Abandoned heir : The charismatic Tyson Gray

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Abandoned heir : The charismatic Tyson Gray

By: Redbutterfly CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Five years ago, he left as nothing. Now he's the famous invincible God of war. He has it all. Fame , money and power but his sole reason of coming back is to seek revenge. Five years ago, they looked down on him. He was the despised and looked down son-in-law of the Lewis family who everyone treated as trash. Tyson Gray,the abandoned heir of the Carter family is determined to make those who looked down upon regret it. Most importantly, he is out to seek revenge from the Carter family for causing the death of his mother. He won't stop until those who caused him pain pay the price.


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Dragon regiment
In an open field, the helicopter's airfoils were rotating as they blew a cold wind to the group of high ranked military officials."Captain, do you really want to leave?" A brawny man asked, tearing up." Yes captain, must you go back? why can't you stay?" Another man chipped in.These men were generals of different groups in the dragon regiment, the highest ranked military group in the whole of the United States." Must you behave like children? if your subordinates see you crying over such a small matter, what will they think of you?" The man referred to as captain reprimanded them. His voice held a hint of helplessness.He didn't want to leave, but his job over here was over.Besides, he promised her that he would return for her. It was about time he fulfilled his promise." Who cares what they think, I am just sad that you are leaving us." The first man said, making the captain to shake his head.If someone revealed that these men crying over his departure were the generals of the
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bastard daughter
Tyson was in a daze as he watched the woman he had been thinking about for years comfort the little girl.Then a thought flashed in his mind.Could it be that she is his and Samantha's daughter? Was the little girl telling the truth all along?Just thinking about it brought immense happiness to his heart." Tell me Tara, who made you cry?" The soft voice of a woman could be heard questioning the little doll who was still sniffling back her tears." I found daddy but daddy doesn't want Tara." She replied in her childish voice, pointing at Tyson accusingly.The lady who was squatting earlier turned to look at the direction her daughter pointed.When their eyes met, hers widened in surprise before they turned to anger.She glared at Tyson then picked her daughter before walking away.The spectators watching the whole ordeal couldn't help but whisper among themselves." What's the deal with those three? One person asked." How would I know but wait...do you think the man is the father of
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John Warren
Tyson felt his anger consume every fibre of his being. He could tolerate anybody looking down on him and calling him names. But that did not include his daughter. He would never let anybody disrespect his daughter like that. It didn't matter if that person was his mother-in-law.The aura emanating from his body turned murderous but he fought to suppress it. He couldn't allow himself to scare his little daughter.The whole family turned to see the intruder. The moment they identified who he was, looks of disgust appeared on their faces." Look who decided to return at last. If it's not that good-for-nothing husband of Samantha." Susan spat venomously." It's good that you are back. You should hurry and divorce Samantha so that she can marry someone of her calibre." Susan, Tyson's mother-in-law and Samantha's mother continued." I already said that I won't get a divorce." Samantha's weak voice replied.Her reply angered her mother to no end.Tyson on the other hand was pleased to hear
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I don't need your pity
Besides the Man stood a respectable man from Los Angeles. He was head of the top three most rich and influential families in Los Angeles, Ethan Turner." Why would he think of compensating me after all these years? My mother is already dead, do you think I still want the brilliance Corp back?" Tyson replied gloomily.The brilliance Corp was his mother's sweat and blood. But that family took everything from her before kicking her away.They were banned from ever setting their foot in DC again. Tyson can still remember how his mother had to toil hard, doing odd jobs here in Los Angeles to make ends meet and put food on the table." The master expressed his heartfelt apology to you. He also said he's not trying to buy you off. The company originally belonged to your mother so it should be yours.The house and the car are meant to be betrothal gifts to your wife." The butler explained.After much thinking, Tyson accepted the gifts. The company was his mother's so it was only right to inherit
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Meeting Brian Lewis
Her words were kind and considerate. They warmed his heart.But now he was capable of protecting her. In Front of him, the Lewis family was nothing but ants. He could squash every one of them.When he remembered how those Lewis family members humiliated him and Samantha, he could almost not control his bloodthirst.He wanted to destroy them and wipe them from Los Angeles. But at the end of the day he couldn't do that. They were after all Samantha's family.She would be sad if anything happened to them.The last thing he wanted was to see Samantha sad.Although they didn't deserve her care and concern considering how ill they treated her. But his wife was the most kind-hearted person he had ever seen. Tyson believed that the only way to make her cut ties with the Lewis family was to show her how heartless and Inhumane they were.He couldn't sit by and watch as his wife was taken advantage of. He would help her see the true colours of those so called family." Okay, I will do as you say
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Just then,a voice interrupted them.Ethan was having a meeting with top management officials of his company when someone notified him about someone causing a scene at the entrance of the hotel. He hurried over to see what was happening.He didn't Imagine he would run Into the young man Tyson Gray.He clearly remembered the Instructions given to him by the Butler of the Carter family of DC.He understood that Lucas was someone important to the current helmsman of the Carter family.Although he and his mother were kicked out of the Carter family, the fact that the helmsman wanted to make peace with him meant that there was a possibility he might return to the family in the future.The Carter family was among the five top families in Washington DC.That was a status every other family dreamed of reaching.It was a family that held immense power and wealth.His family wealth could be multiplied thirty times and still not get half of their assets.That's just how wealthy the top five fami
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" Okay." Tyson replied." What do you mean okay? I suspect that grandfather wants to make trouble for you. I suggest you stay behind, I can go and say you got busy with something." Samantha countered.She knew her family. They will use every opportunity to make fun of Tyson. As his wife, she didn't like their behaviour. But she couldn't do anything to defend him. All sfe could do is advise him to stay away from them." Are you worried about me?" Lucas asked, smiling faintly at her.Their eyes met for a moment before Samantha looked away.Her face started to feel hot." Who's worried about you?" She retorted, trying hard to hide her embarrassment.Although Tyson was not wealthy, he was a decent Man and a good father. She had seen that from how well he treated Tara after finding out she was his daughter.She was his wife and was determined to let things stay that way.She never planned on having a divorce, no matter how many times her mother Insisted.She didn't like seeing Tyson being
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The dare
The people mocked Tyson to their heart's content but the subject of their topic was standing there, unconcerned.It's like the whole discussion had nothing to do with him.Tyson had a pleasant smile on his face, irking the people even more.Samantha on the other hand stood there awkwardly. This is why she didn't want to have Tyson to tag along. " Grandpa,we brought some gifts for you." Samantha announced.Her words however made the people present burst out laughing.She didn't hear or see anything funny about what she just said." What gifts can that good for nothing? are you sure he didn't go scarvaging in the garbage cans for thrown out stuff, hahaha!" Shannon said, making the whole room burst out laughing again." Gifts? I am sure they are counterfeit goods obtained at a throw away price." Another chimed in." You shouldn't embarrass yourself, you should just come and enjoy free food before Leaving." Malicious comments were by the members of the Lewis family.old man Lewis was so p
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Seth Miller
Tyson sent Samantha home before leaving for the intercontinental hotel.He had some matters to discuss with Jordan concerning the Sarit business Park.Although Tyson was the owner, he had delegated the management to the same man who was responsible for its construction.He didn't have time to run such a small business nor was he interested in dealing with business.If someone heard his thoughts, they would drop dead.How was the Sarit business Park just a small business?It was giving many prestigious families from Los Angeles and other neighbouring states sleepless nights trying to secure a spot for the expansion of their companies,yet here he was, referring to it as a small business.But to Tyson, it was really a small business in his eyes. His wealth accumulated over the five years he served as the captain of the dragon regiment was enough to last him and his whole family a few lifetimes.Tyson prefered maintaining a low key and hiding his true power.With everybody thinking that h
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Stephen Russel
The mysteriousness in Tyson's words fueled Jordan's anticipation. Even in the army, Tyson was a good strategist. That's what saw them Winning the countless battles they fought.Tyson was aware that as the new chairman of the brilliance Corp,he had to at least show up but that did not mean he had to Introduce himself to the public.He planned to appoint a good and trustworthy general manager to oversee the operations of the company while he stayed in the shadows where he belongs.After parting ways with Jordan, Tyson made his way to his room to retire for the night.The following morning, he drove to his mother-in-law's house to pick Samantha and Tara for work and school respectively.After dropping Samantha, Tyson Left for the brilliance Corp.He had some matters he needed to fix. The brilliance Corp was under his name, but the top management officials were all lackeys who worked for the Carter family in DC.If he wanted to establish his footing in Los Angeles,he had to start by takin
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