Chapter 28 (part 4)

Lights remained open in Reina’s office when she received a message for a video call meeting from Prof. Tenorio. He’s stationed himself in A-city after everything he intended to do in C-city is done, from the director’s meeting in **** company, and the joint meetings for the internal government of both G and C cities.

She’s not the member of any council to provide input or listen to their ramblings, however, she’s open to listening and getting the latest minutes gossip in any itinerary that would interest her. The rest can be just the confetti she’s bound to sweep away. Also, she only gets these by her assistants’ word of mouth through a secret recording she knew how to hack from the secretary handling the meetings.

The mystery identity won’t ever be known to Reina but she’s happy to pay them a pretty penny for those recordings. The least she could do is support a struggling freelance team intent on pro

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