Chapter 3

Peninah prepared herself to go visit the Oracle for more insights concerning this future of hers. A moment later, Rimberia arrived at their home in search of Mr. Makubu, her father and the assistant provost of the land. Back in his mind, he knew that Peninah’s father could not agree to his daughter being wooed by a stranger from Kibich despite him being the Prince.

He made sure not to mention a word to him about it. After all, he needed to keep this mine to himself. Since he knew that such was unmentionable, he was sure-fire that Peninah could not have mentioned a word about it to her parents. With all things that way and in his favor, he was surely ready to play the broker.

He needed Gatamu’s money and more respect as the viceroy and senior of the community. About amending the laws of the land, he knew that people could not stop him. If they did, he could threaten to stop the Gatamu water project as they referred to it.

For this reason, he was sure they could all agree to his will including the seniors. Upon mentioning it to Peninah’s father, he was astonished. Makubu knew at that moment that, the prophecy had come true but could not let Rimberia in on it.

Makubu agreed to his request to change these laws of the land without question or any debate. Rimberia knew not about the prophecy. The Oracle could not risk sharing the prophecy to just anyone and especially not to Rimberia.

Therefore, he thought that Makubu had agreed to it that easily out of the respect for him as the chief elder of the village. After all, the traditions surely needed to be changed if these people were to get anywhere close to civilization.

After they were in accord, they planned on how they could tell other members of the council about it to discuss the way forward in relation to it. Since Rimberia knew every market place never to lack a mad man for a fact, he was willing to take no chances. He was to blackmail them with the water project in case some disagreed with his opinion.

“I see my friend that you have seen the light just like myself. Actually, I did not expect you to agree to this matter this easily and quickly. These traditions must be surely very unfair!” Rimberia said.

“Well Viceroy Rimberia, as you can see, I have agreed. I see no reason as to why I should not agree to that, which can bring us to light. It is our duty as the seniors and leaders to give the best to our people.” Makubu said.

“With both of us having agreed to this proposition my friend, we just have the council members to convince,”

After a while of silence, Rimberia continued.

“…what’s in your mind Mr. Makubu?” 

“I think we should schedule a meeting and let them know of this. It is that simple!” Makubu replied.

“Of course my friend, but as much as we will call them and let them know we need to think critically. What happens if some of them do not agree? Let’s just say, if the majority of them disagreed,” Rimberia asked. 

“Well Rimberia, you tell me. You are the Provost and the chief senior.” 

“I thought as much my friend. Now, since I am Viceroy, even the Gatamu project is under my watch... right. Besides the drought, we went against our traditions, laws and faith to allow them here... remember? Well, if there is anyone to oppose me, then... the water project is gone!” 

Makubu looked disturbed by his thoughts, “how can you think of such Rimberia? What about the people…your family included? This my friend...I will and cannot agree to!” 

“Aha... no my friend... no! Listen, I am not saying that I will stop this project but... just think of it... just as you have reacted, no one will want this project banned and water gone. Therefore, agreeing to our request, right?” Rimberia said.

“Okay... Okay, if that is the case then, objection overruled. Count me in on your plan my friend.” 

“I will think of a day to meet the council and let you know. I will be on my way now.” Rimberia concluded.

“Fare thee well wachia (age mate). See you then.” Makubu said.

Rimberia left Makubu’s home full of joy knowing that, his plan had worked perfectly and that he had the money at his grip. As he left, Peninah had already prepared herself to pay the Oracle a visit. She too set off to see this Oracle and hear what he had for her ears.

On her way, she could not help but to think about what her mother had just told her about her future. Besides this, she was afraid of what the Oracle could add to the already complicated story of her life.

Back at home, Mr. Makubu and his wife were left having a chat and discussing the whole issue. He told his wife about what they had discussed with Rimberia. Peninah’s mother; Rebecca could not help but to wonder how fast the gods were taking things.

Although Rimberia had his own agenda, Makubu and his wife knew otherwise. They knew that it was the gods doing for him to change the traditions in order to fulfill the prophecy.

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