Supreme Territory System

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Supreme Territory System

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What would you do if one day, monsters appeared in your world? Will you fight to save someone? Perhaps you will fight for your life? Tejasv, a common man, faced a similar situation when monsters appeared in his home. They killed his mother, the only person in his family. Out of rage, he kills the monsters brutally. Suddenly, a voice enters his ears: Beep! Beep! ==== [Congratulations! You are qualified to live in this new world.] [You have gained territory. Fight others and build your territory stronger.] == == A system screen appears and gives skills to all humans. It encourages people to fight and invade. Now the world is being invaded by monsters and other races. Humans are forced to fight and defend their territories as lords or as subordinates of someone strong. Now, what would Tejasv do to survive? Maybe he will find a strong lord or gather strong subordinates. Will he become prey, hunter, or conqueror? Note: the cover art is not my creation, its credit belongs to its respective creator.

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  • sim


    Nice story with many elements to make it enticing. The MC is amazing and keeps me hooked. keep updating daily!

    2022-11-01 10:10:44
  • Vks_sh


    This is my first book and I hope you'll enjoy reading this adventurous story.

    2022-08-29 21:49:01
  • AATAnime


    A truly interesting novel, just reading the synopsis got me hooked already. please author I will be waiting for more chapters with regular update because this is a true hidden ... gem.

    2022-08-27 06:59:23
  • Mooncake


    Seems interesting ...

    2023-06-23 18:45:38
  • Abibat


    Nice author when is the next update I mean chapter 188

    2023-05-23 17:07:25
  • Temmy Lolly


    The story is nice but it is time to update the story

    2022-12-16 11:47:39


    One of the best novel ever

    2022-12-08 16:42:59
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187 chapters
Collapse of the Order
Roar! The sudden echoes of a loud noise interrupted the eerie peace of the dark room and halted the steady scribbling sounds of a pen. Startled, a young man in his early twenties twitched his brow, swiveling his neck. With each passing moment, the study lamp at his table reveals his pitch black hair, abyssal dark pupils, and a face with average features. The dark circles beneath his eyes were evidence of his recent sleep deprivation. His eyes squinted, and his attention revolved around the sudden noise from the other room. |Did she sleep again while watching the Animal Planet channel on TV? What should I do about her habit?| He sighed, staring at his notebook with his name in the corner, 'Tejasv'. Picking up his pen again, he started solving his remaining problems of the day. Another voice shrieked, but this time, a faint womanly screech mixed in with the monstrous rumble and some low noise of footsteps. The pen dropped from his hands as he glanced back towards the closed door o
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Rewards and Rescue
After the system announcement, Tejasv started looking at the screen trying to understand its functions. Despite the trauma in his heart caused by goblins, he somehow managed to cope with his grief. Then he remembered the 'Rewards' mentioned in the notification. He clicks the reward column in the corner of the screen: ==== >[Skill-Copy and Paste] [maximum of 5 slots available] ==== |What do copy and paste mean, and what is this limit? Does it mean I can copy something and paste it somewhere, but I have only five attempts?| "Isn't this the shittiest of skills?" Tejasv felt concerned about the future. His attention shifts to the skill window; he taps the system screen, and the skill's function appears in detail. ==== [You can copy and paste others' skills, but you have only five slots to keep them.] ==== "Now this sounds a bit promising,'' he exclaimed, rubbing his fingers on his chin. "What other rewards are there?" He checked them one after another. ==== [You can enhance
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Military Base Assault
Ten hours ago, before the sudden appearance of monsters, At the military camp of Arin: "How's the revised training program working for the new cadets?" A hoarse familiar voice came from behind Sergeant William, who had the responsibilities of camp's needs. Sergeant William noticed a man nearly two meters long, with a large build in his mid-thirties. Short brown hair, a broad nose, a wide mouth, and narrow eyes fit perfectly with the thick mustache on his squared face. Watching this elegant and muscular figure, sergeant William blurted, "Ah! Captain Sam." "They still need time to adjust to life in the camp, but every cadet has potential," Sergeant William replied to the man before him. "Well, we selected them for the new unit, especially since they would go to war; they should at least have some potential," Captain Sam snorted while frisking his mustache. "How about checking yourself once?" As Sergeant William suggested, after a moment's reverie, Captain Sam stared at him and re
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Military Base Assault (2)
When they were preparing for another assault, a system screen appeared in front of them, taking them by surprise.Startled, they could not figure out this situation. Captain Sam hesitantly asked whether others could see some game-like system screen in front of them. With a momentary pause, the cadets responded affirmatively.Captain Sam instructs them to check what is written in each of their status windows and report it to him.Cadets peeked into the system following his command to learn about the situation. Sam, likewise, turns to his screen and taps its functions.Through various videos, he could infer that the monsters had invaded the world. Seeing the same situation of despair and struggle everywhere shocked him.His focus shifts to the rewards, and he clicks on the following column:====[SKILL-MY ZONE][After pointing to a location as a base, all weapons in that location will move on their own to kill approaching enemies. However, the user had to stay still at the designated lo
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Military Base Assault (3)
Silence ...a pin-drop silence shrouds the entire battlefield.Tap! Tap!Razak's head lands on the ground, bouncing twice. Everyone was quiet; no one could believe what they had just witnessed. They kept their focus on the two men standing before them.They felt their hearts stop for a second. There are only two people left standing on the entire battlefield, who brought the enemy general to his knees and rendered him headless. Tejasv and Sam glanced at each other and smiled in pride and satisfaction.Both of them raised their hands to the sky as a symbol of victory. Everyone who was holding their breath during their fierce battle released it at the same time."Whooow...Yaaaaaaay..."They let out the loudest roar, which echoed throughout the base. The cheers shake the entire military base. The soldiers were overwhelmed with their victory.Tears of joy streamed down the faces of every soldier. However, this cheer not only gave new strength to the soldiers, but also left the remaining mo
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New World
Beep! Beep! Beep!====>[Next Event]====[Everyone has completed their quests, and now the territory you protected belongs to you.][All territory locks are lifted, and you can go outside. ][But after 24 hours, there will be a siege by monster waves, and you have to protect your territory from them.][Those who think they cannot defend their territory can become someone else's subordinate and transfer their territory rights to them.][people who make necessities and provide other services in their territory can sell them on the system market, and others can buy them on the system market, but remember coins are the only currency accepted.][Remember that the number of monster waves will depend on the territory and personnel within them.]====Tejasv was startled by the unexpected notification. He checks the notification for the next event and finds that he can leave his home. While he was anxious to check his surroundings, he first took a short rest to recover from the fight on the m
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After watching his surroundings, Tejasv prepares for the next event mentioned by the system. To face the monster waves, he needs loyal and brave subordinates who can withstand any danger in the future.He reads through the requests, Most of them mentioned the difficulties the person had faced during these difficult times or pleaded with him to save others. Some were showing him the power of money and status.The rest were only begging. None of these strikes Tejasv in mind. He has no greed for money and status, nor does he want to walk the path of a hero.Tejasv organizes the requests based on his criteria, including strong skills, mentality, loyalty, and nothing to lose. If someone filled all these requirements, he would be happy enough to let them join. However, no one covers all these requirements.Many with powerful skills face rejection because skills are only extra limbs. Without a good mindset, it will only hinder the growth of others. To survive in this world, adapting to natur
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Subordinate (2)
In a silent room, a small stream of blood slowly makes its way toward the feet of a girl. The girl was sitting on the ground with her face buried in her thighs.Beep! Beep!A voice rang in her ears. She slowly lifts her head to check its source. A notification appears on her system window. There was a message from someone. She clicks the system window to confirm its content.Click===="Come! Let me see if you are a real tiger or a paper tiger. " -Tejasv====She smiles after reading the message. It was a reply she waited eagerly, but she never expected it to arrive so soon.She is Catherine Hills, who requested Tejasv to consider her a subordinate.A pop-up window appears on her screen.====Would you like to proceed to the destination now?-Yes / -No====Two options appear on the screen with a question, she already had the answer in her mind. However, she did not press any option's at this point.She was a veteran in the acting industry and was familiar with neg
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Subordinate (3)
Tejasv agreed to all of Catherine's terms when she asked him to accept her under his leadership.Now they were present in the same room, but the atmosphere was awkward. No one knew what to say anymore. How to start a conversation?It was awkward for Catherine to be present with someone who had never heard her name. She was the most famous person in the world just a few days ago, and many people would stand in lines to get a glimpse of her.Tejasv, on the other hand, seemed unconcerned about what was going on in the world and spent his days in this house. Even right now, he is sitting on his chair with the demeanor of a king. He is not even glancing at the beautiful woman in front of him.Meanwhile, Tejasv was in the same awkward position as Catherine. He had never talked to a friend or colleague for many years, so he never expected to initiate conversations. He didn't even know what topic to begin the small talk.Now that chaos has descended on this world, the only topic to discuss is
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Subordinate (4)
The golden sun rays stream through the window, falling on Catherine, announcing the arrival of the sun. She slowly opens her eyes to adjust her vision to the bright light. She awakens and yawns while stretching her body. Catherine couldn't recognize the room in which she woke. She rubs her eyes, still staring at her unfamiliar surroundings. The ceiling, bed, and each corner of the room looked different to her. The family photo on the wall opened her eyes to the reality she faced these days. She remembered the appearance of monsters, the death of her parents, and arriving at this house to get help from Tejasv. She forgot all the stress after spending a whole night sleeping. She looked around for a clock. On the right wall, there was one showing eight in the morning. She recalls being a famous actress, a servant bringing her juice, and another preparing her shower. But now she is alone in this unknown house with an unfamiliar man. As she steps onto the floor, Catherine realizes she
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