Chapter 10 (part 7)

“Yeah! Holy, how are you—where are you both?” Aurea said, looking around at the darkness of the parking lot, illuminated only by the moon above. “Hon’, oh lord. My panic hit so high. Everything is all high. I cannot even think clear like that good mother pie my grandma always baked. Still, your voice is god-send to know another life survived is such a pull.”

“There’s nothing good to hear but other people more, now, than I think I’d be happy about.” Answered Betts, her voice lilted high as she ended her words. “Where are you now? Are you all safe?”

“Girl. We're still in the vicinity of the hospital.” Aurea looked back at the group she was with. “How about you? Are you really with Bert?”

Aurea heard a shuffling before Betts voice of “Yeah.”

“He’s...well, he’s not here right now. But, we’ve been spending time here in the hospita

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