Chapter 10 (part 2)

Clocking his time to ten minutes tops, he sent all files to the Tablet and created the worst paint pencil tool instructional chart of what he thought was the problem in the “new” Ultima-type. Assessing what he wrote one more time, his “masterpiece” to express his nagging point felt delivered, so he saved the file with the intent to send it thru the chat.

He started to type again in a slow manner.

MainMan: Hey, hear me out. This thing is shitting wwith me.

TL312: what?

Main Man: I’m going to send back a fiel. Check and see if you get it...get?

TL312: ...

TL312: Get?

TL312: Right, I’ll just read this, man. If this is one of hose meme’s prank again, i swear.

TL312: ...

TL312: Fuck. I’m sending this to Boss.

Main Man: Thanks! Tops?

TL312: Left the chat.

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