Chapter 71

Elsa's POV

I doubled over in pain as the wolf guy punched me in the stomach. He punched me on the right side of my face, making me lose my balance, and I fell to the floor. Then, he started kicking me.

I took it all without making a sound. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of hearing me beg or cry and I was too exhausted to fight back.

I was emotionally exhausted and it was fucking with me because there was no use fighting back the wolf guy when there was nothing for me to fight for.

He repeatedly kicked me in my stomach. I heard the crack sounds before I felt my ribs breaking. I still didn’t scream. Beating me wasn’t going to kill me. My body was already healing.

He dragged me up by my hair, smiling viciously. I stared back coldly.

“Not even gonna ask for me to stop?” He smirked tauntingly.

The only reaction I gav

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