Chapter 14 (part 3)

How can they not focus on human life survival more than the equipment? They have time in the future if they’ve settled their chances of survival because right now is nothing more than a challenge to be won.

“Captain! Primer disengaged. We managed to kill some, but there were escapees. The chances they come back is likely, sir.” Said one of the four outside. His orange-tipped hair peeked under the helmet he wore.

“Good job, Tark.” Captain Fairmont then looked at the medics with the two infected. “Libi, Pyko. How are the infected?”

Libi, a stocky female merc, was gagging one soldier while Pyko, a lean medic, checked the one she successfully tied down.

Pyko looked up. His brows sweat-laden. “Still no signs of recovering. Keli has calmed down, and Libi is still busy with Jench. Out med-shots won’t last for three more hours, sir.”

“Libi, get that ass moving.” Captain doubled onto Li

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