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Return to Level 0

By: IslandFlare OngoingGames

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In the distant future, Virtual Reality Multi Massive Online Role Playing Games or VRMMORPGs have taken center stage on earth's mainstream form of entertainment. The hottest game Level 0 touts the greatest rating and popularity for its realism and in-depth features that keeps the players guessing on what the next surprise will be. One day one player returns 10 years to the past and find that his family is alive. He is further confused and wondered if this was a dream, but realization violently came upon him. Plagued by a mind splitting headache, future memories of his path from today showed him the grim fate that awaited him. Armed with the knowledge of the future, he pushes forward to a brighter future where his family is still besides him. Start from Zero and Rise, as a new AGE is about to begin.

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  • J Anderson


    Easy read, good pace, interesting storyline. Some grammatical errors and repeat statements.

    2023-07-18 00:22:12
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Chapter 2 Level 0: A New Age
“What? You're not going to your interview?” Chancy said, her eyes as wide as saucers. After being given an impromptu health check after his stint of unabashed laughing and prideful declaration of becoming the “strongest”, Luck had told his family that he would be reconsidering his career choice. He had opted to not go to the scheduled interview which is parent’s supported as they knew that Luck was old enough to be his own man in his life. He was already 20 years old and he at least had an associates degree in business. His sister, on the other hand, was befuddled by his choice. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to work at that company ever since you were in school? Why are you giving up your dream?!” All Luck could do was laugh wryly as he witnessed his little step sister look so confused and flustered. His decision was sudden and being as close as they were, they knew each other’s aspirations. “You are misinterpreting me Chancy. I’m not giving up on my dream to be a top player i
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Chapter 1 I’m Up! Again?
“Big Brother. Wake up!” A high pitched voice carrying a sense of urgency sounded in Luck’s ears. Suddenly feeling an immense headache overcome his mind, Luck groaned in pain. It was a soft but genuine noise of distress which was all too reasonable since moments earlier, he was plagued by a nightmare. Yet this voice, while high pitched and annoying, was all too familiar to Luck and he felt confused. “Ch-Chancy?” He blurted out his younger sister’s name instinctively while his eyes were still shut tight. While he had called out his younger sister, he expected no response since Chancy, his younger step sister, had died of an illness 10 years ago. He was 40 at the time and it was the most depressing moment in his life as the last vestiges of his family had left him. Falling into depression at the remembrance of his sister’s tragic death that could have been prevented, Luck was surprised when Chancy's voice rang out in his mind once more. “Wake up! You're having a nightmare! It’s a
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Chapter 3 Dive In
While Luck logged in with the batch of morning players, a certain sword wielding player in the game was waiting for his friend to join in. Not long after the world announcement, his friend finally spawned into the starting area. The swordsman’s friend walked up to him with a confused look on his face as the recent announcement was out of the norm for their first day in the game. Wanting to get his curiosity off his chest, the new player asked his more experienced compatriot. “Hey so, what was that? And just what the heck is a hidden unique class?” “I don’t know, but whoever got it must be the luckiest person ever. This game has been out for years and I can’t believe we’ve only scratched the surface.” The swordsman then put his hand on his head and began to pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration. It was like the man was trying to drive off some unsavory memories but his attempt seemingly failed as he continued to grumble. “What are you talking about?” His friend asked. “Ah,
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Chapter 4 Waypoint
As players clamored about in the starting town, they began to fill the streets as they rushed over to the once unpopular location of the capital’s junkyard. Their minds rang out with one thing. They wanted to see it, the source of the grand golden light that descended from the heavens as if this virtual world's digital god had descended. The more intuitive players guessed that the person that had caused the third world announcement of the day must have been the Creationist player.Turning a corner, one of these players saw the junkyard within sight. As he approached, he heard the clamor of people arguing and interrogating each other about if they were one the who caused the world announcement to trigger.Eventually, everyone settled and realized that the person might be hiding. One of the random players began to dig and sort through the junkyard in hopes of finding the Creationist. Fueled by crowd mentality, players began to follow along.The junkyard was massive as it should be for
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Chapter 5 King Slime
At the center of the forest clearing made by the monster at its center, the aptly named King slime had been born. With eyes that it didn’t have, it began to look around for the player that had tried to deny its creation. In most Virtual Reality games, monsters supposedly had no will and could not produce any kind of emotion, but in Level 0 that was both half true and half false. Luck could feel the killing intent coming from the 1 meter tall slime and he was reminded of just how advanced this game was. The world and the monsters around him were of course not real but the feeling he got from the monster’s action of glancing around made him clench up in fear. This was an enemy he was wholly intending to fight, but not this soon. Sneaking a peek from behind the tree he used for cover, Luck used [Eye of the Creator] and sized the monster up. King Slime Description: A massive blue slime born from the accumulation of magic and will of numerous slimes who wish for vengeance for their
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Chapter 6 Exchange of the Creator
There in his status menu, Luck saw his new class skill called [Exchange of the Creator]. He had no knowledge of this skill or of any of his class skills for that matter as he had never encountered this class from his future memories. He thought he should take the time to experiment with them but shook off his curiosity since he was more concerned about his sister than the game. But, Luck could not take his eyes off the skill as it was constantly blinking. Even when he tried to close the status menu it would make an incessant beeping that he initially tried to ignore it. As he was viewing his map and deciding where to go next, he couldn’t think clearly and begrudgingly tried to get the annoying beeping to stop. He tried to turn off his in-game sound but that didn’t work. After messing with his settings a bit more, he thought to look at the skill directly. He scrutinized his blinking skill and hypothesized how to get it to stop making noise. He thought to poke at it to see what wo
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Chapter 7 An Interesting Day
While Luck was off doing his slime hunt, Queen Flamerath was looking over Level 0’s game forums for any info related to the topics of the player Luck, the world announcements, and even the Creationist class. She had found from a few popular videos made by pro players, that the monsters in the world had started to act differently and some would have different attack patterns. Reports came in and she learned that some monsters could now even use magic which was irksome as she would have to strategize a new method of fighting with her top officials and commanders. As Queen of the Kingdom of Primera, she was always at the head of all advancements that had to do with her community. And right now, her community was in an uproar as some had gone off on a tangent and began digging through the junkyard of her capital. She deduced that they were looking for the source of the golden light but she had bigger fish to fry. Through the grapevine of her intelligence network, she found clues of a
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Chapter 8 HammerTime
Hefting his new weapon onto his shoulder, Luck readied himself for a fight with his boney opponents. All around him was the black and grimey soil of the dungeon known as the Pit of the Dead which was a mid level dungeon that was only attempted by large groups of people. At the minimum, 2 parties consisting of 12 people would be required to clear this dungeon but Luck decided to do it on his own. He was confident that he could clear this on his own as he had done this dungeon so many times from his future memories. This dungeon had a high drop rate for magic crystals and for basic materials for crafting. Since he used to have the [Supporter] class, he would come to this dungeon with his company's in game party to prepare for any upcoming raids. But he was never given any assistance and was forced to do it on his own as his coworkers complained that they had better things to do than to help a weakling with his chores. This cruel treatment made Luck develop a self-sufficient personal
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Chapter 9 Deep Pockets and Deeper Pits
As the kicked up dust subsided, Luck took notice of his surroundings. Seeing no enemies in sight and grinning a bit in joy at the notification he got, he opened his menu. [Level 1 of the Pit of the Dead has been cleared] [Level 2 unlocked] [Will you proceed?] [Yes/No] Before making his decision, Luck looked to his stats and weapon skills. *** Player Name: [Luck] Class: [Creationist Lv5] Titles: [None] Class Skills: [Eye of the Creator] [Pocket of the Creator] [Exchange of the Creator] Normal skills: [Beginner Alchemy] [Beginner Blacksmithing] [Beginner Fighter] [Beginner Mental Recovery] [Beginner Physical Recovery] [Beginner Mana Recovery] Weapon skills: [Psyche Up Lv1] [Power Smash Lv1] [Earth Shaker Lv1] HP: 100/100 Mana: 873/1000 Strength: 11+30 Vitality: 10 Agility: 12 Dexterity: 11 Intelligence: 100 Wisdom: 100 *** Seeing the plus 30 next to his strength, Luck confirmed that the effects of the items he used were still in effect. He was also somewhat glad
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Chapter 10 Through the Dark
Upon pressing the [Yes] option, Luck took notice of his surroundings. The ground around him was composed of a black dirt that felt slightly sticky and rough, which he could feel through his boots. The gray ashy sky added to the foreboding and down trodden atmosphere of the dungeon, the now shattered tombstones and graves reminded some of a ransacked burial site while the more dense types would liken the place to a haunted house attraction. To Luck, it was a reminder of a memory of the future he would like to forget, which is what he endeavored to do as he stepped forward to descend a sudden flight of stairs that appeared at his acceptance to progress. These stairs soon led him down into a dark cavern which was both wide and tall enough for him to comfortably move in. Not a single ray of light shined in this place, so Luck unhooked a colorful potion from his belt and popped the cork before drinking it quickly. His once darkened and obscured vision was then brightened as the featur
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