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Darwin was the only son of the Andersons, he was next in line for the family's billions, until one day, his half brother from his Father's former affair, came to claim part of the riches, he was no longer the only heir, he had switched to the other son.

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  • Nessa


    i love your story

    2023-07-07 17:17:13
  • Delinda Schumacher


    80 chapters 3-24-23

    2023-03-25 00:21:28
  • Yamaa


    Can i Ask if this Stories is Already Signed by Good Novel? if yes, can you tell me how to Signed a Story

    2023-05-04 20:54:09
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172 chapters
The benefits of being a Billionaire.
My name is Darwin Andersons and I'm twenty three, I'm the only son of the Andersons family and the only heir to the family's riches. Since the time I was born all I've ever experienced was wealth and abundance, nothing less than that, and the advice I give to my close friends is this; nothing is better than having money and spending it, it can be on anything, women, cars…anything, but spend it.I enter into my office and I see Mark waiting for me, he was smiling.“Good morning." He said.“Good morning, why are you smiling at me like that, Mark?."“Guess…"“You know I'm not good at guessing."“Okay, we just employed Lisa George."“Who's that?."“You got to be fucking with me right now man."“I'm serious, I don't know who Lisa is."“She's like the hotest girl you'll ever see in your life, she looks like she's a low key stripper of some sorts but she's actually not, like she's professional, in an unprofessional way….“" That's enough, now, can I see her?.“" Sure, I could ring her desk
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Change happens too fast
My dad was a calm and intelligent man, so wise that you could almost see the intelligence behind his eyes, something I had gotten from him, something I am very grateful for. But, staring at him now, the intelligence behind his eyes had disappeared and it was replaced with total confusion.“We're good, everything's good." He said wiping his sweaty forehead. It was obvious that things weren't good, I wasn't stupid, it made me angry to know that they were lying to me, his demeanor confirmed that, truly, something was going on between them, and it wasn't shallow.“I could as well tell you now." He said after a short while."Tell me what?.“ I asked him.“ What is happening to our family, son."" What is happening to our family?.“" It was something I did many years ago.“" Okay…tell me."“Years ago, a few months before you were born into our family, we were living in New York and your mum was about to have you. “ He said and paused, I watched him look through the window before he tu
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I wasn't the only heir
I layed on my bed and stared at the ceiling, I stared at the ceiling but I wasn't seeing the ceiling. I was reminiscing about what my dad had told me earlier. I was trying to piece the puzzle to get a vivid picture, my dad had cheated on my mum and he got a pregnancy case out of his affair, the only thing to save the marriage was to leave the waitress and her unborn baby, just leave them and go down to Florida, raise me and then come up to Detroit and it was all my mum's idea.How unfair was that?.All these while I had a brother, and I was raised alone, in a giant house, amongst maids and artifacts…and they claimed they loved me and I had believed them, they lied to me, told me I was special, I was the only son, the only one to succeed the family and all it's riches.I tried to put a face to Hensley, how would he look like, talk like, how would he act like…. surely he would want his revenge.I hated competitions, I'm always the best, I didn't need to have to be in competition with h
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I was born in wealth
“ I was born only two years after you and you think at the age of two, your parents would be dumb enough to tell me about it, huh?.“ He made a valid point.“Then, when did you hear about Hensley.““ome years ago, auntie mentioned it to me.““y mum mentioned it to you and you said that I was your true friend, I told you everything Mark.““ I told you the things you deserved to know.““The lies, I deserved to know the lies.“ Mark had started to talk but I put my hand up to stop him. I couldn't hear anything other thing that he had to say, I couldn't stand him.“No more, I don't want to hear any more from you Mark, leave my house."“It's fine, I'll leave, but, we have to do something about Hensley and we'll do it with or without you, have a nice day, Darwinson."" Have a nice day, too, Mark.“ I could hear the icy edge of my voice, it scared even me. I watched the colour leave his face and he turned around briskly, my cousin was walking out of the door and it was as if I was only
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Beautiful eyes
I walked into my office and I sat down, the office was too neat, everything seemed too much, the smell of the lavender, the formerly gentle hum of the air-conditioner was now disturbing. For a long while, everything was quiet, too quiet, I could hear the sound of my breath, the sound the ruffles of paper made, I heard the sharp tink when I dropped the pen on the glass table. I loosened my tie and dropped it where I had dropped my pen, I stood in front of the big glass wall and I looked down to the world I once enjoyed watching, now all I saw was a myriad yellow cars and people, people that I didn't know. I didn't know people, but, they knew me, they always knew who I was. I looked to the sky and it was grey…sad empty clouds moved along it, where the fuck was the silver lining in the cloud, now?. “Good morning sir." I turned to see Lisa standing in the doorway, holding the door, open, for a few moments I stared at her, without finding anything to say to her.“I knocked a few
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I was running from something, I was running but I didn't know what I was running from or who I was running from, but, I was running fast. I saw a door ahead of me, and it was lit, there was light behind the door, soft glowing light, and immediately a feeling of relief washed over me. If only I could get to the door and lock myself from the thing…but as I ran closer to the door, it seemed to stretch further, I tried running faster, I couldn't get to it, it was as if I was chasing the sky, then it dawned on me, no matter how much I chased the door, I wouldn't get to it, I couldn't…..I tore out of the dream and I sat up, cold sweat fell from my face down to my neck, I felt depersonalized. I wasn't scared, I was angry. For a long time, I sat on my bed, staring at nothing in particular, I didn't know what to do next. It was 4:28am when I looked to the clock.I went Into the bathroom and had a cold shower, then I went for a run outside, it kept my mind busy. The weather
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Bigger Ego
“Good morning." She had said, I turned to her, she was already dressed and she was about to leave before I woke up." Were you planning on leaving before I woke up?.“I watched her laugh. She was really beautiful." Come here.“ I told her." I'm already dressed Dee, yes, I was about to leave but I wrote my number on the paper over there.“ She said pointing to the table." What did you call me?."“Dee?."“Yes, like it.““Ohh, that's good."“What if I didn't see the number, Melissa, how would I have reached you."“I dunno." She said laughing. “But, surely you would have seen it, I mean it's just there."“Do you know what I would have done if I woke up and found out that you left?."“No, what would you have done."“I would raid this hotel and find out who Adrian is and I'm going to steal you if I find you with him, if I don't find you with him, I would threaten him to give me your contact, then I would reach you." She laughed very hard at what I had said." What are the chances you wou
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My brother, Hensley.
I packed my bag and I was ready to leave the hotel. I had stayed for a week, it was time to go home. I went into the elevator, there was a guy standing there, he moved aside for me when I entered. I heard his phone ring but I wasn't facing him, I was facing the door.“Yes, this is Adrian." He said and I turned to look at him, to take in his features.So he was the Adrian…“I'm coming down now." He said and then the elevator door opened. I walked out and then he did, but, we were walking to the same direction, towards the car park. I kept my distance from him, I felt like kicking him in the balls.I opened my car and before I got in, I heard him say.“That's a really cool car." I looked at him. “Thank you."“I'm Adrian and you are?." “Soniva." I cut out Darwin from my full name, In case he ever tries to mention me, Melissa doesn't know me as Sinova.“You look familiar, are you from around here?."“No."“Okay."“Yeah."“Nice car though."“Thanks." I drove away and I
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My own company
Immediately they left, I stood up to leave.“Darwin." I heard my dad call me.I turned to him.“Yeah?."“You're just going to leave like that?."“Yes, when all your lawyers are done, call me, I might come and watch the nonsense, but right now, I'm just going to leave."“You can't just leave like that." He said.“Watch me." I told him and I left.When I got to the office on Monday's morning, I didn't see my assistant, Tracey, at the desk. So I decided to call her. She told me that she was sick and she wouldn't be available until a week later. Mark had come to my office in the afternoon.“Good day." He said when he entered.“Yeah?."“I came to inform you, that the next meeting would be on Thursday, this week."“Okay, thank you." “You still wouldn't talk to me, or take your mum's call or your dad's?." I stared at him for some time and I dropped my eyes back to my laptop.“It's fine, but, I'm hoping that you'll wake up and see that we tried to help you, please, remember to be t
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They were going to fire me
I was happy that my company was starting to take light, I had seen the blueprints, it was beautiful, I could almost see it in real life, as if I had already built it. I thought that it would have been harder to build a company from scratch but it was as easy as breathing, all it needed was the right amount of money and the right connections. Ken had actually surprised me, I was proud of his work. Since I was young, I always wanted to have a tech company, instead of running my dad's company, the hard part was picking a name, I was bad at picking names.Thursday morning had come very fast. I hated Thursday. When I woke up, I woke up angry, but I was glad that I didn't have the silly nightmare of Hensley chasing me. I was going to see my family, formerly, I loved them, I loved them so much. I would get home sick if I didn't see them for a week, and there was a feeling when I was with them, the same feeling of fulfilment Karen gave me, it's surprising how things ch
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