Chapter 27

"Nothing!" I said quickly

She narrowed her eyes and turned to Benjamin, "What happens in the bonding?"

His eyes quickly went to me and I growled. His eyes widened.

Elsa turned back to me, "Did you just growl at him?" She asked angrily.

"Nooo. Where'd you get that idea from?" I scoffed lying through my teeth. She snorted and turned back to Benjamin with expectant eyes.

"Well?" She pushed. 

He looked back at me, "Stop looking at him." She ordered.

His eyes snapped back to her. He looked at her with pleading eyes. He was going to tell her and I quickly went into the mind communication link. I warned him to not tell her. 

He replied via the mind communication link that she's gonna find out soon so why keep it from her? I warned him again for the second time and he said she's his Luna and he has to

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