sounded panicked. “We couldn’t reach the portal, Jack.”The creatures reveal themselves in dark.
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Chapter 2: Choice
A few minutes later, they finished cleaning the room. Caden and Bradley move to the next place which is the toilet room on the first floor. However, Bradley’s footsteps start slowing down. Sweat drips from his forehead, his hands begin to tremble. It spreads over his body. He puts down the bucket filled with water and takes a rest for while. "Brad, what are you doing?" Caden turns around and sees Bradley’s head down. "Are you sick?" "Cad, I need to rest for a while," Bradley said weakly as he continued to hold his head. “My head is spinning.” "Well, it is because you don't get enough sleep, right?" Caden said as he raised his eyebrow. "You must stay up late, don’t you?" “How do you know, that?” Bradley widens his eyes. “Yeah, your guess is true. But the story is almost finished, it’s so ashamed if I don’t finish it.” "Brad, you are a real reader maniac." Caden only shake his head. "You look so much like Mr. Eugene.” “Do you think so?” Bradley raises his eyebrows. “You should read
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Chapter 3: Oddity
His mind is getting nervous, he doesn’t know what to do. He can scream, but Caden will mock him and say Bradley is very cowardly. Bradley pats his head repeatedly, trying to think calmly. He closes his eyes, ears and slowly walks through the source of the sound.“Bradley, you have to calm down. It's just a sound, nothing strange will happen.”The sound is getting louder when Bradley walks. He tries to ignore it and just walks past it. After a few steps, the voice is slowly fading.“Well. It seems safe now.”Bradley stops his move and opens his eyes. He immediately looks for the book and tries to ignore it. Yet, he doesn’t find it. He keeps looking all and hopes to find it. His eyes move slowly and watch everything around him as he continues walking and doesn’t realize he hit something.“Auh.”He falls on the floor and sees something twice bigger as his size in the shape of a long oval in front of him. All surfaces are tightly covered with a large piece of brown cloth. The cloth also
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Chapter 4: Mystery
Caden quickly replied to Madam Nigera’s question without hesitating and gives the book.“Good. I think both of you should take a shower. Dust and dirt seem to have stuck to your bodies."Madam Nigera walks away and back into her room. Bradley and Caden quickly run to their rooms. However, someone knocked on Bradley's room a few minutes after taking a shower. He opens the door and it turns out to be Madam Theresa.“Bradley, these are all food ingredients that you must buy.” She gives Bradley a shopping list and basket."Yes, Madam.”Bradley walks away from his room. The sky looks a bit cloudy, he takes a black umbrella hanging on the door and walks outside. The gust of wind is also quite strong., so Bradley fastens his movement. He doesn’t want to get wet after buying all that stuff.A medium-sized house with the signboard “Paolo Grocery Store” is his destination. Bradley always buys foodstuff in these places because the owner is generous and Mr. Eugene’s best friend.“I’m sure uncle P
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Chapter 5: Special task
Those words cause the whole room quiet for a moment. They are silent and think about one person who might kill Mr. Eugene.“Cad, is it possible that Madam Theresa killed Mr. Eugene?”"Brad, you should keep your mouth." Caden tapped his best friend's shoulder. "Madam Theresa is mean, but we can't take a conclusion too soon.""That's true too, but .... "A knocking sound comes from outside Bradley's room. He quickly opened the door and it is Madam Theresa."Madam, I have put all the groceries on the table downstairs."“Bradley, you and Caden go downstairs and prepare dinner.”"Yes, Madam."A few minutes later, Madam Theresa's footsteps suddenly fade away. They quickly go downstairs and sees Madam Nigera in the kitchen. She is rinsing and also examining the rotten part of the vegetables.“Madam, what we can do for you?” asks Bradley. “Madam Theresa told us to go here.”“You can help me cut the vegetables.”Bradley and Caden cut up some of the carrots and potatoes. They take a knife and p
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Chapter 6: Manner class
Bradley opens the brown box. It’s wrapped perfectly with a red ribbon on it. He scrapes his head, walking toward Caden. He tries to wake up him and asks about this."Hey, Caden wakes up.” Bradley gently pats Caden’s cheek. “This box is for you.” is a delivery for you.""What's wrong Brad?" Caden slowly opens his eyes and sees Bradley's blue eyes. "Wait, I don’t order anything at all." Caden furrowed his eyebrows when he heard Bradley's words."So, this is not your belonging?” Bradley furrows his eyebrow. "So, who owns this item?”"I don't know either, but I feel like we should take a look inside of it."Bradley slowly opens it and sees two bright blue shirts folded neatly inside. Caden's eyes lit up. His smile widely. He likes the color of the shirt, which makes him bounce up and down. He quickly takes one of the clothes."Brad, this shirt is very nice!" He squealed happily. "I wonder who gives this?"“Cad, I don't know either,” said Bradley, shrugging his shoulders. "Wait a minute, l
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Chapter 7: Incident in park
Bradley's face is instantly pale, cold sweat also flows non-stop on his face. His hands tremble every time Madam Theresa's footsteps are getting closer and closer to him. He bites his lips, his mind’s blank, and his body refuses to move.“What should I do?”The sound of footsteps starts louder and clearer. He doesn’t have any choice and it’s too late to move now. He can only surrender if Madam Theresa finally finds him. Suddenly, Madam Theresa's footsteps stopped. Someone called her name and she walks back away from Bradley's position."Heavens! She almost got me."Bradley takes a deep breath and tries not to make a sound. Madam Theresa’s footsteps sound disappears. He moves as fast to his room."Gosh!" BradleySomeone knocking on the door. Bradley immediately runs to the door and opens it. A fat woman with black hair of hers stands in front of her."Madam Nigera, what's wrong?" Bradley furrows his brow.“Madam Theresa is calling for you.” Nigera walks away from Bradley. She suddenly
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Chapter 8: Meaning of friendship
He explains life in an orphanage is very boring, it's like a bird in a cage. But luckily, He doesn’t alone in dealing with it. He has a good friend who is always there for him. “Wow, you are so lucky someone like that.” Gideon smiles hearing Bradley's explanation. His face is gloomy a few minutes later. "But for me, I am just … alone ….” “Hey, don’t be so sad. I'm sure you will have friends. Maybe you haven't gotten it yet." A few minutes later, the sound of a dog barking is getting louder and louder. Bradley turns around and sees Madam Theresa's dog running toward him. “Hey Wolfy, calm down,” Bradley says with a laugh. "You must be very happy after playing for a long time, right?" "Is that your dog?" Gideon asked curiously. "Oh, no. I just only assign to take the dog outside to play." “Wow, I like dogs too. Can I?” "Oh yeah. But, Wolfy can be very fierce to strangers," Bradley gives warning to him. "First time, Wolfy is very uncontrollable and maybe he will bite you." Howeve
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Chapter 9: Missing orphan
A few minutes later, the sound of thunderous footsteps is heard. It turns out Madam Nigera and other orphans. Her face is instantly stiff looking at the little girl. Her pupils dilated when she sees the kid’s condition."Jacqueline! Calm down, you’re safe now." Madam Nigera immediately put her arm around the kid and hugged her. " Goodness! What is going on here?" she said frantically.Caden shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know. We just got here too and suddenly this little girl just like this.”"We should take this child to my room," she said while holding the child. "Caden, I need you to take the other kids back to their room.""Yes, Madam." Caden quickly walks over with the other children.“Bradley, you go with me. I feel like I'll need a little help."They speed up their footsteps towards Nigera's room. Madam Nigera’s face looks so tense. She doesn’t say a word at all and focuses on carrying Jacqueline to her room. She lays the child on the sofa and walks out of nowhere"Jacqueline,
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Chapter 10: Kidnapper
Something appears in front of him. It has a big size for animals. It’s black and has thick fur. Red eyes with sharp canines slowly dripping saliva. Its head turns around followed by a weird sound.“What is that?”Bradley hits his head repeatedly. It looks very strange and not from this place. He thinks it’s just his imagination. However, several times he looks, it is still the same. The monster is real and suddenly goes nowhere.“Where does the monster go?”Bradley keeps looking through the gaps in the boxes. His heart continues to beat rapidly. He does not see the existence of the creature now. However, someone from behind shut his mouth. His eyes widen.He slowly turns her head. Unfortunately, it is just a child. She looks the same age as Jacqueline. Bradley sees there is a scratch-like scar on her face. Bradley is curious about the little girl and asks what she is doing here alone. She explains that the creature has been looking for her."Wait for a minute. You're Dorothy, aren't
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