Chapter 13 (part 4)

He used them like pokers, stabbing upward while his hind legs and other hand stayed his ground. The upward stab hit the creature where a chin should be, ten centimeters to the left of its collar bone and throat. Hoof deeply embedded, Trust made sure the force of his stab had the same intent of budging the other creature back. The same way the other has been slowly doing so, backing away as it punched and clawed with its force.

Failing to make the creature retreat a great distance from where Betts is. The creature moved to unhook the shallow impalement of the hoof-like hand with difficulty and tried for another bite attack. This time, Trust prepared a counter by expertly using a headbutt.

It proved a worse attack than his stab that it moved farther. Once it moved far, with a swish of Trust’s head, a select crows dove at the stab wound of the monster. The distraction brought distress that it gave enough time for Trust to use his tail and swipe it hard against its t

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