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If one day you've got superpowers, what would you do? Showing prowess and dominating the world? Do as you wish, get whatever you need, becoming popular and wealthy? Enjoying the lap of luxury and having a lot of beautiful women? It could be said that I Was lucky. I and my two classmates got superpowers by accident. Of course, I was delighted. I knew I could do as powerful things and dominate the whole neighbourhood. And even the whole city. But it's that what a superhuman should do? I learnt something very important concerning being a superhuman. It changed my mindset.

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Chapter 1 : Incompetent Student.
"According to my explanation, how can you describe Hypotonic extruding effect?"Miss Cath said as she turned around and stared at the students.Immediately silence invaded the classroom. Miss Cath's face stiffened. She had explained the hint just now but no one was still able to answer the question. "Hey, people! This is just a simple question. Moreover, I've explained the hint just now. You still can't answer? Raymond!"Said Miss Cathy in displeasure.A tall and a bit thin young man stood up while smiling wryly. He was Raymond, the most outstanding student in the class and even the entire grade 12."I can try.'s when specific particles of a solid object are pulled by an external force. These particles are generally of the same or similar trope. These particles are attracted and merged before being pulled out. However, they can not be pulled out completely and turn into individual objects"Raymond explained elegantly making Miss Cathy continuously and pleasantly nod in agre
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Chapter 2 : Strange Light.
In this world money rules. It's different from worlds in fantasy novels where the strong rule the weak.I run several online businesses including forex trading, graphic designing, visual effects and CGI artistic and many more but on small scales.Davis was a hustler and a trader who buys and sell second hands items, especially electronics and sneakers."Quiet!"The teacher shouted causing everyone to stop talking."You two. Stand up. What are your names?"We stood up seemingly embarrassed. This teacher was going too far. She wanted to make fun of us. I felt a strong urge to curse in other words I curse in my mind."I'm Ethan""I'm Davis"We replied with our gazes fixed on the floor in annoyance. My girlfriend was also in this class! This was so embarrassing."It seems like you don't have surnames. Humph!"She exclaimed as she mocked us.The class burst into a laugh. Our cheeks were burning in embarrassment."I'm Davis Clifford""Ethan Jordan"We frantically said while smiling wryly."
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Chapter 3 : Arrogant Teacher.
Immediately a myriad of students rushed into the classroom. Most of them stood in the doorway blocking it completely.Raymond, I, and Frederick who were covered by the light a moment ago appeared as if we were frozen.I couldn't move any part of my body including my eyes. I felt an intense sense of shock in my body.Our poses indicated our last moves before this happened.Raymond was staring at the notebook in his hands. His mouth was wide open indicating that he was speaking the moment the light appeared.Fredrick had his fist clenched and aimed toward the desk. That's what he was doing before the light appeared. There were no objections. I was staring at the whiteboard. I had a faint smile on his face.Before the light, I was thinking of myself deliberately writing some immoral words on the board. This was a bit funny to me, that was why I was smiling. We were like statues.When the students saw this, they felt shivers run down their spines. Their eyes were wide open in shock.The
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Chapter 4 : Invisible Creature.
"Sir, we don't know. We've already tried it many times as a class but we failed and we need your help."A young man known as Declan said solemnly and firmly."Alright, I get it. What I will do is errr.. let's use another method. When solving maths you try different methods and the answer will be the same. What I'm going to do is... I'll first get rid of outer blankets by errr..."Then he fixedly stared at the math problem without blinking and didn't say anything again.Everyone could tell that he found it extremely difficult too. For 10 minutes he kept staring at the problem on the chalkboard and then at the book in his hands. The class became deadly silent.Cold sweat layers trickled down his face."Errr. I think I can try it"Gentle voice spread throughout the classroom and the teacher frantically turned around and stared at the one who spoke. It was Raymond."Oh..yeah just explain it"Afterward, Ray explained how to solve the math impressively. All the other maths were as difficult
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Chapter 5 : Perceiving The Truth.
I got superpowers!I could do things by just deeply thinking about them and then agreeing with my mind. At that moment, my spirit would leave my body and do what I wanted while my body become unconscious.I, in form of a spirit, could move from my body to anywhere but no one could see me because a spirit can not be seen.But what so-called I in form of a spirit was distinct from normal spirits. I could do what a normal spirit could not afford. For example, I could touch and carry physical things.I controlled everything including movements by my mind just as a normal person can do.'These superpowers obviously had something to do with the strange sparkling light that appeared a moment ago.'I thought.However, all these students couldn't understand this. I was the only shrewd person. I always thought I was more intelligent and wiser than Raymond.The difference was that he was intelligent in science subjects while I was good in natural philosophy and psychology.Of course, no one woul
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Chapter 6 : Young Thugs.
This day, the laneway was so hushed. An unpleasant smell from dumb bins along the laneway invaded my nostrils. However, I had stayed in extremely shabby downtowns before and I was used to those smells.The walls were covered with different kinds of beautiful graffiti. I liked the art, it gave the impression that you're in another colorful world.All of the sudden, 4 skaters approached and surrounded me out of nowhere.They all wore black leather jackets. At the back of the jackets was a skull drawing. Below the skull, the word 'MENUS' was written in an elegant and clear font.Two of them wore black bandanas as masks on their mouths. The other two wore red bandanas around their heads.Two boys stood on my left and right side, one stood at my back and the other one stood in my front. They completely blocked my way.However, I expected them. The laneway illegally belonged to a gang called 'Menus' in which these boys were members.I initially avoided this way to prevent bumping into thes
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Chapter 7 : Teaching Young Thugs a Lesson.
A hard kick sent the boy to the ground. By this time, the boy whom I tripped over his foot had already gotten up and was approaching me with a skateboard in his hands.He swung a skateboard towards me. Two fists landed on it, one after another. I felt pain in my fist even when I(s) punched while in form of spirit. But when I(s) returned to my body the pain vanished and it was when I sent another punch in form of the body.Departing and returning to my body was happening in less than a second. Moreover, to return or depart, I didn't have to walk from or to my body. Where I need to reach I would reach it immediately. When I want to return I would just agree with my mind and I would be in my body immediately.It was like teleporting from and to my body.For example, if I stood somewhere and wanted to sit on a chair that was 20 feet away, the moment I agreed to do it with my mind, I would instantly find myself(s) sitting on the chair. Thus, none of the boys noticed that something was ami
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Chapter 8 : Flicking My Wrist.
Realizing this, I didn't hesitate, I darted along the main street.I was unwilling to spend some time at the police station. There was no way I could prevent myself from getting arrested except to escape."Stop! I'm gonna shoot your f*cking back! Stop!"I heard these words coming from behind me but I didn't even look back. I continued running until I disappeared by turning into another laneway.Only then did I realize that I had surpassed my home."So it means I have run a distance of over 300 feet in such a short period?"Most blocks were 315 feet long. Since I reached another small street, It meant I had surpassed a block where my home was situated.****After successfully avoiding the cops, I returned to my apartment. I lived with my uncle but he was at work at the moment. The time was around 1 pm.I went straight to my room and threw my rucksack onto the bed. Then I went to the washroom and took a quick shower.With a towel, I was drying my curly black hair. I walked past a mirror
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Chapter 9 : Invisible Creature again.
Three figures pulled out. They were 2 bearded men and a slender-figured woman. But other people remained in the cars.They were all African-Americans too. The woman wore exquisite short white dress and black jacket. She looked gorgeous. Everyone could tell from her appearance that she was prestigious and wealthy.The two men both wore tight black shirt that exposed their muscular and intimidating bodies. They looked extremely domineering and imposing. The three walked over. "Indeed this place is awesome! The laneway is a bit wider and could be used as a workshop."Said the woman nonchalantly. "That's right. We can just purchase some rooms that surrounded the laneway and renovate them if we wanna increase it's size"The muscular tall man said with a great sense of joy. Then he walked toward us and said."Kids, find another place to play and never come back to this place! Do you hear me!?"All of us had displeased looks on our faces. Especially the others because the laneway had b
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Chapter 10 : Arrogant Superhuman.
Lik could tell that I wasn't afraid of him at all. But why an ordinary kid behaved so arrogant, intimidating and domineering?Seeing me approaching him fearlessly, his heart began pounding rapidly. He instinctively took some steps backward. When he realized his instinct move he became furious and annoyed."You!"He snarled at me.The atmosphere became tense and cold."Now, I'm gonna show you that what I talk is not crap and I have qualifications to say so."I continued walking toward him.Sensing danger, Lik took out a small dagger and said while snorting."Punk! Don't come closer"Nonetheless, he was retreating but this time it was no longer an instinct reaction.Heather quickly rushed and stood between us blocking Lik."Everyone calm down. No need to fight useless and meaningless battles."Heather said trying to stop us from fighting. "GET LOST!"I barked through gritted teeth. I had superpowers, how could I let an ordinary person insult me? Lik had to be taught that I was someone
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