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Genius Professor doing something creepy, wait until this story will be release. Maybe you all will love this story, thank you

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The Best Attitude To Act In A Situation Like This
"How's his condition?" Zeigar asked his colleague who was currently examining the condition of a young man.After being touched on the neck and then checking the pulse at the wrist, Leyana turned with a shaking head.The signs were clear that death was a common occurrence."Oh, I see!" Zeigar uttered with a sad tone. In front of him, it wasn't just the young man who had died, but there were also others who had experienced similar fates.The sea of lifeless bodies was clearly visible before his eyes. Not long after, a car arrived, and they were members of G4 led by Zeigar.The two people driving the car immediately approached Zeigar."Leader, we want to report, that we found another 12 people dead..." said a man named Noum with a mournful tone accompanied by a gaze towards the ground."Yes, bring them all out, and line them up with the other victims..."At this command, all the G4 members worked to take out the bodies. They found a fact that many of these bodies were in bad condition.
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It is impossible for a bad incident to be left alone
"Leader, aren't we supposed to protect the southern district?" Leyana asked, furrowing her brows.Indeed, they were a division tasked with security, and it was their duty to protect the city from various threats."But, do you forget who we are?"Leyana was shocked by this statement, her expression faltering with pursed lips. "We are G4, tasked with securing against all anomalies," she replied weakly."That's right, we are the ones who must carry out the duty of eliminating all threats!"However, despite all the explanations, Leyana's face remained uneasy. She continued to bow her head, wearied. Her head felt reluctant to lift, slowly feeling a gentle touch.Her pupils widened suddenly, her eyes showing surprise at what was happening, then she raised her head."Eh..."It was Zeigar's hand, already friendly, reaching out to touch her head."You stay here with the others; I entrust the task of protecting this city to you! If I don't return, I hope you'll become the leader of this divisio
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Conditions Where You Have to Accept THIS Very Bad Situation
They never thought that there would be a monster so fast to approach the combat vehicle; this creature forced itself through the carriage which was about to be opened.The sudden shock triggered the alarm system loudly; the members inside were shaken and stumbled."Damn..." Zeigar swiftly pulled out his rifle.Bang...And without further ado, he released a barrage of shots that slammed the monster's body to the ground. It seemed to be sprawled out after being hit.Now, one carriage door was already open, revealing a group of monsters with different forms."Why are they working together? Aren't they creatures of different species?" Nelia asked, her eyes widened in astonishment.Cases like this were rare, even for Zeigar, who had long served as security personnel, rarely encountered such a situation. But, that didn't mean it was impossible."Everyone, prepare your weapons! We'll soon take down these creatures; they're the ones responsible for the suffering of the southern district and h
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This Problem Looks Difficult To Distinguish Easily
This situation truly challenges Zeigar and his comrades; they must quickly resolve this problem.However, it's not as easy as that. Indeed, Dohn has started moving towards their location, but it still takes time. On the other side, the monster is already hastening its steps, leaving them with no time left."True..." An idea flashed in Zeigar's mind; immediately, he checked the condition of each member. It appeared that Rega was in a difficult situation, surrounded by monsters."Rega..." Zeigar shouted, making Rega turn his head in surprise."Uh...""Use Flare to blind all the monsters here temporarily.""But..." A situation like this wouldn't be easy to handle, especially for a beginner like him. Even moving his hands were trembling, and here he was instructed to use Flare.Flare is a special ability of the device owned by Rega. When used, it emits a bright light that can blind eyes for a while. Moreover, this effect can also affect those around them."We're out of time. If we don't a
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A Life Or Death Struggle For Those Responsible
The increase in strength had already occurred, with high speed attacks toward the monsters. The condition that made those monsters confused gave an advantage to Zeigar.Crash..."Tsk...." But, even though there was an increase in strength, it didn't mean it would give a weakness against the monsters.For example, the gorilla monster, the monster's body defense was considered very strong to the point that it was not easy to injure. Zeigar's sword pierced, and it was difficult to pull it back.Dash...And, this immediately made Zeigar's body a soft target, he rolled several meters, but still managed to get up. Damage to his equipment occurred.Thirty percent of his equipment was damaged, but it was still good enough to use.Tap! Tap...His eyes looked towards the source of the sound, it turned out to be the monster he had seen earlier. It seemed the creature didn't stop, instead, it moved to chase the combat vehicle that was driving.Deliberately, Dohn slowed down this vehicle, he knew
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A Horror Of This Reckless Action
Zom wondered in his mind if he had done something wrong for Rega to stare at him so seriously like this."What?" Zom asked boldly."Can you shoot this?"Zom looked at the round object in Rega's hand, and it turned out to be a Flare Ball that would emit bright light when used.Quickly, Zom grabbed the ball, realizing that was the remaining chance."Alright, I'll do it." After saying this, he inserted the ball into the muzzle of the rifle, which seemed fitting for it.This was not a bullet or ammunition that could be launched right away. If the desired speed was to be achieved, it wouldn't be able to inflict damage.Dohn glanced back to assess the situation, seeing that Zom had already aimed the rifle upwards."What is he going to do?"Dash...Rumbling occurred again, the monster's hand was becoming more visible, and even its head could now enter, soon destroying the carriage.Bangs...Zom patiently waited for the right moment, then he saw the face of the monster about to peek into the
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A Difficult Journey To Get An Explanation
The security system had detected a signal, and after checked, it was identified as a G4 vehicle engaged in pursuit."We request permission to re-enter the city environment!" Dohn exclaimed to the security monitor.The security monitor members were immediately confused. They noticed the combat vehicle seemed to have suffered damage, with dents on the top.Arriving in the city area, they headed straight to the G4 headquarters. On the city streets, some people took notice of the vehicle, even able to see the gloomy faces of its passengers.Upon reaching the headquarters, some other members were already awaiting their arrival. They were greeted by Lara and Leyana.All the members got out of the vehicle, but they didn't seem enthusiastic. Some realized the members present were incomplete."Where's Leader Zeigar?" Leyana asked, her tone filled with hope.They couldn't provide the answer she hoped for; their eyes remained downcast.Leyana's face turned pale instantly. Without being told, she
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The Place to Find Justice Has Gone
"So that's how it is!" Hinz snorted firmly after Lara explained everything that had happened. But, with determination, he looked towards the four G4 members who were present.They all seemed subdued, merely lowering their faces with expressions full of regret."Commander, allow us to send some members to save Leader Zeigar..." Lara immediately requested this, her tone firm as she spoke."Hmmm..." Hinz snorted, observing the seriousness of this woman. Then he said, "I refuse..."All pulses suddenly surged, no one expected Hinz to easily say such a thing, especially since Zeigar was known to always obey the commander's orders."But why can't we conduct a search?" Lara asked, her tone rising."It's pointless, Zeigar is likely already dead, he wouldn't survive in an environment filled with monsters! It's useless for you to search for him, it would only waste time and energy, not to mention the losses that would be incurred! I heard the combat vehicle that should support the safety of ever
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Determination to Resolve Problems That Are Still Unresolved
Inside the room, Anne entered with a tablet in her hand. She immediately handed it to Hinz, who was sitting while checking the database."Commander, I've received a report that Force has eliminated the monsters attacking the northern defense territory...""Good..." He took the tablet and showed how the report was loaded with several writings and accompanied by a video.He played the video and then showed Leyana's fighting skills. The woman's abilities were difficult to predict, able to move very quickly and bring death to the monsters.As many as 300 monsters were successfully eliminated, which was hard to believe. Certainly, for normal people, eliminating creatures like raptors would be impossible, but Leyana and the Force members proved otherwise.They were able to do this, supported by advanced equipment providing the best opportunities. But, this did not make Leyana happy at all.She had been the most brutal in eliminating the monsters.Leyana didn't like to talk about anything, e
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It's useless to oppose this incident
This man is known as Stanley, and he kindly provides food in the form of meat and vegetables. But the man in front of him prefers meat, he doesn't even like plants. He eagerly eats the meat, no wonder the man needs nutrition, after not waking up for 6 long years, Stanley almost lost hope the man would ever be saved.A truly unexpected miracle, even though he has been asleep for quite a long, the man is still healthy as if he just woke up."You indeed have such a big appetite..." Stanley said.Once finished eating, the man raised his head, looking puzzled at Stanley's words."Am I not supposed to eat this kind of food?" he asked innocently."No, you're not wrong, you do need a lot of nutrients right now, your condition is not very good! However, you still have to endure the problems that arise...""I see..."Stanley stood up, then he went to the door. "I'll go first, you stay here! While I'm gone, don't do anything, stay calm, and later I will tell you something..."Left alone in this
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