chapter 170

Once again I was making lunch while Kurtis spoke to Solo. To keep my mind away from what was happening, I decided to bury myself in poems, poems that nobody had heard.

'I know but I don't want to believe, that there is no such thing as love, I know it's true that love dosent exist but If believing in it is being foolish, then I want to be foolish, if being foolish is being happy, then I want to be foolish it's not everytime in your life that you have to be wise, sometimes you know what happens next, so why not close your eyes and fall blindly into love even though it comes with heartbreak(s), at least you were once happy, at least you were once foolish. '

'I have the mind of a ninety year old but the heart of a three year old, I love desperately and I care quietly, I miss calmly and I wait patiently, I want truly and I think fastly, I think deeply, I listen, I understand truly, I judge with reasons, I'm calm, my heart is stupid, my mind is mature, I won't compare myself to a lonely fl
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