The last spider (8)

Salina, when she got a permit from Catherine, aimed for the spider’s front legs since its head and the rest of its body was covered by a tough armoured exoskeleton. She intended to put an end to the spider's frenzy of pursuing Daemon.

She shot another arrow for the next limb of the spider as soon as she marked it and invoked her skill while releasing the arrow to definitely stop it in that position and give Tejasv more time in that strenuous task.

When those arrows struck the spider, it became stuck in that position because two of its limbs, which had previously allowed it to crawl toward the Daemon, were rendered useless by the arrows, which appeared out of nowhere and attached to the floor.

Tejasv sighed with relief and smirked slightly. He was drenched in sweat from the intense and laborious task he had taken over. He had to pull a monster whose mouth had been salivating over a certain target.

Tejasv tensed every muscle in his body in an attempt to stop the spider from moving any f
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