Chapter XXXVI

Jean and David were not convinced by the news but it was still a win for them. If the death of the Mystery man meant no more deaths and conspiracies, it was a win for them. The wise men said; when the deal is too good, think twice. I guess Jean and David were so happy in capturing John and the agents as well as the death of the Mystery man that they forgot about the saying.

Things were about to get messy than they thought. Hell was about to break completely loose. A call came in at the precinct that there was another homicide at the Northern side of the city. Jean’s team had gathered quite a reputation at solving cases and they were thrown to the case. They may have not caught the killer but it was about time they did. They seemed close enough. They drove off to the scene.

On arrival at the scene, there were no signs of any officers on sight. The street was one of the few abandoned thoroughfares in Kibich City. It was a street where someone could be killed and th

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