Conquest: Life in a VR

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Conquest: Life in a VR

By: Clouds_wroteit OngoingGames

Language: English

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Toda HIsaki, a graduate whose life turns around after a project his company works on goes wrong, and he's been taking inside the game while his body in the real world dies, in the game he finds out that things there doesn’t look like a game, after he was attacked by monster he decides to play along. Along the way her finds out that there is a situation in that world, he is then put as one of mankind's front line resistance and is charged with the responsibility of ending an apocalypse and as the plot goes mysteries unravel.

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27 chapters
Titan Tower.
It's 2021, civilisation has reached it's peak, with business moving smoothly, one of the companies that excel the most was TT (Titan Tower).A company set aside for the entertainment of the people, they concentrated on Games, overtime their quality became unrivalled, they made so many types of games and where presently planning their biggest project yet, in Japan where their head office was based, the very best of all geeks were stationed for the project, staffs from all over the world were called, the main company was stationed at kageuchi street, it was a massive skyscraper, with two bold letters at its peak "TT", a car could be seen at the front of the company, a man walked out of it and this man had people around him, like bodyguards, the man walked into the company and when he got to the receptionist she greeted him, "Good morning Mr. Kyoshi." The man replied the receptionist and asked her, "yes, Miss. Tamae, how are you, are the head editors all ready for the meeting." The lad
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In a Game
Meanwhile, Toda and the other programmer got transported into the game, when Toda had regained consciousness, he found himself in a plain field, he looked around and there was nothing else but him, he worded out, "i can't believe it worked, chief you could be impatient, but you sure do have faith in your employee's." he then thought about trying out all the features he and the other's added to the game, he lifted his right arm and looked at his wrist and touch the orb on a strap, "Shit!, are you serious, i got a golden S rank core, I'd be a very formidable opponent if I'm put to the test, let's check out my stats, 'OPEN STATS' just level one, but my HP is at 2000, MP 0, CP 100, well i guess I'll check the help icon, i don't really know everyone's settings so it be best." After he called out for his stats a window popped up and everything about his player came up, he then selected the help option, and then another window popped up showing the entire basis he needed to know, he then st
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Gaius von Henmer
After defeating the wolves, Toda sat to think of another possible scenario of where he was, he thought of possibilities, firstly, he could feel things, he could also smell and taste things, showing his five sensory organs are working, he was also sweating after the fight, and his injury wasn't closing up, he came to a conclusion that he was in a game, because the functions were similar to the programs he and his colleagues added to their game and he also wasn't in a game, because he could die with the tiniest of mistake.Meanwhile, while he sat on the floor thinking, a set came to him, two young men and a lady, they seemed to be equipped, adventurers, they found Toda in his puzzled state and in front of him were the carcass of the monsters he defeated. The party came to him, "Hey, what happened here, you mean to tell me you took down, nocturnal predators and at that 'dark wolves' you are a very strong man." One of them said, the lady amongst them spoke out, "oh, you're bleeding, i
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Sacred Arms
When Toda woke he saw everyone was around him, he asked them if they killed the monster, they told him that he took out the Anubis and passed out, he became shocked because he only used up 95% of his cp and no physical damage was done by the Anubis, he got up and then asked where they were, they replied him saying they were at Henmer Dynasty and that he had passed out for two days, he was shocked saying to himself, 'my cp wasn't completely drained so why would i be out for two whole days.' He looked to Gaius and thanked him for letting him stay at the Inn, Gaius smiled and said to him, "oh, you're at my mansion and i told my father about you, someone like you who has mastered the lightening strike style surely is an asset, the third strike consumes a lot of energy, so for you to have done it without magic of enhanced physic, you should really be strong, you know what?, get changed we're heading out for a brief sightseeing."Toda had already freshened up, apparently, when he ar
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Adventures Guild
Toda went to the Adventurers Guild with Gaius; there he was supposed to figure out his class before he will choose a spirit. The Guild receptionist then asked Toda to place his hand on what looked like a stone tablet, when he placed his hands the stone tablet glowed and then it was been inscribe with words and figures, the receptionist screamed after she saw the result, she then spoke, "With what i have witnessed, you're meant to be in a Warrior class guild, but you can be ranked more than a warrior, so you'll be placed in the Hero Class guild, as your details show you have the ability to receive 10 spirits max, after you receive your spirit, you will be sent out with other hero candidates to the Guardians Tower."On hearing of his soon to be expeditions Toda froze, he looked to the receptionist and asked her what the Guardians Tower is but she told him when he returns from the whispering pond, she would explain, she told Gaius to wait for Toda, she took Toda inside and took him to w
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Will you join?
While Toda was back at the Henmer Manor house, he and Gaius were both having discussions on what the objectives of the empire was, Gaius opened up to Toda saying that the empire was in the selective stage, he said they were waiting for the leader of the heroes party to be decided, apparently Gaius was also a hero candidate, "you see my friend, i am one of the selected few heroes candidate, i acquired five spirit and one of the demands of a hero class is that the candidate must have more than four spirits, so i was signed up at the guild by my father."Gaius explained the demands of a hero to Toda and then suddenly a man walks in, with knights at his side, along with the man came the other two that Toda encountered in the plains with Gaius, they came to Gaius and bowed, apparently they were his personal entourage, Gaius then worded out, "Gil, Elizabeth, i told you not to bow to me, I might be nobility but I'm not royalty, you're my friends get up, welcome father, how was the trip bac
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Heroes Selection
Dawn breaks, Gaius walks over to the guest house to see Toda, he knocks and Toda opens the door, "Toda, you are still deep in sleep, get ready, we leave for the Cathedral, the training and assembling of the seven heroes starts today." Apparently the Heroes are trained at the cathedral by the holy knights, who were the strongest knights of the Khetis Empire, holy knights were former hero candidates who trained with the heroes of old as such are very powerful, some retired heroes would also be called to train their apprentices.The two boys were done preparing and so they were ready to leave, "Gil, check if the couch man is ready to move." Gaius said, Gil came back saying he was ready, the two young men left, while they were going, Gaius says his good bye to his friends as he wasn't sure if he'd have a chance to come see them again. They left for the cathedral, while on their way Toda asks, "So, you knew right?" Gaius smiled, "its about time, i thought you'd never ask, well at first i
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Sacred Arms Awakened.
All arms have ratified all the vessels present, it was time for the partial awakening of each of the arms, Liam then starts to speak, "its time to draw power from your arms, first of all, you need to know of some histories, your sacred arms originally aren't meant to have any power within them, but because they were crafted from the blood of some gods over time they absorbed power from the Err stones, presently we have no Err stones, so the awakening would only be partial, you can then release the full potent of the sacred arm you wield, first things first, pick up your sacred arm and sense the power that runs in it."The candidates did so, the fairy already understood the power and so was ready for the next step, Gaius also looked like he was ready for the next step, Toda on the other hand didn't understand what Liam meant, he looked at the sword and then he went to his interface, he selected skill, he scrolled through with his eyes and then he saw a skill, 'Insight', he selected th
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It was day again, with Toda waking in the Henmer Manor house, he couldn't help but think on all the happenings of yesterday, being the new skills he had gained just from unlocking a sacred arm, he thought how important basic and common skills were, while thinking about it he remembers he hasn't still used any magic, he went to the skill option, he selected the magic section, he saw some skills but when he selects them, a message popped up, 'skill cannot be used at the moment, connection has not been established yet.' Toda didn't understand what it meant by connection wasn't established since he already obtained his spirits he should be ready to use magic, he decided he'd ask Gaius about it.Gaius on the other hand came out of his room already dressed up, he asked the maids to prepare a fast breakfast saying they'll be heading somewhere; Toda was heading down from his room when he heard Gaius say they were going out, he walked up to him and asked where they were headed, Gaius smirked,
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Heroes Training.
Richard flaunts his hands saying, “Come at me when you’re ready.” Igon takes offence after the statement was made, he rushed at the prince and slashed his scythe, while the scythe was landing Richard took a back flip, he landed and taunted Igon with a bold yet annoying laugh, “Hahahaha, was that you at your prime, you couldn’t even best an undead skeleton with that move, i would like to try out my skills on you, but i won’t fight you with a heavy weapon, I’ll hold back and reduce the size.” Igon took up his scythe and smirked, “You really want to see me at my prime, I’ll give you a tip, sacred arm Hades, special skill one, Hells Blaze.” After that call, Igon swooped down his scythe, with the swoop came a wave of black flames, Richard looked shocked, he threw his axe in the air, stretches his hands, “Prince of ice, your presence comes with a chill, he who stands in front of the dammed, i summon the Doors to hell, COCYTUS, god of rivers grant me your power.”A weird presence could be
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