It was late, Andrea and Yard were hiding in a rather supermarket to find food and drinks for everyone, suddenly both of them jumped back because in front of them was a fat zombie with a few names. other zombies, the two quickly turned off their flashlights and went under the counter to hide. As soon as night vision turned on, both of them seemed to want to stop breathing because the zombies were standing in front of them, Andrea wanted to swallow but didn't have the courage. Right now, there was a gunshot outside, causing the zombies to leave, Andrea breathed a sigh of relief:

"Oh my god, I thought it was over."

They both got out of the counter and looked around with their night vision goggles. As soon as they went outside, they both saw that the zombies had collapsed, everywhere on the ground was full of bullet casings, both of them looked around, but no one was there. On the way back, the two met a young man wearing a coat over his head, rummaging through something in a car, he look
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