Still No Luck

I felt the same confusion the young officer did when he asked, “Assault, sir?”

Frank grinned and held up his hand, showing bloody knuckles where he punched Ron, “Yes, officer Tigs, assault. His face assaulted my hand.”

The young officer, Tigs, just nodded and looked back at his desk before he started writing.

Ron spat blood onto the floor and seemed calmer when he said, “Ha! Good hit, Frank. Always easy when someone can’t defend themselves, but you WOULD know all about that, wouldn’t you?”

Frank quickly turned and went back for more, giving Ron a couple more punches to the face.

I wanted to stop him. His beating on the guy seemed a little excessive and unprofessional.

“Put him in solitary confinement for a week, and add threat and destruction of property to the charges. Maybe he’ll learn to keep his mouth shut then,” Frank said once he was done pummeling the knocked-out Ron.

I looked at Buck's face, and there was amusement at Frank's actions.

This wasn’t a place for law enfo
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