Chapter 72

“Beating me wasn’t going to kill me. I can’t die.” I told him flatly, maintaining eye contact the whole time.

“Yes, you can. They could’ve cut your head off or something.” He snarled.

“They can’t do that! I’m under the Royals’ protection.” I laughed.

“Oh…” He trailed off.

I nodded, “Yeah.”

We turned onto the street that the house was on and I didn’t want to go in there. Call me a coward but I did not want to see Derrick yet. He might've rejected me but even after everything, I still actually loved him.

Yes. I'm actually not ashamed to say it. I loved Derrick, wholeheartedly. And even if he had betrayed me, that didn't stop me from loving him. But at that point, I didn't even want to see or hear him.

We walked up the driveway and I saw the door wide open. I confusedly looked around and I saw Ben on the floor with blood on his

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