Chapter 9 (part 6)

Rows of fashionable but aged, spread-out condominiums welcomed them. Like imposing walls caging towards the “residentials” where houses are supposed to be parted by gardens and greenery. Only, they’ve become clustered with private homes side by side with little leeway for structures to breathe.

Walking through streets, surrounded by a mix of silence or escaping steps, their movements were not as inconspicuous. Considering the number of people or persons they meet along the way that greets them nicely or dismisses them without a second glance could be counted in one hand.

Busying themselves with their safety makes for a better choice to each one than caring to bother having extra burden in a world where a roaming monster can attack any time and without rhyme. Putting useless effort to spiral into a fruitless assumption pit of hell would only lead anyone in this catastrophe depression and death without effort. Instead, they’d rather survive and le

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