Chapter 19 (part 1)

Chapter 19

“Morning ‘hun?” Said a sweet, husky voice from the other end of the video call.

The screen, at this moment, is hidden under the pillow, but someone can see the bottom end of the phone that indicates the call status and other details. Partly lighting the dark bedroom gave an eerie sense that there is more to the conversation, yet all it is in its core is a sad call to a spouse missing their other half.

A long pause passed before the call echoed with the sound of movements before the man spoke again. "... that's new, it's still early in the morning, and you're looking for me?"

Shuffling sounds from the bed, and a hum of the air-conditioning, filled the room before a tired voice whispered to the speaker. "I didn't sleep again."

"Martes?" Said the man. His voice was deep and stipped in worry.

Prof. Tenorio stirred and pulled himself out of h

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