Chapter XLIX

Not long after, the tech guru was home. With him was everything he needed to find justice for the murdered innocent souls and honor his father. One would think he had a whole server with him. Instead, he arrived in the company of Mary. David had brought him up to speed and therefore no introductions were required. Time was not in their favor. They had to do something before they could join Jonas at the concert.

The first thing Matthew had to do was trace the source of breach that led the dead agents to having John’s so-termed secure line.

“Now that you are here Matthew, it’s time you heard what we need you to do for us. Unless you don’t recognize anyone, they all know you well,” David said.

Matthew said pointing at David and Peterson, “Actually, you and him I knew long before while my father was still alive.”

He turned to point at Jean, “She was the one not known to me but you took care of that. I just never

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