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By: Fety grace OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Follow the lives of two sisters who had been dwelling in a life of pains and miseary but just at their stage of giving up, fate brought them together and they discovered they were not only born twins but they have older brothers. And who are their brothers? The de'costas. The most powerful and feared mafia empire in Italy. The are best known as THE DE' Costa BROTHERS. What happened when they discovered they have two kid sisters who are broken beyond repair? Will they accepts them?? FIND OUT in THE DE' costas

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  • Maria L Garcia


    Recommend this book it's non stop exciting really enjoying.

    2023-01-16 07:20:10
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curled up on my bed, my pencil danced around the surface Of my sketchbook. Aside from the fact that I was given the assignment to sketch a rose flower and label it, drawing is my hobby. Anytime I feel sad, depressed, nervous, or scared, I draw. And at this moment, I am all of them. the creaking sound of the door made my heart sink into my stomach. Followed by a footstep and when I turn to face the door, I was met with Dennis's irate gaze. God I..thought I bolted the door. "So here you are little sister." He smirked. My heart throbbed inside my ribcage as he starts walking toward me on the bed. "You don't seem quite happy to see me, got a problem with me??" He said and he leaned on my bed, my back was glued to the wall as I couldn't shift back anymore. I shook my head no. "Now repeat all you told Vivian in school today..." he growled at me and like magic, his eyes had turned red. I know I'm just dead. Flashback. I was sitting in my seat in class busy reading a novel since we
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Chapter 2: Who is clarrisa De Costa
My brothers hatred for me have taken a new shape. They no longer just bully me, but every weekend, they will ask me to dress up and take me out to men. My body became their money making machine. I wasn't only having bruises on my body now but my Virginia was all bruised cause of the sizes of dicks that fits in there. Everything just hurt and It got to some extent I could no longer take it so I confronted mum at the kitchen one morning. "Mother," I called softly as I walked into the kitchen. Mum turned round to face me. "Good morning baby. You are awake." She gave me a smile and I just nodded as I walked in fuller. "Why are you having bags under your eyes? Don't tell me you read overnight." Mum asked. She knows I always read overnight but for weeks now I haven't even open my book. The truth is I have been crying all through the night. "I had assignment." I lied. She sighs. "Okay I know my little Princess is a bookworm and I'm very proud of you but don't work your eyes o
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Chapter 3
What does this mean and why does it have my name and details on it? Different thoughts were running through my mind and I needed immediate answers. So without wasting time I took the papers and ran to meet mum. I checked her up in her room and luckily she was there arranging some of her clothes. "Bab..." she smiled when she saw me walk in but she suddenly stopped when her hands landed on the paper o was holding. "W...what's that you are holding where did you get it from??" She rushed towards me to collect it but I took it behind me. "What do I need to know mum?? Why does this bear my name? This is a certain form of the orphanage but why is it bearing my name??" I asked, my voice shaking like I'm about to cry. Mum was just quiet and she was shaking in panic. "Answer me mum" my voice was now cracked and I was on the verge of tears. "I...."tears started running down her eyes. "You lied to me right?? I am adopted right?? Mum all these years I have been living a life of lies..."I w
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Chapter 4
Rechel's POV.A smile flickered across my face as I walked through the agenda. Another mission was is just done and dusted. My boss has sent me on a mission to go get the phone and password of one Mr. Romano. Probably an enemy of his but my job is to get his phone and I'm good. At first, I never knew how to go about it but as soon as I walked into his birthday party, an idea popped in. The first I did was to seduce him and when we find ourselves in a room. He was so hungry to fuck me but that I didn't allow it. I first told him to give me his phone just claiming that I didn't want anybody calling to disturb us while I'm screaming his name. He foolishly obliged. Then again he was eager to come into me but again I restricted him and told him that pussy is on a pro system and if he wants to fuck me so desperate he has to tell me the password. I gave him a hint that the password to my pussy is the same as his phone password and being that he was a horny dock he stupidly told me the
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Chapter 5
A smile from nowhere flickered across my face, as I stood in the center of the overly crowded station. I am finally going to be free from my brothers. At last. The whole place was so crowded with vehicles and penetrates. I snuggled through the crowd to go get a ticket but while I was walking I felt someone walking behind me yet each time I look back, I found no one. Maybe it's just my imagination so I thought until I was about to get into the bus when suddenly someone's arm clasped around my neck. I flinched and the bag I was holding fell off my hands. "You better don't scream you little bitch or things are gonna get fucking bloody." The muscular scaring voice whispered into my ears and showed me a gun. I gasped and nodded affirmatively. I trembled like jellyfish as the person behind me started walking me off. We got very far away from the station and arrived at a place where a small Car was parked. He opened the back seat and shoved me inside while he hopped in the Front Se
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Chapter 6
Flashback to Rechel POV. After the staring match between me and Brianna. Brianna suddenly bounced out and that's when I found the courage to leave too. I followed Brianna led till we arrived at the underworld. The underworld was a building below the house where all the agendum gathers for a meeting. Not a basement cause it's more equipped than a basement. As usual, I met everyone all gathered and the boss was pacing back and front in rage. "Capo," I called and swallowed a lump. "You called for me," I said when he turns to face me. The top corner of his lips was raised as if he was going to say something but he just huffed and turns to face John. John is our information cause he works with several mafia entities and reports to us. "John," he called. And John looked at him. "Tell her everything you just told us now." He spoke calmly. "Yes capo," he bows and turns to face me. "The de'costa brothers are close to finding out who stole their shipment." My heart sank at the mention o
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Chapter 7
"Where the hell did you get this from??" He yelled slamming his hands on the bed and now I could see he was enraged. "It was given to me by my mother. Why?" I replied honestly. I was dead confused. "Your mother? Who's your mother? Where is she now??" "What's with the question? You wouldn't know her even if I tell you." "Who's the lady in the pendant?" He asked. Seriously how would he expect me to know that mother only gave me the pendant and didn't tell me who's on the pendant which of course I don't care? I mean she could be some model, modeling the pendant brand. "I don't know her," I muttered. He didn't ask me any more questions. He just left with my pendant.Days rolled by and I remained locked in the room. The guy who took my pendant has been constantly coming to persuade me to implicate every member of my gang but as stubborn as I've always been. I refused to talk. Well maybe I might have to talk if he would torture me or so but hey I was even been treated like a queen
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Chapter 8
Antonio pov It was 9 pm and I was still at my office working on something on my computer. I'm not even close to finishing and if I want to finish it I might take a whole night. So I rounded up what I was doing on my computer and then walked out . When I arrived at the living room, I met them all siting already sitting on the couches. Mateo and Liam were on one couch and they were both bickering over what I don't know. While Jayden was simply operating his phone On the opposite phone not giving a shit about them. "Guys..." everyone of them shun what they were doing and turns to face me. "Finally Antonio you are here." Liam sighed and rolled his eyes dramatically. "What were you guys bickering about huh." I asks them playfully. "It's him." They both pointed to themselves at same time like kids. No matter how old they are, they can never stop acting like babies well matoe is 21 and Liam 17 so they are the babies of the house even though I think they are about to be elder bro
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Chapter 9
Clarissa POV. Deferent thoughts continue running through my mind as I was waking behind this fierce guy. He led me into an elevator and While we were in the elevator, he received a call from someone. "Yeah??""Are you sure??" "Great then. Bring her straight to the mansion." No, Not the basement." Getting to the living room, I was met with a guy sitting on the sofa keenly engrossed in his laptop. His Body was covered in tattoos. But as if noticing our presence, to the living room. A boy was sitting on the couch operating a laptop. His body was filled with so many tattoos. As if noticing our presence, he drifted away from the laptop and averted his gaze toward me. when he looked at me, I swear his face was so scary. "Wow... she the girl you talked about??" His voice was even scarier. The guy beside me nodded a yes. What have they talked about me huh? "No doubt. Her blue eyes remind me of my mother. her short blonde hair, the height in fact she's the mirror of mum." The
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Chapter 10
Rechel POV I'm not surprised how they know I have brothers, they are very powerful and influential but I know they are up to something. I need to find out the real truth and as much as I hate to do this, it's time to go find my mother.Bringing out my gun from my undie, I started tiptoeing. Heading for the gate and at the same time watching out for any possible guard. Just as I successfully arrived at the gate when I felt someone's presence behind me. I know he was going to cease me but I didn't give him the chance I flipped around and pointed the gun at his face. It was one of the de costas and I remember him to be that angry bird the other day. He didn't even flinch at my gun being pointed at his face. Well what do I expect, he's a de costa the most dangerous and powerful mafia empire I know he could easily take the gun off my hand but I bravely held onto it at least to protect myself. "Hey, calm down Rechel, and give me the gun." He demanded sternly and starts walking toward
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