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s that not our loathsome son-in-law?" "I bet he is. That son of nobody still come back after stealing from us." "I sometimes feel pity for him... Did you hear that Johnson is not his son?" "Yep. I heard from madam Alice... Served him right, he believes he is part of us because one of us gave birth to a son for him." "One more year and we will be free of his pitiful face." "Did you think he will survive if we chased him out of the villa?" "No, he won't. He is so dependable on us and will commit suicide as soon as he left that gate." "I may have compassion on him and employ him as my driver." "You are too kind. I can't even employ him as my laundry man." "Hahaha!"

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The man snored loudly for a while, opened his blue eyeballs and raised his head from the bed as the giggling sounded louder. 'How will I sleep when she took away my alcohol?' He asked himself, standing up from his tiny mattress and shaking his head in resentment. 'She won't allow me to step into the kitchen, and forbade me from the liquor store.' His source of anger is not the murmuring and giggling of the pairs in the parlour downstairs, but against his wife who dares take away his source of contentment, after rubbing him off his right. Out of curiosity and a mind to steal, the young man put on his shirt and trousers and then stepped towards the door. He seized his breath when the creaking sound of the opening door sounded louder in the silent night. 'Now I have to sneak around in our house. It wasn't like this when grandfather was alive-,' he paused his murmuring, halted for a while, and only resumed when the couples resumed their amorous affair. Their whispering became audibl
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After letting her night visitor out of their house, the satisfied woman climbed the step up and banged on the door. "Open this door before I break it down." "Why are you here?... Please go away." "I will... After telling you why am I here, and not before. Now open this door before I shatter it to pieces." I can't move. Use the spare key with you." She swore loudly, turned and descended the stairs. And promptly returned after. "You aren't just a lazy thief, but as dirty as a pig," Andrea placed her palm over her nose, cringed her face and asked, "Why is your room smelling like a pigsty?" "Are you here to taunt me more?" She ignored his red and teary eyes, loomed closer and asked," Why did you embarrass me in front of my guest?" "In front of your lover will be more appropriate, but since you claim he is your guest, am sorry for humiliating you and acting like a glutton and a son of nobody in front of our noble family lawyer." "My family lawyer, and not yours. Have you forgotten
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As expected Mary O'Connor was as angry as a mad bull the following morning and even her husband cowered at the sight of her outrage. "Where is that irresponsible son-in-law of mine? I heard you disgrace my daughter in the presence of our family lawyer?" "Am so sorry, Mrs Mary. It was-." 'Whack!' Andrew felt a sharp pain as Mary O'Connor slapped him on his face, and felt faint when she marched his wounded leg with the heel of her shoe. "Did you want to kill this poor man here? Remember he is our responsibility until my dad's property is shared among us." "That doesn't give him the right to be embarrassing my darling daughter in front of her visitor." "We could at least hear what he has to say to defend himself and not be biased in our judgment." "What did he have to say? There is nothing worthy from a criminal's mouth." Andrew held his swollen knee until the pain subsided and he could glint a kind of sympathy on Timothy's face, albeit for a while. "Tell us what you have to say
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Andrew walked out of the hospital, and his mind was on the million-dollar credit card in his pocket. "Is this one of Mary's plans to send me to jail?" He asked himself, peeked over his shoulder, and then walked towards an ATM close by.Apprehension radiated over his face as he dipped his hand inside his pocket, and he trembled when he checked the account balance. "Oh... My goodness!" The man is right, the account contains a million dollars!Andrew beamed with excitement and the fear of it being a set-up made him halt for a while, shrug and let out, 'I didn't steal it. Someone gave it to me, and our family doctor is a witness.' Perhaps, a good Samaritan had seen his suffering in the house of O'Connor, or a grant arranged for him by Brian before his death.After withdrawing a sizable amount, he peeked over his shoulder as he crossed to the other side of the tarmac, walked with alacrity for a while, and was lost among the crowds. Minutes later, he stepped into a boutique, peeked at
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Timothy, Mary, and Andrea were having their lunch when Andrew wobbled inside with his bag of clothes, bowed at them and walked towards the steps leading to his room. "What a jerk. Is that how to appreciate me for the money I spend in the hospital because of you?" Mary O'Connor stood up in anger, raised her arms, formed two fists banged it on the dining table, and then looked horrified as the bowl of soup flew up and smacked into Timothy's face. "Aish!" "Oh my goodness!" "I'm so sorry, honey. It's all this unfortunate son-in-law's fault... High time we send him packing before he contaminates us with his bad luck." Andrew smiled as Mary held the blinded Timothy to the restroom to wash the soup off his face, he turned and began to climb the steps to his room. "Your days are numbered in my grandpa's villa. Smile now that you have the chance to... And where did you see these beautiful clothes, shoes, and wristwatches? You didn't steal them. Did you?" "No. I worked for them... Please
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After changing into a new T-shirt and pants, Andrew stepped out of his room, down the steps and halted suddenly when he realised he was the source of their discussion downstairs. "We need to be careful and not to be blown away by his new wealth. Let's all go and ask him," "That's Madam Alice's voice," Andrew grunted at the hearing of his greatest adversary's voice, took three more steps and then paused when Mary let out. "I already did. But he won't divulge it to anyone." "Not even to his wife?" Madam Alice asked back "Andrea is no longer his wife but ex-wife," Timothy mumbled." "Not officially. I am still his wife on the paper." "Shh. Let's claim Johnson belongs to him so that we can be able to collect more money." Mary said in a whisper. "Why did you like money so much?" Moana asked. "Because money makes the world go round. " "So what did you suggest that we do?" Timothy asked, after peering into his wife's face for the directive. "I say we put our palms on our chins an
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Andrew was back in the hospital the following day, and luckily for him, his space had not been given to any patient yet.After being treated for several wounds and dislocation on his body, the unhappy son-in-law of the O'Connor family was at last discharged after a week of intensive treatment. "Welcome, Mr Andrew. It's been days since I saw you around." A bald man opened the gate of their villa and bowed to welcome him back. Since he was too weak to take part in a chit-chat, he nodded in answer, gestured to the driver to drive forward and alighted in from of his villa. he was almost fainting when he dragged his feet into the parlour, wavered at the eyes peering at him, shrugged and started to climb the steps to his room. "Come back here. Are we too small or you are blind and can't see us?" "I don't have the strength to talk, please excuse me." "Let him be, Mary. He was just discharged from the hospital and looked pale." "Why is my dad always defending this useless man?" "Becaus
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Most hotels in Arkansas City are patronised by the rich, but the Palace Hotel is meant only for the super-rich. Constructed over a hectare of land, with gorgeous buildings, gymnastics and spa, shopping mall, cafeterias and bar. The Palace Hotel is a place to be when you have lots of cash to spend.Apart from his younger days when Brian had brought all his family here, Andrew had never passed the main gate and always stood at the roadside to watch those lucky enough to afford the exorbitant price of their items, as they drove in and out of this hotel. Because of his designer shirt, trousers and expensive golden wristwatch, the security at the gate side bowed to welcome him into the hotel, and a waiter quickly scurried to his side as soon as he sat on one of the magnificent cushion chairs. "I am here for your order, sir," the waiter announced as he placed the Menu list in his front. "Get me a plate of fried rice, with full chicken and a bottle of champagne." "Right, away sir." "
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Their conversations hushed, and all their eyes fell on the loathsome son-in-law as he sauntered inside, bowed at them and hurried towards the steps that led to his room. "Come back here, Andrew." The most notorious among the rumour mongers of the O'Connor family shrieked after him, and this made him halt his movement, veering around and begging, "What is it? Madam Alice." "Is that the way to greet your in-law... And tell me where you are coming from, and why you did not participate in cleaning the villa and preparing dinner?" "Because I am busy," Andrew answered back, turned to proceed with his climbing and then announced, "Please excuse me, I will be back soon." "I don't blame you," Madam Alice hissed and let out, "I blamed Mary for being too lenient with you." "Leave him alone. Can't you see he is tired and needs to relax before dinner is ready?" "What is wrong with Moana?" The plumpy woman with a weird wig over her small head turned towards Moana and asked with a puzzling loo
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Back in his room, the sad son-in-law of the O'Connor family was as sad as doom, and he was seen sprawling on one of his newly bought cushion chairs. They would have respected me if I came from a respectable family, and not adopted, " he let out, closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Deep inside, Andrew knew there was nothing he could do to make the family of his wife hold him in high esteem. To them, he will always remain an unfortunate gold digger who married into their family only for their wealth. "Am I truly a gold digger, and only after Brian's wealth?" He asked himself, shook his head and announced after, "No. I just want to fulfil my part of the bargain." He was still lost in thought when the door leading to his room opened, neither did he open his eyes when footsteps sounded closer, and a voice mumbled," I just want to check on you before leaving. I hope you still have my telephone number and address, come to Orange County whenever you are ready and my door will always be ope
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