Rangers of The Galaxy

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Rangers of The Galaxy

By: Izzy Bee Mak CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Divine beings of another world engage in a deadly battle; destroying one another, but their immense power resulted in a ground shaking, barrier shattering and time traveling god-wave which traveled across the Multiverse; impacting lives; including some victims in 2012, Earth. The god-wave granted powers to a few and they are brought together by a goddess in a human body. With one goal, they joined hands to fight off Universal threats; they sure grow in power facing off against stronger beings; even gods and monarch aliens. It is the journey of The Rangers of the Galaxy

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The Great Fall
(UNIVERSE 1)(IC 1101 GALAXY)The largest galaxy in the Universe; has no alternate versions in other universes, but exists in all the other universes, connected to all the universes. So, one would say, it is the largest Galaxy in the Multiverse. This galaxy is more like a pathway to all other universes, and can be used for dimensional travels as well. It is only one, but can be seen in all other universes. Everything in this galaxy were of bigger sizes than the ones we’ve seen/are in other galaxies. And this galaxy is home to many celestial beings and races; even gods as well. This galaxy serves as a point that holds the other universes together. It’s so large, that the Milky Way Galaxy of ours is like nothing to it.(PLANET GONALIS)In a palace like construction; with beautiful and mighty walls; so large that it contained many humane figures, but these beings were at least 7ft tall, but younger ones would be below that. This palace was crowded, as the crowd seen here were murmuring
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Rise For Terror
(2021 – PRESENT DAY)(WASHINGTON DC)In an empty facility; one so large that it should be filled with workers at the moment; but no, no one was there, and there were only few engineering tools here. The entrance door slides open to the side, while a man walked in; clad in blue overall suit, white shirt beneath, and red knotted tie around his neck, making him look like a President. He was just sliding in an ID Card into his pocket as he came in, and the door was automatically closed.He must have opened the door with this ID Card. He was putting on a Rolex wristwatch, and a shiny golden ring in the ring finger of his left hand. He walked on as his shoe made a sound at each step he took. From his appearance, he looked like a man in his 40s, and he was fair in complexion. This man continued walking in this large spacious room until he arrived at a door which chimes open on its will. He walked in. This place had metallic walls, and glasses filled this room.He still continued walking, t
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Birth of Heroes
(LONDON, ENGLAND)A skyscraper was in view, but below, there were other wide constructions; people patrolled almost everywhere. And in the premises of this company, a black car stopped, and suited guards rushed towards the car to open the door from the exterior part of the car.A man stepped out first, he was putting on a blue cold weather top; long sleeved, and black jean trouser; he had grey hair growing already, but black still dominated.His name; Mr. Daniel Gates.He’s the head of the company, which was named; House of Gates.A weird and dumb name, right?Then a lady also alighted from the car, her brown hair danced to the rhythm of the wind. She was putting on a black gown, and she was also on black high heel shoes; an expensive black smart watch on her left wrist, black earrings hanging onto her ears. She was also putting on a black but shiny ring on the ring finger of her right hand. She was a beauty to behold; her look was just too perfect; attractive and tempting lips, gorge
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Brace Yourselves; Time For Battle
(OUTSIDE EARTH)Sophie was in space, outside earth; and her whole body was radiating light; even her face, and hair. She was staring at the Planet Earth, when she heard a voice behind her, “goddess of the star”, a male voice spoke from behindShe turned immediately to see a person before her; he was mid-air; putting on a black suit, and black trousers as well; he had black hair, and was also putting on a spectacle. It was Photo Power.She smirked and spoke, “Bastard son of a god… I feel the blood in you. Son of that copycat who betrayed his people… I suppose you're no different from your father” “I see you know my father well enough than I do”, Photo Power replies, “then you must know that I have a connection to the white ring; and I will get it in order to attain full godhood” “You’ll never get it, bastard… I’ll stop you before you even get the chance to”, she was quite confident. “Hope you’re not forgetting something…”, Photo Power says, “… I can easily
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Bigger Team
(WASHINGTON DC)(THE UNDERGROUND FACILITY)Everyone here was busy with one thing or the other, and Mr. Thomas Pearce was walking alongside three other doctors, heading towards the room where Sophie was once confined with the others; the ‘Psycho Project’ room; as written above the door.They went in and saw the force field which covered the seven had been shut down, and they were now free, but not yet awake.They were surprised by this, and one of the doctors quickly rushed to one of them; about to switch on the force field, but the occupant of that bed suddenly grabbed his arm; holding his wrist tightly.The others moved back in fear, while the one on the bed suddenly snapped the doctor’s wrist; he yelled in pain, as he also bled at the same time.This guy stood up, and as the doctors were about to leave with Mr. Thomas, a lady stood up and stretched her right hand towards the door, making it hard and heavy that they couldn’t open it.The lady walked towards the guy and kissed him; bo
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Rangers; First Journey
(LONDON)Mr. Gates, Felicia, Sophie, Dr. Trisha, Mr. Stewart, Robin, Mr. Allen, and Stanley were present together and Stewart was currently speaking, “looks like I found their locations…they’re still there in Washington… in different locations” “Great… we’re going there?”, Sophie repliesFelicia smirks, “go ahead… when it's time for the real deal, tell me” “and this is taking too long .. or I'll have to find them myself. Nebula…”, Sophie grits before she continued, “I'll have to face them again …”Robin sighs and replied, “we’ll get this done together” “And while you're at that… we should prepare for the take off too”, Dr. Trisha saidSophie looked at her for few seconds and spoke, “yes… we prepare. I'll get the there”, “and I'm coming with”, Stanley said as he came in..************* .(WASHINGTON)Daniella Tucker; the blonde lady amongst the three who escaped from the underground laboratory was walking alone in the evening. Hiding her face as she wa
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Teamwork makes a team
(PLANET MEIK)Their space craft had been landed, and some of the alien crafts were down too; the heroes were pulled down.The door of their space ship opened up; and all of them walked out of it before the door was closed again. They saw aliens; armies. They were blue in color and even had armor and weapons. Their leader who showed up then was huge and also blue skinned; his armor was heavy and he had a spear in his right hand; but he wasn't actually the leader. He was just a commander.Their real King was approaching and the soldiers began to bow till he arrived at the front. The commander bows too.The King didn't look like a fighter; he was young; blue as well. Some of the soldiers forced the heroes on their knees before moving back to their former positions. “Welcome to MEIK… but you moved on the wrong path”, he said Sophie smirks and replied, “you don't know who we are… but if you'd like to know …” “The fate of everyone of you lies in the hands of one of y
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Phantom Knight versus Adaptoid
(UNIDENTIFIED PLANET)The sky was yellow; the soil red like clay, but soft like sandy soil. Phantom Knight was on a chair in the same place Photo Power had come to; he was holding his sword as always, and bending his head.Approaching footsteps could be heard as someone was coming; Phantom Knight raised his head slowly to see who it was, “Well Well Well… if this isn’t Phantom Knight”, the person said; having a female voice “And you are?”, Phantom Knight asked “I'm a big fan… really big fan of your great feats… but I'm not here for what everyone has always wanted” “why are you here?”, Phantom Knight asked “We both know it’s almost impossible; no… impossible to take that sword, but I can make you lose it, by… clearing your records; destroying your feats and pride” Phantom Knight smirks, “leave… or you'll be one of the heads” “And yes… You can call me… Adaptoid”, she said with a wicked smile across her face.Adaptoid has come for a very big thing; an
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(IC 1101 GALAXY)(PLANET GONALIS)Finally, the heroes have arrived in their space ship, and even before landing, Star had stepped out; showing herself while leading the space craft to land softly.It was a very beautiful and well nourished planet; there were men and women walking to and fro. Men and women? No, gods and goddesses actually. But there were some kinda guards in different spots; some of them were silver armored, some golden, as some were black.Their intrusion at the Palace; though still outside, had drawn so much attention already. The whole team stepped out while Sophie was ahead. The others were; STANLEY, ROBIN, Mr. SHERMAN STEWART, FELICIA GATES, TOM HILL, NAOMI GREEN, and DANIELLA TUCKER.They stared at the Rangers in surprise; especially Sophie.Guards had now blocked their way, and from the palace, a man was coming. Clad in white robe, he smirks on seeing Sophie and said, “in the body of a mere mortal… Star” “but what is she doing here with these one”, a
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Captain Solar versus Extirpator
Captain Solar pulled out the yellow ring and closed his eyes; ready to put it on, and slowly he slid his finger in and as he opened his eyes, they shone too bright, his whole body became light; golden shiny skin as well as his ears. Even there was no sign of putting on the ring at that moment.He hurled towards Extirpator and smacked him on his shoulders. This broke the shoulder blades of Extirpator as his arms went down. Captain Solar kicks Extirpator on the chest; his chest pressing in like his bones had broken.Then drives a speed punch to his jaw, causing the face of the monster to be reshaped.Extirpator was now on the ground; quivering, but his broken bones were being reformed. “Stay Dead!” Captain Solar yelledHe levitates and stretched his right hand towards the monster and hundreds of solar balls appeared mid air, then slowly they all rushed into one of them as it increased in size, “Solar Nuke Destructo!”, Captain Solar yelled and sun-like ball descended up
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