Who are you

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Who are you

By: RedCEE CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Detective Kyle is stuck between work and love, a serial killer is on the loose and has the same face as his girlfriend, but he has to get to the root of it all.


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  • Latifat


    And interesting read. I love it. the Author did a good job.

    2022-11-06 00:54:37
  • RedCEE



    2022-09-14 16:34:05
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50 chapters
"are you even listening" Kyle asked. "Uhhh yeahh, of course" Cheryl muttered."You seem lost" he said tracing her eyes which landed on a girl sitting at the other end of the restaurant."Do you know her" he asked."Some bitch I ran into today" she said glaring at the girl."You look uneasy since you came" Kyle queried, "you suggested this dinner" he said."I'm fine" she muttered still glancing at her phone which made a beeping sound almost immediately."I'll take my leave first" she said and left before he could say anything."What's up with her" he muttered and rushed after her but couldn't find her as he stepped out."Yes I'm on my way" he heard behind him and turned to see the girl Cheryl was glaring at, leaving the restaurant."I'm really worried about her" he said and his phone rang."Where the hell are you" his superior yelled."There's been another murder on woods avenue" he said."I'm close by" Kyle said rushing out."We are on our way" the superior said and hung up.Sirens c
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Chapter 1
It was late at night as Laurel walked along the road playing with her little knife in her hand. She was dressed in black as usual but her face wasn't covered as she was just taking a stroll, when she heard ruffling in a corner. Moving closer she heard muffled screams that sounded feminine and she smiled and took the bend. Immediately she did that, she saw a guy trying to rape a young girl, while she cried for help."She does seem homeless" Laurel muttered to herself as the duo couldn't notice her through the darkness though she was not hidden."And to think she's rejecting, when I haven't had a fuck in two days" she scoffed walking towards them."I won't struggle" she said loud enough to gain their attention."Get lost" the guy growled."Wrong reply" she smirked and threw her knife which met with the guys rib and he screamed in pain, as he turned to run, she threw another that met with his thighs causing him to fall. Walking towards him, she bent over him and smiled,"We both could ha
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Chapter 2
"detective Kyle""Congrats man""Congrats""Wow" His colleagues kept greeting and congratulating him as he kept smiling."Rex doesn't seem so happy about the upgrade" detective Spencer, his closest friend, said."I don't feel good about it either" Kyle muttered, "I mean, the serial killer is a great adventure but Rex is a murderous experience" he said and Spencer laughed."But you guys should atleast....""There's nothing wrong with me, he just doesn't like me for obviously stupid reasons" Kyle scoffed."Still congrats man" Spencer said."Kyle, the general wants to see you" an officer said to him."There's no going back now, is there?" Kyle muttered and left."Sir" he greeted upon entrance to see Rex standing at a corner too."You both have a seat" the man said."Yes sir" they replied and sat down not after giving each other death glares."I don't want this to exceed a month, a month because we know how slimy she is, Kyle your good at what you do that's why I want you on the chase" t
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Chapter 3
"Dad" the twins yelled running down the stairs."Pumpkins" their dad smiled."Ewwww" their mum scoffed."Welcome home dad" Cheryl greeted."Guess what dad" cherish said excitedly."Greet first" Cheryl scoffed."I yelled dad, that's an acknowledgement" cherish rolled her eyes."What's up princess" their dad smiled."Let my husband freshen up first" Mrs Roberts stated."Husband?" Cheryl scoffed."You lost him 19 years ago" the twins said and giggled."We got our results" they said again."What" Mrs Roberts gasped, "we've been in the same building since morning, I didnt step out neither did you girls and you didn't bother telling me" she pouted."We just wanted you guys to hear it together" cherish smiled."Dad guess what" Mrs Roberts mimicked, "that doesn't sound like you wanted us to " she sighed and went into the kitchen and her husband laughed"You girls made me proud right" he said." You owe us a Sunday" they said together."But...""No buts...""Take permission" Cheryl said."Now
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Chapter 4
One could feel the tension at the station, caused by Laurel's actions, they were monitoring her every move, but sadly, fifty three souls had been lost over the past two months. It seemed like it got worse by the day ever since Kyle Newton was put on the case. The news of there serial killer had spread like wildfire and Los Angeles has lost its beauty, the nights are quiet and cold, the roads are lonely and the inhabitants are living in fear. "It's quite funny how you still move freely amongst them" Randy laughed."I'm the boss around here" Laurel giggled taking a sip from her glass."You quite young too" he said."You should have known that before picking me up for the job" she smiled, "besides I'm just 26" she smirked coming closer."It's not all about fuck" Randy smiled."Says the guy who has a boner" she scoffed but Randy grabbed her as she was about to sit."Finish what you started" he whispered. ************************************************** Kyle needed a break from the
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Chapter 5
"Spencer" Kyle yelled"What's up" Spencer replied walking over to him."Look at what I found" he said bringing out a small note from his bag."The masked lady?" Spencer asked."Yes.. look over here, she...""Kyle just let this slide" Spencer said and Kyle couldn't believe his ears."What did you say""I'm being concerned, you got injured thrice by her, these past months, what if it takes your life" Spencer said."That's why I'm a cop, we put our lives on a case, I'd rather die trying to save lives than sit like a coward and watch the lives of those I'm supposed to protect be wasted like it means nothing" he said."Rex is on the case" Spencer said."Why do you act like she's your girlfriend or sister? Are you working with her? Come to think of it, my question earlier" he said."What do you think of me" Spencer scoffed, "I don't know her" he said." Then listen to what I have to say" he said, "look at this, for the past three months I've been after her, her escape routes leads to two p
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Chapter 6
"Go Go Go Go" Rex yelled."Where the hell is Kyle" the general yelled."We don't need him" Rex smirked and drove off. They heard the news of another attack and they were rushing to the scene."Scatter and bring her, dead or alive" Rex commanded and they spread."This should better go as planned" Rex said but Laurel had already taken her escape.Taking the bend, she jumped into the vehicle and removed her mask, breathing hard as he drove to the penthouse. On reaching, Laurel suddenly felt the need to puke, she turned heading to a corner near the waterfall, but then she felt strange, like someone was watching her, she put on her mask taking out her knives, she took slow strides towards the corner she felt a person was hiding, then she heard the ruffling of leaves, confirming her thought but before she could turn, a leg kicked her knives away."I was right after all" Kyle smiled staring at her."Long time" she said."It's over" he replied."How about that fuck, no one's here" she smirked
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Chapter 7
A year later....Nothing had been the same for Cheryl since the demise of her twin sister, she was a complete shadow of herself, it seemed her soul had gone to be with her sister, she barely eats, talks or even showers, her room is always in a mess, most times she dreams of her sister, she kept blaming herself for her death, maybe if she hadn't asked about her dad, just maybe her sister would be right here by her side. Mrs Roberts had tried all she could to reach her only surviving child but the more she tried, the more Cheryl withdrew herself from not just her, her husband too. Mr. Roberts own his part felt guilty too, maybe if he had called earlier and told his wife that the meeting they were supposed to attend was cancelled she would still be alive.Certainly Kyle hasn't felt such satisfaction in a long time, it has been a year since the death of the serial killer and Los Angeles had returned to it's former glory, he couldn't be more proud of himself, he had taken other cases as we
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Chapter 8
"I'll see you around then" Kyle said to Cheryl as they stepped out of the restaurant."Sure, thanks for today" Cheryl smiled."Does that mean I can have your number" he asked and she chuckled."A cop hitting on me, cute" Cheryl laughed,"I do not have friends anyway so.. yeah" she said calling out her digits. They waved and parted ways with Cheryl walking to her mum's boutique and Kyle smiling sheepishly heading back to the station. She was close to the boutique when someone bumped into her, "hey watch it" Cheryl groaned, but the lady gasped, walking away, "weirdo" Cheryl scoffed continuing her journey.Meanwhile Laurel took another route back home, she felt restless after bumping into Cheryl. At Their New Apartment::"You won't believe what I found" Randy smiled walking in, "wait I thought you went out" he asked."Who has this face" Laurel asked smoking slowly."That's what I actually found out and you won't believe it" he smirked. "Cherish Roberts, a nineteen year old as of when sh
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Chapter 9
Kyle couldn't think straight at the moment, how he badly wants to believe his eyes are deceiving him, the shouts, the gatherings, the loud wailings only brought confusion to his soul and tears to his eyes. He saw her dead body, he was present at her burial, what went wrong? Could it be a reincarnation? Could it be a twin revenge? Or did he mess up things? He couldn't face the public, he couldn't even stare at his reflection in the mirror. He felt played, he felt ashamed of himself, she had just made a fool out him. The cries pierced his soul the more as he stared at the dead bodies.Early this morning, bodies of three high school teens were dumped in front of the station. They were brutally stab, worse than they had ever witnessed with their hearts ripped out. Their parents had rushed to report their missing children when they met the sight. People had already gathered when Kyle arrived, he pushed through the crowd and felt cold instantly. The officers managed to get Kyle because the
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