Spirit Force

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Spirit Force

By: JJ Dizz OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Alastair, a man who runs a business based on his ability to interact with and banish spirits, encounters a young girl on the run by the name of Rachael who has the same ability as him. The two join forces to bring peace to both the living and the deceased.

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56 chapters
Dying Passion
Running through the streets of the bustling city of Cesa was a little girl. Despite bumping into several aggravated citizens, the girl kept running as though her life depended on how fast her feet could carry her. * "Alastair?" A woman called out, walking towards a man fast asleep at his desk. "Hey, Alastair!" She cried, smacking him on top of the head with a newspaper. "Huh...?" The man groaned in annoyance, letting out a yawn as he sat upright in his chair. "You seriously need to stop falling asleep at your desk; it's not good for your back or your posture in the long run, you know!" The woman scolded, placing a hand on her hip. "Chill out with your damn yapping, would you?" The man grumbled, stretching his arms behind his head, placing a foot on top of the desk. "Anyway," the woman continued. "Read this; it's today's paper." She smiled. "Oh, come on, Aya, you know nobody reads this garbage anymore." The man sighed. Aya huffed as she picked up the newspaper, skimming throug
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* Opening her eyes as she gasped for air, the girl quickly sat up. As she looked around the unfamiliar surroundings, her head began to spin. She quickly flopped back down on the couch. Clutching her head with her tiny hands, she let out a whimper. "Ah, you're awake," a voice called out. The girl's eyes widened, panicking; the girl quickly pulled the blanket over her head. "That's no good; you'll suffocate like that." A man stepping out from another room frowned. The girl did not respond. "Not the talkative type, are you?" The man chuckled. "Listen," the man began, taking a seat on the couch as he pried the blanket off of the girl's face. The girl looked up in alarm. It was the man she had bumped into right before she lost consciousness. "W-what..." The girl whimpered. "What do you want...?" She squeaked. "Well, for starters, to make sure you don't have a concussion," the man frowned.
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Confide in The Great Alastair
The man slowly began to remove the eyepatch as the girl stared in awe. Underneath the eyepatch revealed a white-ish-colored eye. Certainly different from his golden-colored right eye. "Y-you...!" The girl stammered. "I guess you could relate after all, huh?" The man laughed. "Can you..." The girl blushed, looking down at her lap. "Can you see them too...?" "Spirits?" The man asked, staring steadily at the wall. "Ah, I can see them clear as day." He said. "Do you talk to them a lot?" The girl asked, suddenly perking up. "I suppose so," the man whispered. "They ask me for help, but..." The girl quickly looked down. "I don't know how to help..." She whispered. The man turned his attention back toward the girl. "Hey," he began. "Ever hear of the odd jobs joint known as 'Spirit Force'?" "Spirit Force...?" The girl pondered for a moment. "N-no..." She frowned. "Even with your abilities?!" He cried. "Damn!" He cried. "I guess I'm more out of touch with society than I though
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On top of a hill on the outskirts of Cesa sat a secluded mansion. The exterior was rather worn-down, and the interior was quite tacky. * "Is everything in order?" A woman's voice called out. "Yes, madam," a man nodded his head. "Excellent," the woman then turned her attention towards a little girl. "Why do you look so glum?" She questioned with a glare. "You should be thankful we kept you for this long!" She exclaimed. She then quickly turned her attention back towards the man. "Sebastian?!" The woman cried. "Get the car already, would you?!" She demanded. "Yes, madam," he bowed, promptly taking his leave. "Anyway..." The woman began letting out an exaggerated sigh. "Do you know where you're going?" The woman asked the girl. "N-no..." The girl whispered, looking down steadily at her lap. "Let's just say they cater to and create freaks such as yourself," the woman smirked.<
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* "Y-you can't tell anybody!" The girl exclaimed. "Rachael," he began. "I'm a wanted criminal...!" Rachael cried, putting her head in her hands. "Rachael," Alastair said once more. "I don't want to go back there, so please...!" "Rachael!" Alastair shouted, startling the girl. "Did they tattoo you?" He asked. "Huh?" She sniffled. "Didn't think so," he smiled. "W-what do you mean...?" Rachael asked cocking her head. "Christ, been meaning to get this thing removed for a while now..." Alastair mumbled as he slowly began to pull down the bandages covering his neck. As he pulled them down, they revealed the number '367' in red ink. "Man," he frowned. "I wonder what I should replace this with anyway, much to think about..." He muttered, losing himself in thought. "Y-you..." Rachael whispered. "You were there too...?" "Huh?" Alastair asked, quickly snapping
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Spirit Debate
A few days had passed since Rachael had moved into Alastair's apartment. Things were going relatively smoothly, much to Alastair's surprise. "Hey," Alastair called out from the kitchen. "I contacted the person who wants to hire an exorcist," Rachael, who was sitting on the couch quickly sprang up. "Really?!" She exclaimed. "But," Alastair continued. "I have some competition..." He frowned. "See, they're looking for the best of the best." He said. He then noticed Rachael giving him an annoyed look. "Hey, what's that look for?" Alastair asked, giving an annoyed smile. "You're so full of yourself!" Rachael huffed. "H-how?!" Alastair cried. "I'm coming with you!" Rachael exclaimed. "R-Rachael, I don't think that's a good idea-" "Why not?" She questioned. "The job sounds pretty dangerous and," "That's fine!" Rachael exclaimed, giving a big smile. Wha
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As the two pulled up and stepped out of the car, Alastair's eyes narrowed. "You feel it too?" He questioned, turning to Rachael. "M-mm!" Rachael nodded her head. * Stepping into the worn-down mansion, Alastair slowly began to remove his eyepatch. "H-hold on...!" A voice cried out. Alastair quickly spun around, met by an older-looking woman. "O-oh, sorry, didn't mean to barge in; it's just..." "Can you save her?!" The woman cried desperately. "No one else has had any luck; some are plain frauds and-" Alastair placed a hand on the woman's shoulder. "We'll be glad to assist, lady, but it'll cost you," He said with a smirk. "A-anything...!" The woman agreed. "Oi, Rachael," Alastair called out. "Eh?" He said, noticing the girl was nowhere to be found. "J-just a second, miss...!" Alastair chuckled nervously. "Please be careful it's dangerous up there!" The woman
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"Jacob?" Alastair questioned. "Jacob was my butler," The girl began. "We were quite close, you see..." She continued, looking down steadily. "He was sort of like a big brother to me." She said, smiling sadly. "One day, he made a vow to protect me no matter what," "That is until..." Alastair impatiently looked down at his watch. "Tragedy befell us..." The girl whispered. "And that tragedy was...?" Alastair asked, followed by a yawn. "He was struck by lightning..." The girl sniffled, trying to hold back tears. "Eh?" Alastair was suddenly dumbfounded. "That's terrible!" Rachael cried out. "Alright, enough with these foolish antics," Alastair huffed. "If we're not going to take this seriously, I'll be on my way-" Rachael quickly grabbed him by the sleeve of his shirt. "Hah, what's gotten into you, Rachael...?" Alastair grumbled. "Look!" Rachael cried, pointing towards the window. "Hm?" Alastair looked down. As he looked out, he noticed lightning. "You feel that too, yes?
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Upon arriving back home after a silent car drive, Rachael headed straight to her room, Alastair headed to his office. "Time to cash this bad boy," he muttered, taking a seat at his desk. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Hm?" He cocked his head. "Rachael, it's open," Alastair called out without looking up. "Rachael, huh?" A man's voice called out. "Is that her name?" The voice asked as the door opened. "H-Honch...!" Alastair quickly jumped up in his chair. "What the heck are you doing here?" He questioned. "Aya told me all about your little situation," the man said. "I decided to come home early just to meet this special little girl," He smiled. "Not to come and check on your own daughter, hm...?" Alastair muttered. "I beg your pardon?" Honch asked. "It was nothing," Alastair sighed. "Anyways, try her bedroom, pretty sure she's in there moping away." "Oh, wh
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As they walked into the restaurant, Alastair surveyed the room. "Hm..." He frowned. "What's the matter?" Rachael questioned. "I-it's nothing..." Alastair mumbled. "I was wondering where you went off to!" A voice called out. Suddenly Alastair's face lit up. "R-RIKI...!" He cried out. Riki studied the girl beside him for a moment. "And this is...?" She asked. "O-oh, this?!" Alastair stammered, pointing at Rachael. "This is my..." "I'm his co-worker, Rachael." Rachael smiled. "Co-worker...?" Riki frowned. "Aren't you a bit too young t-" "Kids, they say the silliest things, huh?!" Alastair cried, quickly cutting her off. "I'm watching after her, at least for the time being!" He chuckled nervously. "Right..." Riki said. "Anyway, a pleasure to meet you, Rachael!" Riki beamed. She's so cute when she smiles like that...! Alastair thought to
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