Chapter 26 (part 3)

Minutes passed by before the snob crow finished spending a considerably wholesome amount of time fondly rubbing its sleek head on Trust’s hand. Friction from the crow’s slightly roughed-up feathers shows as a reddish spot on his hand. He dismisses it without feeling any inch annoyed for the now sleeping thing.

Disturbing it to ask if it could still properly connect with the other crows might defeat any purpose because he can sense the energy of his connection slightly fading as if to rest. This now gives him an excuse to internalize what options he could to decide between saving or letting Horaz’s fate to that place. Included in this matter is the involvement of the **** company in what activities they plan to partake towards whatever goal they plan to meet, regarding Horaz.

He did conclude that he should bear a sense of responsibility towards the young boy’s fate, but should he act now or pursue any action later? If any knowledge should be put into the plans he can come up with, he h
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