“Come on people, once a detective always a detective. Though I am a priest, I loved and still love being a detective and it is in my nature. I could not just stay put. I had to keep myself busy. After all, this case was ours from back those years during our time. You are just helping me close it for good and as it seems, save the world from whatever it is that wants us all dead and forgotten,” Johnpaul explained 

“Very well then… detective. We have heard you and thank you for helping us solve the case. As the captain, I wish to request you to help us see this case to the end. We could use someone with your knowledge. Not only as a detective but also, as a Padre. This case about the clairvoyant and the journals seems to have something in common, a supreme being and another very evil one. Just like God and Satan in the Bible,” Meake requested the Padre.

“It will be an honor working with you people. From what I have seen so far, y

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