The last spider (7)

The agitated and perplexed ones were not only team Tejasv but also the robed duo. Though they had no dismay for the spider’s strange actions, they had more concern for Tejasv and his companion, Daemon, who was in a hopeless state.

When Dameon fell and faced a sudden attack from the spider, they lost all hope of him surviving, regardless of whether Tejasv intervened or someone else struck the spider, because the monster was intent on eating Daemon whether anyone approached him or not.

When they least expected it, Tejasv not only disturbed the spider’s balance but also leapt before it to rescue his friend from the spider’s clutches. Tejasv threw Daemon back and stood in his position in these circumstances.

Anyone with such a trained body and mind could assess the situation and its severity. The robed duo agreed that the spider's fangs on Daemon would inevitably bite Tejasv instead and that Tejasv could've known about it before jumbling into the fray.

Even then, Tejasv leapt to rescue hi
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