Chapter 14 (part 2)

“Is the tonic we made gone? That fast?” Said Akyl, raising her head. Speedy enough to make her feel dizzy.

“Yes, and no, he needs a different medication. Shivers have now turned to seizures, but only to select parts of his body.”

Looking at Dr. Munar, Akyls brows quirked, then frowned. “Eye movement?”

“Steady. Not even normal to have it steady and clouded.” He then whispered. “This is beyond my pay grade, mental and emotional.”

Standing to look at the items from front to the counter, “all of the items are cosmetic by nature. Wrinkle removers? Sleep inducer? Potency...what?” Akyl turned her head. “The next best we can do is open the boxes in the storage and see if any of the items there could help with Beers.”

Attempting to estimate the likeliness of anything beyond impractical organic substances proved lengthy. It was better to assume that there’s a chance of

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