The Chosen Heroes

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The Chosen Heroes

By: Fransisca Room OngoingSci-Fi

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Due to the world condition which was full of war, disaster, and terror, the leader of Nemonade planet decided to save the world by sending their sons to the world. However, their sons' powers were not strong enough to tame the danger in the world. At the same moment, the general realized that there were some Nemozens who might have the special abilities as their sons. Then, the k held a competition for them. While the competition was being started, the unqualified participants were falling apart. In the end, there were about three participants who amazed and stole the leader's and judges' attention because of their special superpower. As they arrived on Earth, they need to fight and handle some obstacles that came around, including the aliens and their robotics inventions. It was really difficult, but it was also challenging for them to save the world and the citizens. Would they be able to save the world from war and terror? Just read this story! You will totally enjoy it!

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    Nice book. You can do more than this.

    2023-12-24 04:51:34
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Chapter 1: Introduction
The year of 2500 might sound futuristic and fascinating. Most people imagine that it might be dominated by robots and automatic machines. In sum, the large amount of technologies were used in the 26th century. It must have been very practical for every human being. However, the world condition in that year was really dangerous. Many wars and troubles occurred in most developing countries. Each day, the sky was greeted by airforce and nuclear sounds. Many citizens were the victims, and half of them were died. The troubles and wars were caused by the aliens who pretended to be human beings. A few of them took a role as the leader of the countries in order to form a union. The union was supposed to rule the world. Through the union, they would control what human beings did every single day. They really wanted to make the entire human beings follow their rules. Once it was done, they would banish them completely. In contrast with the world's terrible condition, there was a different pl
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Chapter 2: Truth Revealed
About two days forward, the king and other castle members had finalized the proposal. They also created the announcement brochures to be distributed. It sounded busy and really demanding for the ordinary people. Yet, it was done for choosing the additional member for the emergency team. Once, the brochures were finished, it was given to the nemozens through the public places' authorities, such as, shopkeepers, store owners, office assistants, receptionists, and even maids in the certain luxury houses. The brochures were also spread out to the village. Kian wondered if there were villagers wanted to join the competition. It would be very scarce to see when some of the gifted villagers came out as the winners and helped to save the world. When the announcement brochures were distributed equally, most nemozens were surprised and excited. Even, some of them would like to join and hope to be choosen. Their reactions were various and quite enthusiastic. "So, this misson aim to protect an
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Chapter 3: The First Challenge
With the heartbeats that raced faster than the light energy, they murmured each other. "How should we explain this?" Blaze whispered to the brothers. "Well, let's call it a coincidence?" Sirius suggested. He had no idea that he and the brothers would be acknowledged by his father about peeking up the conversation. Zen, who was a little bit afraid of Kian, said, "Ehm, we unaccidentally heard it, Dad. Sorry."By holding on his anger, Kian smiled and said, "Well, there is no need to sorry. I will explain it to you, when the competition for tomorrow has finished.""Explain about the conversation?" Blaze wondered about what his dad meant. "All of the things, related to you and your brothers." Kian stated with assurance in his glance. "I think we can have the night sleeping now," uttered Cassian while yawning. Sirius staring at Cassian teased, "Yes, you want it because you had been sleepy, Cass Bro?""Whatever you say, I suggest that we all should have the night sleep. Our investigatio
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Chapter 4: Kian's Explanation
In contrast to Chyper's condition, Storm found some difficulties when he tried to attack or protect the planets. When he constructed the storm blocks into tower forms, it would be destroyed and avoided easily by the lizard alien. Because of it, he was a little bit worried if he destroyed nothing for the first challenge. However, in the middle of his fight, another candidate whose name was Ryker threw the stake of gold coins to the lizard aliens. "You need another strategy. I already helped you a bit," said Ryker, the money superpower owner. "Thanks! I will try!" Storm shouted as he waved his left hand for greeting. He then remembered when he handled the storm with silver sword from the palm of his hands. With the optimistic in his head, he united his hands and pulled it slowly. Through that movement, the appearance of silver light and sword-like formed."Again with another sword man?" Lizard alien surprised from the back. He prepared to attack Storm's neck with poisonous injection.
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Chapter 5: The Second Challenge
About an hour forward, the second challenge was started. The eight candidates were divided into two teams, Bright and Brave. Storm with the storm holder power belonged to Bright team since his power contained light, similar to his teammates which consisted of Mace, Xander, and Tristan. "CLINGG.." The bell was rung by the judge, it was the sign that each team should prepare themselves for the first stage. Suddenly, there were meteor rain, appeared in the sky. It looked beautiful and mesmerizing. Ryker who was one of Brave team member underestimated the phenomena. He smiled nonsensely and said, "This is the easiest stage I think. I believe that Brave team is the winner of the first one."His team member whose name was Silas unaccidentally heard the saying. He then replied, "Why do you think so, Ryk? Who knows that this is just a start?""Look at the meteor rain, Silas. It is just like a piece of cake for us to handle. I am sure, we will win the stage," stated Ryker with optimistic gl
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Chapter 6: Power Balance
About few hours forward, the MC started to explain the point for the second stage. In contrast with the first one, this time, the point was a little bit harder and almost confusing. Since it was conducted for acknowledging the power and skills owned by the candidates, it did not sound like a challenge or games. It was more like simulation virtually. "All right, for the second stage you all need to work in teams solidly. Again, I remind you, your individual scores were based on the set criteria," stated the MC. Silas who listened well to the MC whispered to Ryk, "Okay, I think this stage is the serious part. Please lower your optimist level.""Am I wrong to be optimistic? It is better to be, Silas, rather than I make all of us worried." Ryker protested. Without their realization, the MC cleared his throat, stared at them, and said, "You guys can have the discussion later. Let's listen until you are clear enough about the stage's purpose."Then, Ryker and Silas were silent. They obey
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Chapter 7: The Tighter Rivalry
During the break time, most of the candidates enjoyed the various meal provided. Some of them were also eating the sweet treats, like cakes, ice cream, and puddings. Storm and Aryan were the ones who really like those kinds of food. However, when they got bored, they took the savory menu that was on the different table provided. At the same moment, Blaze joined and put his eyes to every candidates. He thought that all of the candidates were special. He also hoped that the entire candidates could pass and join him for the mission. Then, he stopped by when he realized that Storm and Aryan was still thinking about which savory menu they should try. In order to get well on them, he said, "You shoukd try the stuffed bell peppers. It can recover your energy fastly.""Really? I have just known it. Usually, I just drink some water and have a few amount of snacks," responded Aryan with doubtful expression. "Because, I own the power like you two. I usually recover with special booster given
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Chapter 8: Tie Result
"HAWWWRR..HAAARRRHH.." The terrible scream of the infected citizens filled up as they walked with awful appearance like human-aliens. Their amounts were increased because of the virus' spread done by the few monsters. Looking at the dangerous situation, some members of Bright Team who had finished formulating the potion then poured the yellow lime liquid into the medium ball-shape bombs. They had decided to throw the potion bombs to the crowd of infected people. "I hope it works maximally." Storm said as he gathered the bombs into a large-size yellow box which was previously used for weapons and fighting equipment for the members. Then, when all of the potion had been placed into the bombs, they got out from from the mini laboratoroum which was almost surrounded by human-aliens. It made Aryan, who held a bomb, opened the fuze and immediately threw it to the crowd, "BLAAAAARRR!!"In about few minutes, the crowd of human-aliens changed into their own origin appearance. "Wait, why do
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Chapter 9: The Separated Simulation
"What?! How is that possible??" The audiences who stood up for Brave Team wondered. They could not believe their ears. Previously, they were sure that Brave Team would be out as the only winner for the third stage. In contrast to the Bright Team audiences, they just admitted the announced result. They kept cheering up Bright Team so that their heroes could really be the final winner for the challenge. Then, the judges said that all of the teams could have some breaks for preparing the next harder stage which was known to be unpredictable. Once again, it rose up the candidates' curiousity. They started to imagine or even prepare a few strategies that might help them a little bit. A few of the candidates who were really keen on the next stage activity were Silas and Xander. They were from the different and contrast teams, but their thoughts were pretty similar to each other. Xander who had clairvoyance ability was able to help Silas for defending their teams. "I wonder if we will fac
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Chapter 10: Healing Simulations
As the members of Brave Team continued their work in returning the city from mess up and damage, the judges paid attention on what they had done. Most of them were impressed by the speed of Brave Team members in healing the big city's condition.On the contrary situation, Bright Team members still took a great care of the citizens who got trauma after the monsters and aliens' attack. It was obvious by the existence of the futuristic hospital miniature created by Drake, the captain. It seemed that they did not really pay a good determination on the main task. Yet, they just tried to save the citizens completely and notice the details of the stage. "Give her some sedatives," said Drake who was in the doctor suit to a human nurse. "All right, Doctor Drake." The nurse replied and directly took an injection with the sedatives in it. At the same place, in different emergency room, Aryan was doing a small operation to the patient who had injured his head. With his freezing power, he froze
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